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Found 15 results

  1. Hello, This is my first time posting on here because I figured I needed some serious help and I'm an infant in the watch servicing hobby. I don't really know much about the lingo so just bear with me please. The movement in question was one that I purchased off Ebay with not much of a description. I needed it for a history project and it was relatively cheaper than the other options. Looking back on it now it was dumb to even buy it. I tried to solve the issue of not having a jewel that'll fit the balance by buying one online on a website called URDELAR.SE. Incase you would like to give it a look and see if I got the right one, the part number and item description is here: VAT No:SE559196569301 Item: Longines Shock-Resist, Insetting for balance upper and lower Description: SKU: L-Shock-Resist If you took a look at the part then you'll notice that it looks nothing like it should, but the website said it fit a Longines 19AS movement. I dont know if I was mislead or something because today (April 12th 2024) I tried to place it into the chaton holder. I was met with the unfortunate surprise that the jewel doesn't even reach the pivot because of the interior angle in the chaton holder. Maybe I'm putting it in wrong but I'm not sure. I've tried looking for sources that would tell me how to put this thing in there, but to no such luck. I may also need some help taking out that chaton holder but I think I'm way to inexperienced with that and I dont have an incabloc press. It's not totally obvious in the pictures, but, the jewel that I purchased (left image) is way smaller than the diameter of the chaton holder. But the metal ring on the outside (Imma assume thats the spring) blocks the jewel from going anywhere near the pivot of the balance. I know I said I purchased the jewel and not a spring and a jewel before but I'm a bit too lazy to go and find where I said that. My question is to anyone, could you please help me? Even if you direct me to a different website, thats still helps. To prompt my second question, I also had an issue with the winding stem. It came broken. I'm not sure what kind of information I would need to show someone on the case itself but what I can tell you is that the crown and stem are very tiny. Could someone direct me to a website that could help me find a new crown and stem? Reguards, tripleman
  2. Hey guys, Been a while, real life got in the way of this hobby for a bit. Been watching the brilliant Alex Hamilton's Its about time Channel https://www.youtube.com/@Its_About_Time. One of the tips he mentioned in his videos is to make these pegging tools for jewel holes. I finally got around to it and now I am so ready to do some proper pegging. Wishing you all health, happiness and love this holiday, Happy new year! Stephen
  3. This is for my Waltham 1883 pocket watch. I watched videos on jewel replacement and i'm more confused now than when i started. The jewel in question is for the bottom pivot of the pallet fork. The jewel is shattered but still in the setting. Do i just replace the jewel? Do i replace the entire setting including the metal? Thank you all for your help! The pictures below show the jewel from the top of the plate, and then from the bottom of the plate, marked with blue marker.
  4. Hello all, I am totally new to W.R and am glad to be here. I've introduced myself but this is my first question. Please forgive my ignorance as I am also new to movement work..... I am in the middle of disassembling my first ever movement, a cheap slava 2428. There are two jewels in this movement which are held in by a brass ring with 3 tiny lugs around its outside which slot under a recess in the movements casing. One of which is on the top of the balance wheel. Well one of these pinged out of my tweezers across the room and god only knows where it is!!!(beginner,lol...) Could someone please tell me what this type of jewel and it's lugged brass ring are called so I can order a new one. And the best place to get them from would also help... Many thanks......
  5. Hey guys. I'm trying to clean a very dirty train wheel bridge. But this particular bridge's cap jewels are sealed. I can't not remove the cap jewel and clean it throughout. Do you have any experience to deal with it? BTW, I don't use machine to clean watch parts. Usually I use No.120 Solvent oil to soak and brush parts and then rinse with IPA.
  6. Hi, I am trying to service an old sekonda 30 jewel watch. I have just broken a jewel shock spring which is for the balance wheel while trying to remove it to clean and oil the jewel. How should I have removed the spring for future reference and refit? I think I have found a replacement on Cousins, can some one confirm it's the right part before I order please? https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/filter/poljot-movement-parts# Shock Spring, Poljot 2609 POL2609SHOCKSPRING
  7. Hello. I am working on this vintage A.Schild movement and a jewel on the wheel bridge. It is a jewel for the 3rd wheel but is cracked so needs replacement. I measured the outer and inner diameter and they are 1.2mm and 0.17mm respectively. Could any one help me find the replacement for this jewel?? I am always grateful for your help.
  8. Hi All I've an 11 jewel 1879 Waltham pocket watch with very old and pitted jewels, particularly 4th and escape wheel. They've caused a bit of uneven wear on the pivots so I'm getting wavey traces on the timegrapher. I've polished the pivots and this has improved the situation a fair bit, but would really like to replace the old jewels. Now, as they are held in chatons, is there any way of purchasing replacement jewels complete in the chatons? I had assumed since Waltham made bajillions of watches that spares for the jewels in chatons would be simple to find, but I'm buggered if I can! Am just I going to have to try and put replacement jewels in the existing chatons? I'm just a hobbyist, but am a bit of a perfectionist so would like to get the watch running as well as I can. She's a lovely heavy size 18. Next watch I'm on to is an accutron space view... A bit of a different beast! Cheers in advance guys.
  9. Today, after about six weeks of intermittent efforts, I finally got the incabloc spring fit into the setting. Good thing too as it was the next to last of this size in my parts stock. But, you must defeat the demon, you cannot give up. RMD VID_20181121_131734671.mp4
  10. I have a nice AS 1746/47 movement I was servicing and when I attempted to remove the lower balance jewel for cleaning/oiling, the incabloc spring broke. I've sourced the spring and removed the setting from the plate, but this is the devil trying to set the spring hinge into the setting. Anyone have any tips that might make this a bit more successful? Thanks, RMD
  11. Hello! Do you press a jewel from the top or from the bottom (bottom being towards the wheel)? Or doesn't it matter? Thank you!
  12. I managed to break one half of the retaining clip on the balance bridge incabloc. (movement is a FL - Cal 253) I cleaned/oiled the cap jewel and it is being held on by on half of the retaining clip. I have assembled the movement and it is running--I have turned the movement so that the broken jewel clip is facing down and it has not fallen out of the movement. So my "stupid" question is should I just leave it as is? This is a hobby watch so if it breaks I'll just fix it again. OR, should I spend the $18 + $4 shipping and order an new incabloc from Cousins in the U.K.???? If I get a new incabloc can I remove the clip from the new part and install in the incabloc that is already installed on the balance bridge??? I found a Youtube video that shows someone doing this--but don't know if it will work on my particular movement?? Any help would be a "help" as I am new to the watch hobby. Thanks, Tracy
  13. Hi guys and girls! I have recently dug into a AS1730- movement. While putting the automatic winding assembly together I noticed that the bridge had two capped jewel holes. Looking at them through a microscope (pictures attached) one can clearly see that there are some fluid residing between the jewels and the caps. Probably fluid left from the cleaning? Now I need to know how to pop the assembly open to remove this fluid. Maybe I can push the entire assembly out with the staking tool or something, hoping for it to come apart?
  14. In this video You can see how to alter a jewel to preferred dimensions. Recently i ordered a jewel lot from Redrooster UK so i was choosing one with good external diameter and thickness. 0.17mm hole was drilled, oil cap was burnished and the flat side was polished. Ugly video but i hope You can find it usefull.
  15. I have been experiencing issues with my 2892 a2, i have a damaged Jewel in the main plate, the jewel for the third wheel is cracked, unfortunately i have little or no power though the drive train and shocking amplitude (108) I have had a look around but cant seem to find where to source a new jewel, are they available or am i looking at a new main plate ? Many thanks in advance
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