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  1. Recycled 2.894736842 times at least, in my case.
  2. Nice and sunny here. The grapefruit and lemons are loving it. This is just a little one, some of the one high up in the tree are easily three times this size. The USSR era Sekonda (and the USSR era chap wearing it) are also enjoying the sunshine.
  3. You might find what you are looking for here. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-IKHN7WFKiwLVFQRjQyUUV0bmM Try to avoid cross/double posting. Your second post is in the correct post. Moderators, feel free to remove my post, and perhaps the one above. I have put this answer in the other post.
  4. You might find what you are looking for here. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-IKHN7WFKiwLVFQRjQyUUV0bmM
  5. To practice on initially, you can't go far wrong with a few scrap mechanical watches from ebay. Maybe a couple of pocket watches to start, and of course a couple of my favorites, HMT's and Sekonda, as they have jeweled movements, and clean up well. Don't pay big money for those, as you can usually pick them up for £10 or less in a non working condition.
  6. Tiny circuit boards present a unique challenge. Other spare parts are often easier to get, but good luck finding a replacement circuit board. This one comes to mind. It took far longer, and was far more involved than I had anticipated, and I generally consider myself quite adept at soldering. My brother in law's HMT also took several sessions to fix, but in fairness, it was completely destroyed, and its value was purely sentimental, so neither was economically worth fixing, but both were very satisfying repairs, and both work perfectly now. In my limited experience, quartz chronographs followed by small mechanical ladies movements are probably the trickiest in terms of the tiny parts involved.
  7. Looks good to me. I probably wouldn't have spotted the small mark at 50 unless you pointed it out.
  8. Not quite in the same vein, a Citizen alarm clock. This one qualifies for the club, as it cost 1/4 of the full entry fee. There are other examples online with the same model number branded Bulova (which makes sense, since Bulova is a Citizen brand). This one for example.
  9. I blew the budget for this one, but since postage was free, I only blew it by a few pennies (I allow up to £4 postage normally, anything more than that is taking the mickey, unless it is coming from outside the UK). A non runner (apparently) for spares or repair. I couldn't resist the blue dial.
  10. Sorry, you will need to contain your excitement for the time being, I'm away on holiday, wont be back for a few weeks. I'll post pictures as soon as I get it on the bench.
  11. That top accent was squint. Fixed in this version. DiveWatch30.100Centre1.79Round20%Tangerine.svg .. and I'm torn between that arrangement and this .. DiveWatch30.100Centre1.79Round20%TangerineV3.svg Which does anyone prefer? Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA
  12. Of course.. you must have a dive watch DiveWatch30.100Centre1.79Round20%Grey.svg
  13. A little GP Avia quartz is heading to the club. Apparently it has a new battery, so that's good, but I suspect it needs a good scrub and polish. I have a manual wind Avia, but this little quartz number has a certain charm.
  14. The finished dial. I've grouped certain objects to make editing easier. It should for example be possible to edit the ticks round the small seconds dial, or the rosette or position that dial without disturbing the rest, with a few clicks. This is a slightly "softened" version, to more realistically emulate enamel work. The design as is would fit a 30mm blank, with 1.8mm center hole, but should be easily re-scalable to whatever size you want. PocketWatchSecondsSixDia30.100mmCentre1.79mmRound20%BlackGrey.svg
  15. PocketWatchSecondsSixDia30.100mmCentre1.79mmRound20%BlackGrey.svg My take on a pocket watch dial. The technique is pretty much the same as before. I've added some registration marks, and a center dot to make fixing the center of rotation when placing objects in the .SVG easier. PocketWatchRedSecondsSixDia30.100mmCentre1.79mmRound20%BlackGrey.svg
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