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Found 5 results

  1. Cheers mates! Arkobugg are doing things he haven’t done before… This movement are dead, and I need a new one, how do I do this?? Where can I find one that fit??
  2. Anyone know a supplier that would have orient watch parts. In general orient doesn’t supply parts I guess and it’s been hard to find on eBay. I have an EM60 repair. The crystal was damaged and whatever damaged it burned through and burnt the inner bezel and I cannot find a bezel with the same markings. Any help would be awesome.
  3. Spent a few hours at a flea-market in Seremban, a town in Malaysia about 50kms or so south of Kuala Lumpur. A lot of junk but that's sometimes good as you may get some bargains here. There is another bigger (better?) flea-market in Kuala Lumpur (in Amcorp Mall) but here the stuff is more 'antique' and priced accordingly. Anyway first one up is an Orient Racer, pretty much the bottom of the barrel when it comes to condition but through the badly scratched crystal I had a hunch that the dial was OK as the dial paint didn't have any visible patches. Back home I got it opened up I was happy to see that the dial was in pretty good shape with just some dust on the surface. The missing minute hand was also in there but the seconds hand was AWOL. ack The caseback is not correct, its too small and won't screw in..damn. On the inside I'm pleased to find an Orient 1942 movement.. nice as this has a full balance bridge as opposed to a balance cock. However the autowind stuff is all gone, since this watch cannot be hand-wound this watch will end up being a donor unless I can find another one with a good case and autowind mechanism. This was a better movement in its day, the escape wheel is capped on the main-bridge. The similarities with Seiko movements can be seen by the balance shock protection and it also has the typical seiko click which is just a piece of stamped steel which functions as the click and spring. The escape wheel cap jewel is also restrained by a typical Seiko spring. The second watch is an Urika. I was inspired by Mick's (Cad101) post and have been on the lookout for one and this was sitting in the same box as the Orient above. Pretty pristine.. In fact not much wear.. original, facetted around the edge, crystal has normal drawer rash,, nothing that can't be polished out,,... Caseback pretty unworn and the bracelet has the full lenght. The remnants of the price tag on the bracelet clasp leads me to think that this was probably unsold stock. Didn't get a picture of the movement but it has the same upside down balance as Mick's watch. Hopefully a clean and service will get this running... will post a write-up when I get round to it. Both of these cost me MYR40... less than USD10. .. simple pleasures..! Anilv
  4. Hi, I tried to regulate the movement from orient 46941, it seems how slow i tried to adjust the reading still the same and time shown average 3 mins faster in just few minutes. Is it the problem lies on the beat error ? By using this software, beat error showed zero, so I eliminate the idea of that...any advice from u guys?
  5. Hi everyone, I am just getting into the world of amateur watchmaking and one of my projects is a Orient Mako XL I picked up for cheap on eBay. What's funny is I've already accomplished the hard part which was getting the movement working again. Now, I need to find a replacement crown as it is completely missing. The winding stem and plunger (not sure the appropriate term other than plunger, it's the piece that slides up and down the end of the stem that attaches to the screw down crown and fits snuggly inside the case tube) are all intact and in good condition. I can attach some photos in a bit... I've searched high and low on the interwebs to find a supplier of Orient parts and have come up dry. Has anyone had any luck contacting Orient directly to get specific parts? What would be great is if I could find a parts directory for Orient to be able to find the actually part number for ordering. Otherwise, I'm not dead set on it needing to be an original Orient crown. This being a screw down crown I'm not sure how hard it would be to find a generic screw down crown that would fit.
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