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  1. JBerry

    New Collector at Large

    Welcome to the forum! Brewing beer has to be the most satisfying hobby in the world, with watch repair a close second
  2. Thanks for the advice Andy. I fit the switch and it's working well!
  3. Thanks very much! I see a similar model listed at 1200 ohms, so I think we're good by your calculation
  4. JBerry


    Level one of Mark's watchrepairlessons goes through in nice detail what basic tools are required as well as giving you a nice grasp of what is involved in watchrepair. Judging from the fada, I don't suppose you are in Ireland Seán? Sent from my Redmi 4X using Tapatalk
  5. Hey folks, I recently picked up this 2321 Bergeon Demagnetizer, the plastic ring that secures the momentary switch to the top of the wooden block had perished and snapped off, and no longer retains the button. I'm fairly clueless when it comes to electronics. I picked up a new switch of the correct diameter, problem is I'm not sure if the switch is of the correct rating. The switch is rated 3A 250V/AC, but I'm not sure about the amp rating of the demagnetizer. Anyone have any ideas?
  6. Great stuff! Glad to be of help
  7. Great stuff, that looks like the notch to me! Definitely no tool marks on it though. The technique for removing is described in Donald LeCarle's book here, but maybe someone here has some tips on removing the bezel more carefully (I, for one would loose sleep over putting a mark on that solid gold case)
  8. Fingers crossed, hoping it's this style of case. The notch for a case knife may be anywhere along the bezel, in this case (Seiko Chariot) it's opposite the crown.
  9. Now is the time to step back and chill out for a bit if you are feeling frustrated https://omegaforums.net/threads/sold-14k-solid-gold-omega-geneve-with-box.49223/ Is your watch constructed as this one? This one is in three parts: Snap on case back, case, and bezel. Bezel (which retains the crystal) should have a groove for a case opening tool, and with this off your dial and movement should come out handy.
  10. Sounds to me like the movement and dial will come out the front. Is the crystal set in a retaining bezel that can be removed?
  11. I sell a good few watches via Reddit, mainly to dodge eBays ridiculous fees. There is pretty good traffic on the forum, and a feature for feedback too. I've had better luck there than anywhere else selling watches.
  12. Similar model here but the crown matches the case better, casebacks look the same: https://www.adamvintage.com/store/p248/hamilton_thin_o_matic.htm
  13. JBerry

    Purchasing a Glass press

    You can replace acrylic crystals on a lot of vintage watches with just a clawed crystal lift tool. Nice and compact, cheap too. https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/round-glasses-superior
  14. JBerry

    Some new acquisitions!

    Got my first use out of the Jacot tool today, trimming a balance staff pivot on a Molnija pocket watch. Beautiful tool to use. Spool Propulsion Apparatus works well too. I also picked up, belonging to the same watchmaker, some spare parts and movements, including this ETA 6497 I'm fairly confident was bespoke skeletonised. Anyone have an idea what the pieces in the bottom picture are? partially finished movement plates? And the lower circuits seem to be on 35mm film, strangely enough.
  15. Recently picked up some new (old) tools, including a nice Bergeon/Favourite crystal press, Bergeon demagnetizer, Steiner Jacot tool and a seitz jewel gauge I've been looking for for ages. Sharing my excitement!