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Found 13 results

  1. hi am not by any means any type of expert but thought this was the best place to start
  2. Hey guys, my name is Lorenz. I am an 18 year old electrical engineering student from Germany. I got this Breitling chronospace a56012.1 from my granddad and I want to repair it. Besides a slight clicking noise while turning the crown ( someone please let me know if this is normal ) it works just fine. My main problem is that the black color on the Bezel is worn out on some positions and I dont know where to find a paint that holds on the metal nor do I know how to paint it again. I have worked with watches already, I disassembled a mechanical movement cleaned and oiled it
  3. Well this isn't really a walkthrough because I'm learning on the fly but I felt it was worthy of sharing as the story will probably return some good advice. A bit over a year ago I picked up a Breitling Navitimer movement complete with crown, dial and slide rule. There were a few parts missing and a couple of broken pieces but I corrected those issues in short order and stored the movement away for that day when a case would come available. A few months later just such a case came up on eBay and I picked it up for a fair price even though the bezel was missing. The case has
  4. Good morning I have a Breitling Crosswind watch in for repair and it has the classic crown which has become worn and detached from the stem leaving the threaded portion of the crown and the stem. I am after a new crown but no where sells only the crown or crown and stem tube combination. You have to be a registered dealer or approved service agent of Breitling it seems to have the ability to get the parts you require. Genuine parts that is. I have been told by breitling they won't sell just the crown etc as the watch will have to go in to one of their service centres for them to re
  5. Hi, I have recently acquired this Breitling Top Time 2000 watch, and have finally decided to start renovating it. However, I cannot see any simple way of removing the stainless back - there is a lip all round the case which effectively hides the join! I understand some Top Times were front loaders, but I have had the crystal out to replace it and can see no way of removing from the front either. The crown/stem wobbles quite a bit when pulled out to the setting position, but does not appear to want to simply pull out to separate (and I am scared to pull too hard for fear of snapping it!).
  6. Hello- I own the watch described in the subject. When changing the band recently, the bezel popped off. I was able to press it back on, albiet it took a little bit of effort. I plan on taking it to a watchmaker for repair, I just wanted to understand what would/could have caused this to happen and what parts would be needed to repair this. The bezel rotates in order to do calculations for aviation. Pictured is a photo of the watch I have ( not mine, but identical model, poor band color choice). Best Samson
  7. A few months back, I purchased online this Breitling Navitimer for a fair price despite the fact that the watch was non-functioning at the time. I did this without seeing the movement which was a bit of a risk as there was the possibility the insides were rusted out, but the price was right and the I figured I could resell the case and dial if the rest turned out to be a disaster. Things looked bad when I received the watch as it wouldn't run at all and the pushers were jammed. I noted on inspection that the dial didn't sit flush either which caused me quite a bit of concern. Rem
  8. Sometimes you get lucky and for me, it looks like this is one of those times. Here I have a vintage Navitimer that I picked up for a fair price but also with a fair bit of risk involved as it was bought online and in non-working order. Under inspection following receipt I discovered that dial wasn't seated properly and pushers were jammed. Things were indeed looking bad. Imagine my relief upon seeing this under the microscope. That would be a case screw hiding under the fourth wheel! Unfortunately it's sheared off in the case, but the good news is that the movem
  9. Hi everyone. I am new here and I have an issue with servicing my Breitling which houses a 2824-2 movement. I have stripped the watch down, which was running quite well but didnt keep the best time. All parts have been cleaned and the movement reassembled. I was careful to check the workings of the movement as I was going along so that if there were any parts out of place I would have noticed earlier. However, when placing the balance in place, it doesn't run unless I give it a nudge. I have wound the crown a good 7/8 turns so there is sufficient power. Even after nudging the
  10. Hi all My Superoceans crown only screws down about a half turn from when it catches till when it is tight. Is this correct? Feels like it should screw down further. if it isn't right, any advice on sorting it out? thanks
  11. This is not only a question but I will deliver the solution as well! My Breitling Navitimer with the B01 movement was ever so accurate. Losing or gaining one second a day. Now, that I wore it after some time, it lost 5-10s per day! I had the same problem right after I bought it and brought it to the place where I bought it and the watchmaker said it was magnetized. After I got it back she again was running perfectly. Now I thought "Let's give it a try and put it on my cheap demagnetizer!" I did that for 5s pulling the watch away from the device while pressing the button. No
  12. Here we have some pictures of the Venus 178 chronograph movement which is on a vintage Breitling Navitimer. This watch had a broken mainspring and required a full strip-down and rebuild in order to fit it. Enjoy :)
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