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  1. Thanks guys, can rest easy. Was curious if there was some specific reasoning behind it Sent from my Redmi 4X using Tapatalk
  2. Hey guys, this is a first for me, the Helvetia 80C I'm servicing has a left hand threaded barrel arbor and screw. As in the pics, as per usual the stem is turning the winding pinion clockwise, turning the crown wheel anticlockwise, then turning the ratchet wheel and barrel arbor clockwise. Why does this have a left hand threaded barrel arbor and screw? Thanks in advance folks!
  3. Hey, I have a Zenith 220S and the hands are in pretty poor shape, it seems like there is a lacquer of some sort on the hands which is flaking off. The lume is also chipping off. I'm wondering if it would be possible to dissolve the lacquer in Hexane/IPA or is this possibly oxidised/tarnished playing I'm looking at? Thanks in advance guys, sorry about the poor pictures Sent from my Redmi 4X using Tapatalk
  4. May not provide sufficient torque but a rubber tool like one to remove camera lens retaining rings will be fairly gentle to the case. Can pick them up on eBay cheaply Sent from my Redmi 4X using Tapatalk
  5. JBerry

    Seiko 2220A Mainspring Servicing

    Thanks very much for the advice, got it sorted. I was just finishing up the service and refitting the diashock spring on the balance cock, when it pinged off, only to show up stuck to my sock a half hour of searching layer Sent from my Redmi 4X using Tapatalk
  6. JBerry

    Seiko 2220A Mainspring Servicing

    Thanks! Sent from my Redmi 4X using Tapatalk
  7. Hey guys, I'm pretty sure that the mainspring barrel in the photos is a sealed unit, though no material houses I've checked seem to stock the part. Besides from lubricating the barrel arbor is there anything I can do with this to keep it in good working order until I find a spare? Thanks in advance!
  8. JBerry

    Time To Wind Down.

    No love for Sake?
  9. JBerry

    Seiko 2220-0430 Crystal Fitting

    Just as a conclusion, the original Seiko crystal is of 31.0mm diameter. So I think it's safe to assume the crytal is epoxied directly into the bezel. A 0.70mm Sternkreuz MST crystal of 31.0mm diameter was a perfect fit, secured with some nasty Bisphenol-A Seiko epoxy.
  10. JBerry

    Hi im totaly new to this hobby

    Welcome Mark
  11. JBerry

    Seiko 2220-0430 Crystal Fitting

    Also, the watch is from 1975, so not exactly modern.
  12. JBerry

    Seiko 2220-0430 Crystal Fitting

    I do have a vernier calipers, I say approx because no €20 uncalibrated calipers is 100% accurate,
  13. JBerry

    Seiko 2220-0430 Crystal Fitting

    What I wrote in the initial post may have been misleading, the Crystal was fitted into the front of the bezel
  14. JBerry

    Seiko 2220-0430 Crystal Fitting

    Thanks for the insight! From what I can see online I'm fairly confident it is the original, but can't be certain. There are no spares available anywhere I know of. The crystal is approx 1.3mm in depth, the bezel has about a 0.6mm recess and the crystal apprears to just fit into this slot with the rest of the crystal protruding and showing the bevel. Would there be sufficient room in this 0.6mm to fit a gasket too? The wall of the recess seems to be dead straight too, would I be right in thinking if it was an acrylic crystal the recess would be shaped to retain the crystal once fitted?
  15. Hey Guys, Couple of questions, I picked up this Seiko 2220-0430 with a chipped crystal. I was able with just a small amount of pressure to press the glass out from the back out of the bezel. Am I correct in assuming that I need to use a crystal cement/epoxy to fit a new crystal? Also, is a flat Cousins/Sternkreuz glass/sapphire crystal going to have a similar bevel to the one shown on the front face of the crystal? Thanks in advance!