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  1. Hi Will, thanks but did Rotary make the pocket watch as well.
  2. Hi, sorry being short and blunt on this but I would like if someone can give me info on these two movements. 1st is a pocket watch with the 2 wings comming from a wheel which is stamped on the back of the dial and RECO stamped on the movement (looking for a balance staff) movement numbed 4587823 the same on the movement of the watch on the 3 ratchet wheel (that ok just need a case for it) Please can any body help on the makers? Regards Dave
  3. Hi Rafal, thanks ..... had a look but no joy. Dave
  4. Hi, been a long time since being on hear and now I found some time to myself and thought I would start sorting a few of my late fathers pocket watches......Being a compleat novice to the pocket watches (clock man myself) I have come across one which I need help to identfy the model etc The only markings on the movement is Swiss Made... 10 Jewels and a very small which looks like a (u) nothing on the dial......and also info on the winding parts. As you can see the parts I would like help with is ..... should there be some sort of return spring where the two pieces of metal at 90 deg. to the winder (seem very loose and not returning) also the small spring at the top looks like it does nothing, has it been put in wrong? Any help would be great. Dave
  5. Dzień dobry Rafal and welcome from Legnica. Glad to have another person from Poland....... Workshop..... yes you will need a small room for all your work, try to keep it dust free. Where in Poland are you? Dave Dzień dobry Rafał .Witam z Legnicy. Cieszę się, że mam kogos z Polski ....... ..... warsztat...tak musisz miec mały pokój do twojej pracy, staraj się zachować czystosc....bez kurzu . W jakim miejscu Polski sie znajdujesz? Dave
  6. Hi Mark, sounds like you had a bit of a problem starting your engine............ try starting a 915 honda that someone forgot to empty the fuel last winter, yes me....... what a plonker I was, 3 hours to strip and sort it out..... I think I would have liked to change a balance on a rolex, less time, but glad you got it all sorted..... :chainsaw: Dave
  7. Hi autowind, thanks for info. The answer to your questions is yes the train runs very smooth and when the balance is removed and a little power supplyed the pallet does move left and right and the escape wheel moved round. :jig: I am having second thought about this, I think it might be down to the hairspring catching some where. any thoughts? Dave
  8. Hi clockboy, thanks for the info but the jewel is in between the banking pins, so I think the balance will be in beat. (when it moves). The jewel is ok Dave
  9. Hi, like to put this one to all. I have striped cleaned and put back all parts up to the balance. Checked the piviots on the balance, connected the hair spring, fitted the roller and when fitted into the movement, I can not get it to swing. Fitted the balance without any parts, put the bridge back and balance spins well. As soon as the roller is fitted and put back into the watch, nothing. Yes I have wound the watch, hair spring is in good order. The only thing I can think of is there might be a problem with the roller. Any ideas???????
  10. Hi Vincent, yes this is a 8 day pocket watch. The outer case is for traveling and protection of the watch only.
  11. Hi clockboy, thanks for the info on the ballance staffs. This is going to help me alot. Dave
  12. Hi Willfly, glad to talk to someone who know Poland.... Yes I live about 1 hour west from Wroçlaw, a town call Legnica. Dad is Polish been back and forth for the last 40 years. now married my polish sweetheart and moved to Poland 6 years ago. Country changed, yes like all countries, hopefully for the better. Love it here, bought a house, doing it up, well renovating would be better and will retire here. So with all the work I am doing here, would like to give this watch to someone to compleat for me. Regards Dave
  13. Hi Vic, thanks for info.... the watch has been striped and cleaned and working well. Yes the sweep second pinion is also missing (which I will need) The spare wheel showing the driving wheel, this was off because someone has already tryed to fit it into a case which was too thin. The pinion is ok. The dial, I will not restore yet untill I can find the case and parts for this watch. Then I will restore the dial.
  14. Hi to all from Poland. Just a few lines to tell you all about myself. Hi to all from Poland….. My name is David. I was born in Ilford Essex 64 years ago and now live in Poland. My Dad is still alive (just) he is 93 years young and been a watchmaker all his life until he retired 25 years ago. (had shop in Southend Essex) My interest in watch repairing was not so when I was younger, still not, more into clocks as they say…… BUT this has not stopped me sticking tools into the back of watches…… Mark has been a good teacher, I have been following most of his video’s (Thanks Mark) for all the info. Now I had all my Dads tools and the rest of his material he had left over, sold quite a bit but still kept some. Also I had the watch he promised me a very long time ago. The watch is a Jaeger-LeCoultre, model number 431673 with the number under the balance, P450/4c. What I am looking to do with this watch is to restore it to its fine glory, problem is I need a watch case for it, the dial (plus hands) to be restored but most of all I need the centre sweep. If I can require all these OR FIND SOMEONE TO RESTORE IT FOR ME before my dad departs I can show him that this watch can be restored. As you can see from the photos. So any help will be much appreciated. Mark, thanks for the workshop info, will be building my NEW one very soon.
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