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  1. I have a question regarding ovular crystals. I tried to use a crystal press to place it into the case, but ended up breaking it after realising the pressure on the crystal wasnt uniform. How would you normally replace such a shaped crystal? Is there a special tool? The crystal is flanged and the bezel is fixed.
  2. Has anyone ever used a crystal polishing machine like one of the below? If so can you please share your experiences good and/or bad. Thanks
  3. The acrylic fell out. I've seen videos of how to refit round ones, but not rectangular ones. This has a small flange on its base. Any suggestions gratefully received. The flange at the base of the acrylic is too large to fit back into the watch. I think this will involve dressing the flange off, and gluing the acrylic in. This is annoying, my mobile lets me know that there was a reply via email. I can read the replyb on the email, but nothing is showing on the forum. sigh. Now on my laptop, and it's the same problem.
  4. To all My first post besides my intro post. I have my wife’s nephew's Seiko Kinetic 5M42-OM29. It had stopped working. With a quick YouTube search I found Mark Lovick’s posting on how to change the capacitor. That worked great and now I am testing for 24 hours for stability. Now my question, the crystal is very scratched up. I have used the PolyWatch diamond paste for mineral crystal but the scratches are too deep. I am pretty sure I can find a replacement crystal but I am confused on how to remove the crystal. Please see pictures. It looks like it might be a removable bezel but I don’t want to force it if it isn’t removable. I have a glass press but I don’t want to force that either. Suggestions?
  5. Hello, I'm absolutely pulling my hair out finding a replacement crystal for this watch. Case says style # 6810. The original crystal was fine but I made a big oopsie and took a huge chunk out of the edge of it, and so have been trying to replace it. After searching my inventory I found an original PA429-40 Crystal for the "Benrus 276-6810 Elegance"M" and "P" Wristalarm series for reflector ring" but when I went to put the old reflector ring into that new one the ring was too large and I cracked the rim (dang it). Since the package wasn't sealed I thought maybe it was a fluke and someone had put the wrong crystal in there. So I went online and bought a new sealed PA429-40 crystal and it too is too small to fit the ring. Measuring the original vs the new one, the original is overall larger. I can't figure out what the actual correct crystal is though. (Photo of crystal with a big chunk out of the edge is the inner diameter of the original, other crystal measurement shown is of "replacement". Without the exact right crystal the case will not stay closed because it's pressure fit. I'm out of ideas and really could use some help on this.
  6. I'm in the late stages of fixing up this TV cased Timex. It has a conventionally circular acrylic crystal, but ground or molded to the TV shape in the center. Luckily it responded well enough to polishing that I don't need to replace it. But this watch came into my possession assembled with the crystal loosely placed into the case, with a thin gasket between its circular flange and the case interior. When the movement is installed, the dial's outer edge presses the crystal slightly into the gasket, but not enough to seal at all. The crystal does not snap into place or fit under any friction; it falls right out when the movement comes out. I assume it's the original, if only because its implausible someone would've ever replaced a weirdo crystal on this $25 watch. Do you think I should just glue this crystal in with hypo cement? Or maybe try a thicker gasket to put more pressure against it? It only has a snap-on caseback. Sandwiching it in loosely with the gasket doesn't seem like the right solution. Any water resistance at all is a secondary goal to a watch that doesn't fall to pieces when the caseback comes off. And it's staying in my own collection.
  7. Hi! I have been working on this beautiful Sandoz Submariner ref: 3933-D-77-2 in really nice condition. While servicing it however, I realised that the crystal was cracked and it broke shortly after. I have been searching for an Identical replacement but I simply cannot find one to save my life. It has this pretty big tension ring as well. I have found some generic rolex replacements which share the same outer diameter measurements but none come with a tension ring of course. I will be listing some crystals I have found and some measurements of the original crystal and ring. Is there anyone that can tell me whether I can fit the tension ring in these rolex replacements and use one of those. Or even better, where I can find an original replacement for the Sandoz. Sandoz original glass measurements: width - 30,3 mm, height - 6,1 mm. Tension ring width - 1,5 mm, tension ring height - 1,5 mm. Some replacements I found: https://www.ebay.com/itm/123793378821 https://www.ebay.com/itm/123300572660 https://www.ebay.com/itm/310348420078 http://www.classicwatchrepair.com/english/shop/rolex-1680-submariner-replacement-domed-plexi-crystal Any help would be extremely appreciated. I really would like to get this watch looking and working nicely. Best regards(:
  8. So I've just finished servicing a Bulova 23 jewel self winding watch from 1961. I'm trying to find a replacement crystal but it doesn't seem that I can use a conventional round hi dome crystal. I tried fitting a 30mm hi dome crystal in which seemed to fit nicely but won't hold the bezel in place. There is a mirrored ring inside the case to hold the movement in place. Is this what a reflector ring is? I found this (see photos) in the GS catalog and THINK it's the correct crystal (PA 462-17) but since it's expensive and I've never dealt with a crystal like this before I was hoping to get some advice/correction if needed. Thank you anyone who can help! (I included pics of the old crystal for reference)
  9. Good day all, I'm a recent 30 year retiree and elected to start cleaning some of my older watches that ended up in a box wrapped in a towel. One in particular, a gift from my grandfather, began working with a new battery but the crystal appears foggy. I would appreciate specific instructions for removing the stem/ crown and cleaning the crystal from an 1980 Seiko with the 6030A movement. Thank you in advance. Regards, Rick
  10. This question isn't really one of repair but more a direct question as to what the markings are on the little stickers you find on old watch and pocket watch crystals. I understand the 1/16 measurements are lignes, the 1/4 measurements are lunettes(?), the three digit numbers are tenths of milimeters and the number typically from 1-5 is the height of a Geneva crystal, but what do the numbers measured in fractions of 1/8 signify? I did a calculation and the conversion from mystery unit to lignes is lignes = (1/2) x mystery + 10 Any ideas?
