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  1. Two more pocket money pieces for you all today. Despite the outward similarity, they are from different corners of the globe, with the Roman dialled one hailing from China and its Arabic numeral cousin, from the USSR. Both are keeping reasonable time, within 15s/day and both, despite being dead on arrival needed nothing more than a clean and lubrication. The Chinese number (on the right in this picture) is a ZB1 or SZ-1 variant. The Russian, on the left, has a Raketa or Poljot 2609.HA Note that I swapped the brown strap from one to the other, just to confuse you.
  2. Well I have to admit, this little watch wasn't quite what I expected. It works fine, and after a clean and lubrication it even puts in a fairly reasonable performance. However I was expecting it to be a USSR movement, but unless I miss my mark, it appears to be a variant of the Chinese Standard 17 jewel instead. Whatever it is, the finish of the movement is not too shabby, clean and functional with at least a hint of a care having been take with it. The case too is in almost new condition. The dial however has a very odd and barely discernable rash and there are a couple of ti
  3. That looks very familiar. If you ever get a chance to go to India, you will no doubt encounter a lot of brass items in the touristy shops. One of the many recurring themes are snakes, and in particular brass cobras. Search ebay for brass cobra candlestick or similar, and you will no doubt find a whole bunch of them. Also look for things like Bala Bakthi Brass Naga Snake, Thia brass snake and so forth. The quality varies immensely, from low cost tourist trinkets to highly intricate enamelled works of art. EDIT: Expect to pay about 2000 INR (About twenty quid or $30 USD)
  4. A 17 Jewel Sekonda. Almost certainly USSSR made, and quite possibly gold plated. I'm not sure if the speckling is on the dial or the crystal, however at a mere 0.99p whatever it is it won't disappoint, especially since the seller claims it is running.
  5. You might also find this link useful. https://www.circuitlab.com/editor/#?id=9vnehk BTW you do know that the circuit typically uses a 12V AC power supply, not DC, as it needs to use a doubler to make the +/- 28V supply rails. If you feed it DC, the tubes will light, but the thing wont do much else. EDIT: Given the low power nature of those two dinky little tubes, I doubt if the thing will be capable of much output anyway. Fine as a headphone amp, but not much use for more than a few hundred milliwatts, maybe a watt max. The nearest equivalent non Chinese tube I coul
  6. A Citizen Crystron on a Seiko strap heading hopefully to join the club.
  7. Have we lost the extended Edit period? I just went back to a very recent post within a few minutes of the inital posting and I seem to be unable to change it.
  8. Two more for the club. First a Timex Big Q with date. This is French made and has a pusher (for the date?). Not too bad for a mere 0.99p plus the postage. Next is a Carronade quartz PW which I bid 0.99p on simply because it has the distinction of bing both a Swiss quartz movement and officially fully endorsed "crap" since Carronade was a brand name of the legendary Gerald Ratner of "Ratners the Jewellers" fame (infamy?). For those of you who missed this particularly spectacular foot in mouth remark, see here for more -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/
  9. Well first of all let me say that I've been "playing" with electronic devices all my life. I started out knowing nothing, and eventually ended up knowing enough to make a living out of it. Most of what I know, I found out for myself, so I totally agree with this sentiment. Noise is always present in any analog circuit. Amplifiers amplify, so they amplify the signal and they amplify the noise. The trick is to keep the signal to noise ratio acceptable. Since we only have the noise here, it is a little difficult as @rodabod pointed out, to tell if the amplifier is noisy, or if we are si
  10. I believe you can use cloth dyes in your anodising solution to get some really interesting results.
  11. Back on the other track for a moment, this just appeared on my interweb radar. The man who owned 3,000 cameras https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-53821146 The location isn't far from here, so once the covid crisis settles down, I'll need to pay it a visit. I have quite a few cameras, but nowhere near the number in this collection. Anyway.. Back on topic. Canon pinions. Without a closeup of the damage, I can only speculate. Corrosion, wear and/or physical damage by some previous repaired would seem the most likely causes of failure.
  12. There is a bunch of stuff on the subject of syncing multiple cameras on the CHDK forum, this thread for example. https://chdk.setepontos.com/index.php?topic=8810.0
  13. Maybe we should start a new thread related to camera repair. I have one or two specimens that needed some TLC when I picked them up from various flea markets and jumble sales. I even have a medium format, and a large tripod that were recovered from two separate skips (dumpsters). The PowerShot A2200 is one of a bunch of damaged Canons I picked up for pennies on ebay a while back when I was active on the CHDK development forum and Wiki. You may recognise this guy. https://chdk.setepontos.com/index.php?topic=10728.10
  14. Yup. Don't eat the stuff, dispose of it carefully, wear gloves and wash your hands. You should be just fine. You probably got more exposure from the last banana you ate than you did from wearing a lumed watch for years, which is my excuse to share one of my favourite radiation related graphics once more. https://xkcd.com/radiation/
  15. Neat idea. I may borrow some cues from that design. The Canon Powershot A2200 I used runs CHDK, so I can get RAW images form it, and RawTherapee will do the lens correction. It has built in Canon Powershot lens profiles or you can define your own, and it can convert negatives to positives including acceptable orange colour mask removal with different masks predefined, or using the unexposed area round the negative. It also batch processes, so the work flow is actually quite simple. feed the negatives through my widget on top of the lightbox. Click away. Post process in RawTherapee, the
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