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  1. will give both a try.was thinking of replacing with a 955.412 which seems to be the same size and is available from cousins from around £23 with postage if my friend wants to go that way!
  2. further to this post things did not go as well as i thought:i changed the battery and the second started off on its way then after a while it stopped and just jerked a little.it pulses a little but that is it.the movement is an eta 555-415 and i have found a service chart but i am loathe to take it apart as i am more comfortable with a mechanical movement.any ideas? can it be kick started?B
  3. just used my crystal lift on a friends roamer(question posted earlier!) and it was a doddle both off and on.mine is a Liberty made in india,a good price and quite solid.does the job well.also use a crystal press when needed.both handy to have.B
  4. thanks to all that answered my query.it was indeed a split stem which i managed to pull out with forefinger and thumb!used my crystal lift replaced the battery and bobs your uncle.gratefully yours,the Bolt.
  5. my friend gave me a roamer quartz to look at but i dont know how to get inside! the back appears to be one piece and there is no where to put a case knife.there is an indentation near the crown but no where to get a purchase.in fact it just looks more like a DENT!.Do i have to take the crystal off?( i have done this before) But how do i remove the stem?
  6. i thought that,but when i look on Cousins all the 762s are 2.50mm height but quote hour wheel heights from 0.80 1.15 1.55 2.55 and 3.15! confusing or what?
  7. sorry when i said there are various heights i ment the hour wheel! there are about 4 or 5 different sizes from 0 (standard) upwards.which is closest to the 3D44?B
  8. Looked on Cousins and found the movement but there are different heights eg 0/1/2.which is suitable?
  9. thanks for that but if i could order one it would not be worth it with the cost of the postage.i will think of something else! B
  10. have tried various chinese companies but they seem expensive and some will only sell in large batches.think i will try another movement with the same hand size and if the dial feet do not match i will use dial stickers!B
  11. i have also been given a watch by a friend to look at with the 3D44 but i find it is obsolete at cousins as is the 3D10.is there any movement of any make that will substitute?
  12. Should be fine just don't over do it. It's only a small screw just make sure the screwdriver fits the groove and a bit of pressure should do it. B
  13. No its a normal thread. Underneath is a spring which surrounds an arm×2.one fits at the end. There is a little screw that stops it going back to far. The other fits in between the gap on the cylinder (I have forget the exact name. Old age!) that moves up and down to set the time.
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