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  1. Very cool, is there an equivalent Seiko caliber to this? At first I thought it was a 66B
  2. Nice idea, seems a bit fiddly to keep the pins parallel to each other though
  3. I Googled "Timex Easy Reader watch glow" out of interest, and that dark spot seems to be characteristic to the watch!
  4. Here's an excerpt from The Watch Repairer's Manual by Henry B. Fried. He uses a round bottom punch
  5. Welcome to the forum! I'm from Ireland but living in Copenhagen
  6. Thanks very much for the offer! I did get a quote from Dumet, which was reasonable, but the used bench worked out a lot cheaper.
  7. Do you have a jeweling tool to adjust the height of the jewel? I would think it should be flush with the mainplate
  8. Picked up this Caravelle Superdatomatic, with a Cattin calibre C66 in need of a new balance staff and a new crystal
  9. It's mind boggling how little you get for €1000 in the world of watches. Not sure where you're based JDM, but Beco make a pretty basic model here: https://www.beco-technic.com/einrichtungen/werktische-fuer-uhrmacher-417/ergolift-mobile.html Also Flume: https://www.flume.de/en/tools-supplies-facilities-compressed-air-and-vacuum-watchmaker-tables-design-without-containers.html https://www.flume.de/en/tools-supplies-facilities-compressed-air-and-vacuum-watchmaker-tables-vector-variable-arm-rest.html None of which got back to me with a quote... so I went for my eBay special There is another on Ebay.de if anyone else is on the lookout! https://www.ebay.de/itm/Uhrmacher-Werktisch-alt-gebraucht/223650865631?hash=item3412a161df:g:HpQAAOSwYFdc3Fs7
  10. CousinsUK quoted me £250 just for shipping on the Durston bench! So I started looking at other options... Just bought this bench on eBay from Germany! Absolutely delighted with the find
  11. Great job! What kind of setup did yo use for nickle plating? The finish looks perfect
  12. Welcome to the forum! That's a beautiful Speedmaster
  13. Thanks for the reply OH! I'll be keeping an eye out for a used bench. My brother is a cabinet maker, so eventually I will ask him to make my dream bench, but he is so busy now I would feel bad to ask him this favour.
  14. Mosquitos! #1 thing about living in Ireland/what I will miss, is that we just don't have them! Glovebox sounds cool but from my experience the full length gloves get very sweaty. Maybe a modified sandblasting cabinet could work too?
  15. Hi all, I've just moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, and rather than buy another generic desk and put extendable legs on it, I would like to invest in a nice sturdy bench with armrests, drawers etc. So far the best option I can see for my budget (<€800), is the 5 draw Durston option on CousinsUK: https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/watchmakers-benches-durston Does anyone have any experience with this bench? Or have any other recommendations for a nice cheap-ish bench? Thanks in advance!
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