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  1. AndyHull

    Watch of Today

    Looks like a good rich dial colour. I like the gradient across the face. This one is not nearly so vibrant, but not too shabby either. I gave this little Ninio a quick spring clean. I suspect the dial has been repainted at some stage, but if so, they have made a reasonable job of it. It is sitting around +/-20 sec/day, so not quite in the same league as the alarm clock, but not bad for a 17 jewel mass produced item. Speaking of accuracy, the golden Citizen Cryston Quartz I mentioned the other day is actually loosing about 1 minute per day, so it looks like some previous attempt at repair included fiddling with the trimmer capacitor on the circuit board. I'll need to dig out my frequency counter and fiddle it back to the correct place at some stage. I'll post a few pictures if and when I get some spare time to take a look at it.
  2. AndyHull

    Watch of Today

    Strangely enough, I tend to do something similar. The test watch on the left arm, and a quartz number on the right. Recently I have been using a Swatch as the watch to compare with. Today, however I've been wearing a rather odd watch that came with a bundle of other stuff. It is the most generic watch I have ever encountered. It has absolutely no branding on it. The caseback is completely blank, the strap (which does appear to be leather).. blank.. and it arrived in a completely unworn condition. Not a mark on it. Quality wise, it is reasonable. Not a dollar store watch, but then again not something you would spend more than maybe forty bucks on, new. So today I stuffed a battery in it, and substituted it for the Swatch. This would actually make the ultimate crime of the century watch, since it appears to be completely untraceable. The styling is very much what you would expect for a completely vanilla watch. Not unpleasant, but not particularly inspiring either. Having said that, it wouldn't look out of place next to any of the modern "designer" watches.. yes you "Daniel Wellington".. I'm talking about you and your like.
  3. AndyHull

    Winding stem removal from crown

    I suspect I'm not that far from you in that case, I'm not actually in the middle of nowhere, but you can just about see it from here. I'm a few miles south of Perth (the original Perth, accept no substitutes), just off the A9 as you head south towards Stirling.
  4. I think we may need some pictures for this one. Can you get some good closeups of the parts in question?
  5. AndyHull

    Winding stem removal from crown

    I believe Alum is also used in old fashioned razor shaving, to "tighten the skin" and also stop the bleeding from shaving nicks, so you might like to check you local supermarket for Alum shaving stick. Often Asian grocery stores have alum shaving blocks. I presume they are more popular with ex-pat Asian gentlemen of a certain age.
  6. AndyHull

    Info on Orient movement please

    There is also this closely related variant. http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&Orient_28504 ... and this is appears to ba a derivative ... http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&Orient_11N4B7
  7. AndyHull

    Revisiting an old hobby

    Yet another Citizen. I nearly didn't bid on this one, as it looked far too clean and tidy. It had the hallmarks of an "Indian Special". In the end I threw £3.00 at it and won. It arrived, but despite the listing claiming that it was working, no matter how much I shook or wound it, it didn't budge. It did however look like it had never been worn. I got a chance to look at it today, and gave it a quick clean and removed and refitted the autowinder, whereupon it sprang into life. I'll give the seller the benefit of the doubt, perhaps it got a knock in transit. I'm going to suggest it is possibly from 1998, but I'm not 100% certain. It has now had a proper service and a whiff of lubrication and is chugging along nicely.
  8. AndyHull

    Info on Orient movement please

    This fella maybe? https://17jewels.info/movements/o/orient/orient-g11/
  9. AndyHull

    Watch of Today

    There is nothing wrong with a little OCD, when it comes to getting things just right. Although when I had it back in beat to within 0.1ms and the thing was sitting at +20s/day or so, my OCD was screaming that the spring still wasn't perfectly kink free, as you can see from the image below. The problem there of course is that you enter the territory of "fixing it till its broken worse", if you are not careful. It was pretty messed up, with a near 90 degree kink in it, and a distinctly conical shape. The surrounding area and the HS was completely slicked with what I assume was WD40. I presume the two were probably related. Some previous "repairer" probably gave it a scoot with the bike chain redeemer and watch nemesis, and caused the hairspring to gum together and concertina. I cleaned the HS first, then carefully massaged it in situ, using a pair of very fine needle nosed tweezers. It probably took a good twenty minutes of small adjustments to get things perfectly concentric once more, and a further ten minutes to get it back in beat and also restore its accuracy. I also resisted any urge to try to clean up the very slight mark on the dial from a previous issue with the hour hand touching the surface. It presumably isn't obvious until I point it out, but once you know it is there, it can't be un-seen. I'll just console myself with the idea that it adds to its character, otherwise I might be tempted to start fiddling and damage the rest of the dial. Perhaps my OCD will get the better of me when I replace the crystal though.
  10. AndyHull

    Watch of Today

    Nice. Looks like a mid 70's vintage. Another watch with the 'day number/day name' arrangement like the 'Voken Automatic' too. I wonder if this style was more common in this period.
  11. AndyHull

    Watch of Today

    I'm slowly working my way through all of the recent accusations. Today's watch of today a USSR Sekonda, which needed some major hairspring massaging, and the removal of every bodies favorite bicycle chain restorer (WD40). It says USSR, so it is clearly pre-1991 but its exact age, I don't know. It will need a crystal, but it is now ticking along nicely. Another one for the club. I seem to be monopolizing this thread somewhat, has anybody else recently picked up something nice to inspire us with?
  12. A neat idea. Would adding grip (knurling or ribbing) improve them, or are they grippy enough as they are?
  13. AndyHull

    Marine Decimal Chronograph

    If you don't find the answer there, then you could try the Yorkshire Post. https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/
  14. AndyHull

    Marine Decimal Chronograph

    It might refer to these guys -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dewsbury_Rams From 1875 to 1877 they were known as the Dewsbury Athletic and Football Club. "1881 saw the club's first success in the Yorkshire Challenge Cup beating Huddersfield, Bradford and Halifax before an Alfred Newsome drop goal gave them victory over Wakefield Trinity in the final. " A very interesting watch. I'm sure if you contact the club, they will probably have records from that time.
  15. AndyHull

    Escape wheel needed for seiko 4006a

    According to ranfft -> http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&Seiko_4006A The balance is Balance staff Seiko 315470 These guys claim to have the balance staff -> https://vintageswatchparts.weebly.com/seiko-parts.html Whether they actually do or not, I don't know, but you could give them a try.