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  1. Very interesting documentary. I missed it when it was on TV. I thought the movements had to be built on a jig, and there it is.
  2. Continuing with the Timex them, this time its a Timex 392 ana-digi from the late eighties or early nineties.
  3. An extra Big 'Q' bonus. The previous watch, joined by its champagne dialled date cousin from the same era.
  4. Nice. I'm not sure why image linking seems to be broken at the moment, but I pasted the image here 'cos its too good to miss.
  5. Nice. Maybe we need Big 'Q' thread.
  6. Thanks. It took a few attempts to get the catchlights the way I wanted them in that picture. I didn't want to break out any special lighting, so they are both done with the camera hand held and with just the table lamp next to the sofa and the main light in the living room. They are perhaps not as sharp as they might be, but I think the softness works with the warm tones. I also managed to ruin about a dozen shots with random whiskers from my hairy arms and some distracting reflections. You wouldn't think taking a decent shot of a wristwatch could be so tricky. Maybe I should s
  7. Its Big 'Q' Timex Thursday today. This 404 club watch is most probably late seventies or perhaps early eighties. Either way it is not far shy of forty years old and still going strong. It wasn't a particularly cheap watch in its day, retailing for around £34.95 GBP which equates to about £157.00 today.
  8. Nope. I stuck with the one that is in it. From memory, Cousins have a suitable crystal. It was a pretty common size as I recall. I would go with a sapphire one if you want it to really enhance the look.
  9. I'll probably take a good look after maybe six months. If I were more serious about this little experiment I guess I should have done a full inspection under the microscope of the pivots etc before I oiled it. I should then have taken pictures of my oiling efforts to give us a baseline to work from. Anybody who wants to do a more thorough and scientific test could make up a similar witches brew for themselves. 80% supermarket own brand scent free baby oil 20% Gold Label Neatsfoot Oil, 0% extra virgin Swiss pressed gold bar extract. Also an experiment with only one watch isn't going to
  10. The Slippery Seconda is back on my wrist again today. It is still ticking away perfectly despite its dubious diet. It was sitting around +4s/d dial up prior to winding, and around -4 to -1s/d after winding. The swing seems to pick up slightly (to slightly better than 280 degrees) after it has been worn for a few minutes, which is probably due to the fact that it currently gets pretty cold round here at night.
  11. Thanks, I was just about to look for that but you beat me to it.
  12. No eyebrows is not a good look. Could be worse though I guess. I'll take a look in my stash this evening and see if I have a suitable BFG 866 donor in case you need parts. I doubt if I have a date version, but I probably have something I can pop in the post (FOC of course). By the way, you will generally get away with dunking a pin lever movement like this in lighter fluid, but I wouldn't recommend it for something a little more delicate. Fine for the more agricultural stuff like Timex mechanicals, BFG 866 and EB8800 perhaps, but not for anything more fragile. Also the puri
  13. Surely you need to stencil the number on the back with a rattle can of automotive paint.
  14. Naptha will dissolve the old tired and tarry oils, and free up all of the gummed up parts. Naptha == Lighter fluid. Unleaded petrol also works. Obviously these products are highly flammable, and probably not very good for your lungs or skin, so work in a well ventilated area, avoid smoking or juggling with fire, and wear gloves. Lightly oil means VERY lightly oil.A tiny amount. Just enough to lubricate those tiny pinions and no more. Any excess has a nasty habit of migrating to places it shouldn't like the dial, the crystal, or worst of all, the hairspring. At all costs, avo
  15. Its Timex Tuesday for me today. A 1972 Viscount (46562 03272) with an almost iridescent champagne dial.
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