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  1. I suspect it is fully wound, and simply doesn't run. Probably in need of a clean.
  2. Interesting. If the CAD file is in the files on thingiverse, then you could presumably adjust the height of the barrel so it may be possible to fix the issue. I may take a look at this when I get some spare time. If you have the link, that might save me a git of google time.
  3. I'm wearing one of the Timexes today. It looks reasonable on the time-grapher, but gained about three minutes left face up on the desk over 24hrs, so I decided to see if it was better behaved on my wrist before diving in and fiddling. The strap is probably from roughly the correct period, but I'll most likely substitute a leather one. These springy old bits of metal tend to wear out the lugs, and since this old fella is pre 1962, probably mid to late 1950s I feel it needs something gentler to keep it company. I also need to check the junk pile to see if I have a suitable second hand for it. The Lorus went on the other wrist shortly after I took this pic, so that I don't scratch either of them by bashing their heads together.
  4. 24hrs later, and they are all running reasonably well. The white dialed Timex and the Timex with the missing second hand are a little eager, but the other two are correct to within a minute. I'm sure I have a suitable second hand somewhere, so I'll look at adding that, and do a final tweak and I think we can call this batch of recruits a success.
  5. I suspect it originally had a stem tube, but I cannot be certain. Assuming the movement is an AS 1950 then according to Ranff the stem is a W3086 http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&AS_1950 This (also affording to Ranff) also fits the rest of these members of the AS 1XXX family There is at least one seller on ebay at the time of writing this, but hunt around for those other movements and you may find more. The crown I suggest would be anything that fits the stem and matches the colour and style of the watch, since we don't know what the original looked like.
  6. My guess it that the failure point was the winder shaft. I suspect that realistically, you would have to make that from steel as abs plastic is not robust enough. Its a neat idea though, but probably requires a little more engineering to get it right. Where did you get the design?
  7. That pile of randomness looks strangely familiar, I have something similar growing daily in a box in the bottom of my tool cupboard. I never water or feed it, but still it grows.
  8. What range of size of movement would it allow?
  9. Check the price. If it is left handed, it will be at least three times the cost of a right handed one.
  10. I grabbed the crystal with the claws, then held the lift tool between my knees and gave the movement plate a playful tap with a plastic rod and the useless tool I mentioned above. Not the most subtle method, but very reliable for sending the watch in to orbit, and you do need to do that at least once a week, or you 'aint trying hard enough. Second try worked like a charm, and the movement, crystal and movement plate parted with the case quite nicely. Something makes me suspect there may be a better way of doing this.
  11. Quick tool tip for cutting material (cloth, leather, thin plastic sheet, cardstock etc). Get a quilters rotary cutter (available from the usual suspects) and a steel ruler. You get perfect straight cuts, with clean edges. It works with larger sizes, multiple layers, and materials that wont go in a guillotine. The only thing I would advise. Get in the habit of using the guard on it, or you may end up picking your fingers up off the floor, or wondering where all the pretty red ink is coming from.
  12. Now this lot on the other hand.. wall to wall frankenism. I wouldn't sake my lunch money on it being genuine, but your example is at least a much more convincing dial than any of these. I would say I'm 80% convinced it is real.
  13. The dial frankly looks too good for a franken. If it is, find out which backstreet shop in Delhi did it, I may need to pay them a visit.
  14. I was going to nominate one of these... ... but I believe there are a few people who use them to 're-allign' Timex watches. Sacrilege to my eyes. Using it to 're-alligning' an overpriced Daniel Wellington, or maybe a dime store quartz possibly I could forgive, but not a Timex.
  15. I've just used both the lift tool, and the crystal press, in the process of fixing a Timex. They are a little tricky to get right, and they don't work well in every case, and I did manage to drop the movement on the floor due to my ham-fisted efforts with the lift tool. I wouldn't say it is *THE* most useless tool, but perhaps one of the most tricky to use, and not appropriate for some crystals. Popping the crystal out is often much easier with your thumbs, but obviously you can't do that with a front loader.
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