  11. I have a watch that I am fixing up for myself. After lots of research l, I concluded my watch is a 1960s Hamilton Stormking VII. As my watch needs a new crystal I ordered one from ebay that is for a Hamilton stormking VII. When I got it in I immediately realized that it doesn't fit. The replacement seems to me about 1mm larger than the original. (I dont have a caliper). Is this even a Hamilton Stormking VII? Or did I get the right crystal but I have to modify it before it fits?
  12. Hi, I’m trying to replace the crystal on this expedition. I have pulled the stem and the movement. The crystal was shattered. It seems to be a 29.5mm crystal with a 1mm depth. I don’t see a gasket. How would I apply the new crystal? Does it press without a gasket? Thank you for any help provided! Brian
  13. Hey guys, my name is Lorenz. I am an 18 year old electrical engineering student from Germany. I got this Breitling chronospace a56012.1 from my granddad and I want to repair it. Besides a slight clicking noise while turning the crown ( someone please let me know if this is normal ) it works just fine. My main problem is that the black color on the Bezel is worn out on some positions and I dont know where to find a paint that holds on the metal nor do I know how to paint it again. I have worked with watches already, I disassembled a mechanical movement cleaned and oiled it again so I feel pretty confident in doing this job. And I would also like to change out the crystal, does anyone know what size crystal I need for this watch? Thanks in regards for any advice.
  14. Any advice out there for cleaning/polishing watch crystal glass? I know there are videos upon videos on howto clean acrylic watch crystal glass using toothpaste, Cape Cod cloths, an old toothbrush, etc. However, I am trying to get a number of scratches out of a watch crystal I have taken the movement out of. It is for me a "tester". I am fairly sure that this "tester" watch crystal is glass. I have sandpaper (wet/dry) and I have a Cape Cod cloth which I have just started using. I think you can see the scratches in question in the pics. So, what I have done so far is use 400-grit sandpaper to scrub across the grain of the scratches. I have also tried scrubbing in a circular motion. Maybe I am just not very persistent at this. I scrubbed for some time. But all I can see is that NOTHING is disappearing, and the only thing that IS happening is that now the whole glass is covered in a new set of sandpaper-made marks. Maybe I can use the Cape Cod cloth to get these out. Maybe I can use the other 1500-grit sandpaper to smooth things out too. This process looks so easy in the various Youtube videos. yes, I know these things can take time, but HOW LONG?? This is NOT one of the fun sides of watch repair that I am looking forward to doing now or, in fact, any time. I really thought that it would be the case that - scratches and marks on the crystal? No problem! I can get them out! :) But perhaps I was naive (?) How long should I be scrubbing with the sandpaper? Is 400-grit not enough? Should I get more coarse sandpaper?
  15. Just got this watch in today and was polishing the crystal when it popped out! Have looked everywhere and cannot find out how to get it back on! Is it a snap-in? Glue-on? Need help!!! It is an acrylic crystal, btw. Please and thank you!
  16. I’m looking at replacing the glass on one of my watches. It’s high domed acrylic. Im browsing on cousinsuk and they list two different Sternkreuz High Domed glass. With step and without step. Im just wondering what the difference is, as I can’t find anything online about them. Many Thanks
  17. Hello, quick question in regards to replacement watch glass. I’ve brought a Seiko 5 and the watch glass is 1.7mm thick. I’m looking at replacing this with a sapphire crystal (for no particular reason if I’m honest, the previrus owner had it swapped with acrylic and despite this it isn’t badly scratched), I can’t however find a sapphire crystal listed as 1.7mm. I can however find 1.5 and 2.0mm. Would either of these be suitable? Even if I look on cousinsuk the mineral glass isn’t listed in 1.7. Any advice and guidance would be appreciated.
