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  1. thanks jdm,i will give that a try later,busy stripping down the movement right now.B
  2. just been on cousins website.said items are restricted so would have to go generic,also looking at the document section there are many 166.0020 s all followed with a couple of letters which my watch does not have.what do they stand for?
  3. ok cheers fellas,will go with that.B
  4. hi.i have a seamaster from the 70s that needs a new crystal.it needs one with a metal ring and am unsure of my measuring skills so dont want to get it wrong.the case no is166.020.will there be a particular size to fit?thanks B.
  5. hi, i have a accurist chrono MB851 cal JS15 that needs a new glass crystal and wondered if i take the old out through the back and/or do i need to take the bezel off? i have replaced a few crystals but i want to make sure i get it right on this one.thanks for any info.B.
  6. got a couple of slavas myself one is the 2414 date, the other looks similar but day/date.cannot see the number yet.the hairspring is going at a rate of knots! i also need a balance for the date movement? need a case or two but struggling to find unless a buy a complete watch which i dont really want to do,plus on the day/date mvt it needs a button to change the day.if i cant find one i may just give them a clean and lube and resell them.B
  7. now all sorted and it is working fine.thanks to all.
  8. sorry about that fellas.i had written my question and then realised i had not added the photos,then when i edited,well you have seen the result! only trouble is i have forget what the question was will get back to it another time.
  9. get what you are saying about the regulator arm as for the rest that is how it was when i dismantled it.any help with the right positioning of the gears would be most helpful!B
  10. yes i worked it out just after i posted but i had trouble getting it to fit(it seemed a little to long) i then some how bent it and when i tried to pick it up it pinged away across the room so i will have to resort to obtaining a replacement.happy days!B
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