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  1. Here's another source for cases: http://www.shop.sk-watchparts.com/epages/Starck_Andreas44894456.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/Starck_Andreas44894456/Categories/Edelstahlgehäuse/"Edelstahluhrengehäuse für ETA 6497/98"
  2. Thanks! Very nice watch, I love your dial. I found the case pretty good, quality is better than I imagined for the price. I am in the US at the moment, so postage time and cost was pretty reasonable. My only issue with the case was that it is designed to have case clamps which are fitted flush with the mainplate of the movement. Which is fine for more modern 6497-1 movements, however my old Unitas 6497 had elevated ledges on the barrel bridge which made the case clamps sit much too high within the case, so I had to file these down to fit my clamps flush with the mainplate... I hated to modify the plate like this, but otherwise the movement would just go back in the drawer indefinitely. Here are the two styles compared:
  3. Hey folks, I'd like to share a watch I put together for my Brother's birthday. The movement is a pretty old Unitas 6497 which I picked up from the widow of a watchmaker a year or so back, the plates have been skeletonised and I'm pretty sure this was a once off job by the watchmaker. The mainplate is brass, and the decorated bridge plates appear to have been plated (quite crudely, when inspected under a loupe). The movement is keeping great time now that it is serviced. I made an attempt at a logo using the film-free transfer technique Mark has used in a couple of recent Youtube videos. The logo didn't adhere very well to the dial, not particularly happy with it. In person and to the naked eye it looks pretty good I think. The case is a 41mm case I picked up from Ofrei, who I sourced the dial and hands from also. Hope ye like it!
  4. No worries, it also doesn't show up if you search by movement caliber oddly enough...
  5. Is it a Seiko 6602B? This is the only one whose parts list I could find. For this is it listed as Seiko part 801.880 which CousinsUK have: https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/filter/seiko-movement-parts If you search by part number you will find it.
  6. Nice video! I have the same Bergeon 5500 press with the A-set of aluminium dies, it's a very old set and the box is branded Favorite even though the tool pictured on the box is Bergeon. It's one of my favourite tools to use.
  7. Welcome to the forum Rob! That's an amazing job you did on the bench, Fair play!
  8. Picked up this very clean Longines dress watch with an L847.3 movement
  9. I have family in Cambridge and visit a good bit, let me know if you guys organize a meet up!
  10. I'm assuming you were at the Cambridge beer festival last week?
  11. I have a Japanese MKS/Meikosha staking set, the exact same as Mark has, which you can see in some of his videos. The stakes are in incredible condition for their age, with no rust or deformation. I am very happy with the quality of the set.
  12. CousinsUK appear to have the part you're looking for! if you search by part number you will find it, 585.006 Have found this happens on Cousins quite often, that parts are not associated with movement numbers in the search function but are available via the search. https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/filter/seiko-movement-parts Hammer, Seiko 585.006, £2.75
  13. I wouldn't know sorry, do you have a micrometer or caliper you can use to measure?
  14. Just seen your Pallas in another thread! Beautiful watch
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