  18. I'm replacing the crystal on a Rolex Submariner 16610. When I removed the crystal, part of the gasket remained in the groove in the case. I'm at a loss as to how to remove the remaining gasket. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  19. I am in need of a crystal lift. A quick search on Amazon or eBay shows many in the $10 to $15 range. These are probably not made in Germany, Switzerland or the U.S. Does anyone have experience with these "less expensive" crystal lifts? Do they work as intended or are they so poorly made that their operation is questionable? Thanks,
  20. Hello, I've been drafted to try to replace my brothers crystal with a sapphire one and also replace the battery/capacitor. I believe I have all the tools from my last project and I've watched some videos, etc. I was wondering if there is anything I should know before I go to ordering the parts. Please and Thanks in advance
  21. Hello everyone, What is your favorite way/method for polishing plexiglass crystals? (ie paper, wheel [what size?], microfiber, comp, etc) Does anyone use lacquer for the deeper scratches to 'fill in'? Cheers, Zach
  22. Hi, One problem i'm constantly facing is once the movement is running and I've got the dial and hands back on, I'm always struggling to remove the specs of dust from the underside of the crystal. New crystals seems worse - as they appear to have a static charge. What are the tricks to ensure that the underside is clean before casing the movement? Rgrds Bev
  23. I just purchased a used Citizen watch and would like to replace the crystal. It is a Black Eagle Skyhawk (if that really means anything... :) ) and the case number is C652-S030480. I contacted Esslingers and they tell me there is no sapphire crystal available for that watch. But aren't most round crystals more or less standard shapes and profiles? If I measured the old crystal couldn't I order a sapphire one that would fit?
  24. Hi all, This is my first post, so apologies in advance if this is the wrong forum. However, I am looking for advice and repair help, so this seemed like the place! I had this watch for about 2 years, brand new, never worn. I took it out today and as I was sitting on a chair, I tried to put the watch on, it slipped off my leg and hit the floor, cracking the crystal right down the middle! It looks to be intact, but obviously I want to fix the watch. It was keeping great time, and I wanted to start wearing it. It is still running, and there does 't appear to be any pieces of glass on the watch face, either floating around or caught under the various hands. I have attached a photo of the watch, and am also including a llink from the zodiac website for a listing of the specs. [ http://www.zodiacwatches.com/en_US/shop/air_planet-ZO8100P.html?searchTerm=ZO8100&imagePath= ] (exclude leading and trailing bracket and space when placing the url in your browser.) My questions: 1) this is supposed to be a dive watch, and it has a perfectly flat crystal. I watched a repair video on youtube that replaced a similar-looking crystal, but I have no way of knowing how similar it was, if at all, except for the shape and the flatness. Where can I find a replacement crystal for this exact watch? 2) is there any way to tell what this crystal is made of? I thought it was sapphire, but I didn't see any indication of that on the website or the watch itself, so perhaps you all might know. 3) is this something someone brand new to the hobby should and could tackle, or if it isn't, can anyone give be a ballpark of what I am looking at in terms of repair costs? I am hesitant to start taking this watch apart for my first repair, since I have very little idea of what to do... I have seen people use a small plastic disk and a mallet to remove a crystal, as well as a small press, which has also been used to insert the new crystal. I am thinking this would be a relatively inexpensive and quick repair for someone who knows what they are doing and who has access to the correct crystal. However, perhaps if I could find the correct crystal and folks here think this is a good, doable project for a beginner, I will consider tackling this one. Thanks for reading this. Also, could someone tell, just by my description of how this crystal broke, if it is a sapphire crystal? Or is what I described of how i broke a characteristic of some other type of hardened glass or plastic material? It seemed like incredibly dumb luck when it broke, but things happen. I don't want to compound the problem by turning an easy fix into a nightmare. Thanks all for your help and advice!
  25. I own a Seiko watch which is quite a number of years old and my grandson, aged 5 took it out without me knowing and has smached the crystal on the watch. How do I go about sizing it, and where should I look for the Crystal? On a second question, I would like to replace an automatic movement from a VOKEN watch, that has a lot of damaged, with a new movement, the watch has a day/date and has these numbers on the back plate; V6 8W 4V-00009 .. How do I go about sizing this up and making sure that it will fit with the day date the right way round, Also where could I order one from. I know that you gentlemen have a lot of experiance between you, and I hope you can help this amature out of this situation. Thank you all very much. David.
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