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  1. Thanks, much useful info there, for example the exact designation is 844(CLD): manual wind, date, and the shock protector is 2 Jewels - Kif-Trior. That saved me a lot of trawling to find it on ranfft - and puts the watch sometime around or after 1975, and probably before 1981. I'm still wearing it. The thing is a good solid timekeeper, with a well designed dial. Like a lot of pin levers, you can hear it from the other end of the house but hey, nobodies perfect.
  2. You can never wander far from the path of HMT , expect me to be drawn back there pretty soon.
  3. A quick departure from the pile of HMTs. Today we have a late mechanical era Ingersol Sealion. This was suffering from a minor case of hairspring salad, and a major case of exceeding its service interval. I suspect the last person to look in side this worked at the Ingersol factory. The slightly ancient band it came on is almost unused, but rock hard, so needs a little leather restoration work. Furthermore it is black leather, which I think didn't look nearly as good as the light tan calfskin with red stitching I selected. Another quick restoration for the 404 club. The winder stem really should be replaced. I cleaned the rust you can see in this picture off it, but the damp has taken its toll. I'll have a rummage later and see if I can find a match in my pile of random NOS stems. Can anyone identify the caliber, to save me a trip to ranfft.de ?
  4. .. or maybe you are meant to print your own instructions and place them inside, using the current contents ground down to make ink, and stamped on the paper of your choosing with the Dura Type letters.
  5. In one of lifes strange but meaningless co-incidences I have just finished working on your watches remarkably similar cousin. Perhaps mine is a little younger, as the caseback suggests this one is 2001, or perhaps the caseback is the only part from 2001, who knows. Quite probably this is also a re-dial, but none the less, quite it is a pleasing colour (better in real life than it is in the pictures. It now runs a lot better than it did when it arrived, but I'll let it settle down and do the final testing tomorrow.
  6. Further to the above, bond the pins with tiny spots of glue applied with the end of a needle, to the ends of the logo pins from the rear of the dial. Do not bond it directly to the front, as the glue will show and ruin the dial. Use just enough glue to make a solid bond, but remember, you may need to remove it again if things are not perfect. Acetone will remove superglue, but use with care, as it will also remove or damage many dial finishes. The outgassing of superglue is a major issue when using it around anything transparent, near optical components and on some polished finishes. I tend to use something a little slower curing if there is any risk of messing up glass or polished surfaces. Two part epoxy, and UHU, will also work, though they are more difficult to work with. They have the advantage/disadvantage (depending on the application) of much longer set up and cure times.
  7. Hmm tricky. Lume some very thin adhesive tape, cut tape to size... maybe...? Failing that, use a stencil, like you might if applying solder paste to very small pads on a pcb.
  8. I seem to be on an ebay winning streak. A couple of quid each. That little lot should keep me occupied for the next few weeks.
  9. Some careful cleaning required, and that will look splendid.
  10. I'm a sucker for a blue dial, those hands will look even better with the blue.
  11. I can't quite decide if this is a minty fresh re-dial, or if the dial paint speckles were factory fitted by HMT. My gut feeling is that it is probably a redial, since it doesn't say "Made in India - 0231" on the lower dial edge. The watch itself is immaculate, which is why I am in two minds. It looks hardly worn, so why would someone re-dial it. A quick clean and the usual light lubrication regime has it transformed form a slightly erratic >80 s/day to a more stable and acceptable +4 to +10s/day or so. It is now on wrist-test, enjoying the bright Scottish sunshine. Another 404 member is welcomed to the club. EDIT: On reflection, the case back says 031288 so the case, or at least the case back, was probably made in 1988... so probably a re-dial, but none the less, not a bad looking watch all things consodered. It is an HMT after all, not a IWC.
  12. ... also this - "not a watch" - for 0.99p - ... and a pivot gauge. ... and a couple of little "Futters of London" Miniature G Clamps (all 0.99p) ... now where is the "off" button for this ebay thingummy, its costing me a fortune.
  13. The world's scruffiest and thus, one of the world's cheapest Timex Marlins from 1978. The seller claims it "runs sometimes", so running all of the time will be the first priority, followed by a complete cosmetic overhaul. I suspect the hair-puller band may be for the bin too, but I'll make a call on that when I see it. I think the previous owner may have spent some time painting "stuff", including it seems, the crystal.
  14. More HMT goodness. A quick service and a polish, and a new light tan band brought this sunflower yellow faced beauty back to life. I thought I had all of the scratches out of the crystal, but there is still one little one that caught the sunlight at the 7 O'clock marker. I'm going to have to remove the crystal anyway, to get at the "history" trapped between it and the case, so I'll have another crack at getting it perfect then.
  15. Wow... I just did a little googleification on the subject of Licien Pic(c)ard. It seems there is quite a convoluted history there. The brand started life as a quality watch maker, and most of the output until around 1968 appears to remain reasonable quality. Things get a little "wooly" after that, with the recent history being a series of venture capital and shell companies trading on the once good name, as is so often the case with the lesser Swiss brands. Around 2017 the name appears to have gone under for the umpteenth time, no doubt to re-appear in its latest zombie garb when some other brand leech acquires it. As to the different spellings, I didn't find anything so far, but given the rest of the brand's history, piccard,picard,picccard,piccccard, the choice is yours.
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