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  1. I agree with you, I don't think it needs to be threaded. Took the other pusher apart, and it seems to be just a crown-type part with a pivot shank threaded on. The pivot shank total length is about 7mm. So in that case, I just need to find two crowns and two tap 10 pivot shanks with the correct length. https://imgur.com/a/IJYE3B2
  2. Thanks for your reply. I had thought about tapping the hole, however I feel there is too much room for error. I know that it is not a "screw-in" pusher, and therefore I believe just a normal pusher could be used.There is a washer on the inside of the remaining pusher, so I'm fairly confident that it is indeed the press in type (there are no internal threads). I just think the pusher has two parts, one for the head, and one for the rod that pushes on the movement. I contacted seagull a while ago and got told they don't sell parts. So, I'm just looking for a simple pusher to replace it. If worst comes to worst, I'll take your advice and try to tap the hole, I can go into my workplace and grab the kit.
  3. Hi, Recently the pusher for my Seagull 1963 decided to fall off, without me knowing about it. I have done a little searching but since this is a personal watch I don't want to spend unneeded money on several pushers in case my initial choice does not work. So, I included some measurements and i hope somebody could be able to help. I don't know too much about pushers, but from looking at the remaining one I can see that the protruding part of the pusher screws into the head. PS: the outer diameter of the actual pusher is 3.95-4mm. Any help is appreciated, thanks! https://imgur.com/a/9Oq1Qyj
  4. I recently was asked to find a new stem for a bulova 11alac movement. I did a quick search on bidfun and found the part reference to be W2802. I checked windingstems and other sources and couldn't come up with anything. anyone know where I could get ahold of one?https://image.ibb.co/c0zd2R/IMG_5416.jpg
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    Hi! my name is quinn and i live in nashville. i am 15 years old and have an avid passion for watches. i spend a lot of my free time making leather straps, repairing friends' watches, and custom building watches. i have spent countless hours working and researching and would love to soon get an apprenticeship to learn even more. i hope that the kind people here can help me down the road!