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  1. Thanks for all the ideas guys! The contrast between the shade of the hands and markers is similar in this similar specimen. The serrated look to the edges of the numbers are what has kind of put me on edge about the watch, more than happy to be convinced that it's original though as I've bought the watch
  2. Hey guys, Hoping someone with a better eye for redials can settle this for me, do you think this watch is original? Thanks!
  3. I had a strong fear of offending someone posting this, but I could always easily revert. The watch is well loved, and the way I see it, installing a more serviceable movement just prolongs the life of the watch, and the original movement on the sidelines
  4. Very cool! Pretty sure this movement is the one I removed from the Timex, if you are on the lookout I have one spare!
  5. It is the original yep, may fit a replacement in time. The crown is the smallest I could find to fit the ~2.8mm case tube, makes for some leisurely winding!
  6. Thanks guys! I think I'll go for it
  7. Hey guys, I'm repairing a Seiko 4006-7028 Bellmatic with a 17 Jewel 4006A movement. The balance cock is missing both the diashock spring and jewel, and the only person selling on ebay is looking for $20+10 shipping for these three parts. Does anyone if there are any compatible parts I can source more easily? Thanks in advance, Jason
  8. Hey guys, not sure if you'll find this interesting. My girlfriend's Timex was fitted with a jewel-less, unadjustable movement, which was losing quite a bit of time. I picked up an NOS ETA 2540 for a few dollars, cleaned and serviced it and with the help of a trimmed plastic movement ring, fit it into the Timex. The sticker is a temporary fixture...
  9. Thanks! You can just about see the markings here:
  10. Hey guys, Wondering if anyone has the eye or sense to tell me whether or not I can trust this seller? as $80 seems a bit too good to be true https://www.ebay.com/itm/ETA-2801-2-movement-HAMILTON-watch-movement-Waltham-watch-movement-Wittnauer/152910619957?hash=item239a2ee535:g:ekYAAOSwYlRZEyre Thanks!
  11. Hi everyone. I am pretty new into watch repair, and big into vintage Seikos. Based in the USA temporarily but I'm from the west of Ireland. Look forward to getting to know everyone!