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  1. thanks to all who answered.i was just curious but is obviously not salvageable so i will try to utilise the case at some point! B.
  2. i know most of us are faithful to mechanical watches but now and then i come across a quartz LED/LCD that intrigues me and have such a one which was bundled in with a package of spare parts /cases etc i came across.not much to go on apart from a number inside 1256-701 and a case no 5956 neither of which reveal anything online!.anybody any idea? thanks B.
  3. Sorry I think I am wrong. The part in question has a pinion that fits into a wheel underneath the bridge.
  4. Cheers watchweasol ;looks like it's the centre wheel drilled. Have to see if I can source oneB
  5. hi all.presently working on a AS 1171 of which there seems to little info e.g part nos etc.i seem to have had a accident with one of the train wheels.(please see pics)still new to this hobby so sometimes struggle to identify certain parts unless i have a makers chart in front of me.can anybody help with this and have any chance of finding a part without having to source a whole movement (there are some on e-bay) which would not make economic sense?B.
  6. thanks OLD HIPPY just downloaded the pdf files which should come in useful! just need the patience (and time) to trawl through them.i am struggling to get info on a AS 1171 that i am trying to renovate which came in pieces.i have managed to put most of it together but i will need one of the train wheels so need to identify and get the part no and hope for the best.B
  7. at the end of the day it was the pallet fork.just jiggled it about a bit(gently) and hey presto off it went
  8. thanks to all.i have now got the movement going.thanks again.B
  9. i get that.will try again with the pallet fork.thanks.B
  10. it is the right stem.tried a spare i had.same result THANKS. B.
  11. hi,i am currently working on a AS 1913.All the wheels are spinning freely.the problem is when i pull out the stem to operate the hand function everything turns,including the mainspring barrel.when i push it back in the crown wheel engages and turns everything again.when i release the click to let the power down nothing happens.i have checked the keyless works and everything moves up and down as it should.am i missing something.i have tried using a different barrel (same model) but to no avail.any ideas please.B
  12. i dont think its worth the bother.might try bits from other bracelets!
  13. HI,I am not sure where i should post this question, if at all,but a friend of mine asked if i could clean up his Casio Edifice EF -101 and i duly obliged.it needed a new crystal.no problem.then it came to the bracelet.Casio no longer supply this model and the lugs are narrow (12mm) and the end pieces were some sort of plastic. i have hunted everywhere for replacements without any luck.any ideas how to fix this without too much expense? grateful for any suggestions (within reason)
  14. you are probably right.having looked at the movement it looks a little shabby although it is working ok.(not timed it yet)might give it back because my friend is not too bothered!
  15. got to agree,you can see the thread.i have cleaned it and there does not seem to be any damage on the thread itself,but it will not bite.might have to put it on the back burner!
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