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  1. RyMoeller

    New interest

    Welcome to the forum @NickA .
  2. Thanks @clockboy, you know, I didn't realize until you pointed it out that each of these repairs required the lathe. It's an indispensable tool when doing big restoration projects.
  3. Well I finally completed this project yesterday. There were a few challenges even after solving the bezel issue which took a bit of time to put to bed. First, I discovered the pipe on the running seconds hand was both too short and too wide (the extended pinion on the fourth wheel has a diameter of 0.18mm and the pipe on the hand was around 0.25mm). I had thought the fourth wheel was incorrect but that turned out to not be the case. Now I have two extra fourth wheels (I'm not a quick learner apparently) but I'm sure they'll come in handy down the road! To fix the pipe I used a bit of brass tubing I grabbed off eBay which had an ID of 0.18mm and OD of 0.50mm. A broach was run through the pipe on the hand to widen the inside diameter then the tubing I purchased was tapered and cut on the lathe to fit inside. Originally I was going to remove the pipe from the hand but settled on pushing a sleeve inside when I realized the tubing I had was too narrow to rivet to the hand. Next I needed to address the watch crown which was damaged and lost its rubber o-ring. The o-ring is secured place by a riveted cap but on my crown the cap was missing. Naturally, I first searched for a replacement crown but when one was not readily available I opted to fix the one in hand. A replacement o-ring was ordered and a new cap turned on the lathe. With the o-ring set in the crown, the cap was secured via a hammer and stake. It seems odd that these old Navitimers have rubber gaskets on the crown, pushers, and caseback but there's nothing to stop water from entering under the bezel. Lastly I noted the new chronograph pushers I ordered were too short. I turned a pair of boots on the lathe to increase the length of each pusher rod. Neither boot is fitted too tightly so removal should not be an issue down the road. Then it was time to assemble... It was certainly worth all the time and effort but I must say, I'm looking forward to some really straightforward services in the future.
  4. Volume 28 of the Esembl-o-graf series for the Venus 188 may be helpful in reassembling this movement (the Valjoux 7733 is refined version of the 188). I would also suggest reviewing the technical sheets for the 7733 which can be found here.
  5. RyMoeller

    Automatic pocket watch?

    I've never seen one for the reasons you just described. There's very little pendulum motion in your pocket to wind a watch.
  6. RyMoeller

    USB Microscoop Andonstar 500x

    The video quality is impressive- thanks for sharing!
  7. RyMoeller

    Excelsior Park Tech Sheets

    Thanks @WatchMaker, I've spent the last couple of days looking around and have not come up with the tech sheets either. Fortunately I just received the Bestfit encyclopedias and it's got a lot of what I was looking for. The naming convention seems to hold true as well. Also, thank you for the heads up regarding Christian's photo library- I didn't realize he had already serviced three of these watches!
  8. Does anyone out there happen to have a PDF of an Excelsior Park calibre 4 or 40 technical sheet? I've recently acquired a piece with an EP 40 movement which requires some replacement parts. The tech sheet would help me use proper nomenclature and part number as I begin my queries.
  9. RyMoeller

    German War Misery & Watches.

    Thanks @Endeavor, I've added this to my shortlist of books to read.
  10. RyMoeller

    Broken LeJour Chronometer

    Finding just the caseback will be difficult. You probably can find a donor watch on eBay though. You'll have some leftover bit which can be used any number of ways.
  11. RyMoeller

    Broken LeJour Chronometer

    Sorry to come in so late but when I see pics of chronograph movements I can't help myself. ;o) Something has gone wrong in the keyless works. My guess is the screw for the Setting Lever sheared off and the lever has come free under the dial, or the Sliding Pinion is standing on end. At the very least this will require removal of all the hands and the dial and that will require work by a trained technician. You might want to use Google/Yelp to search for "watch repair/clock repair" as you're looking specifically for someone with experience repairing mechanical watch movements. The gentleman who originally repaired the watch for you but has since retired might be able to refer you to someone as well. Unfortunately, the service probably won't come cheap (I'm pretty sure @noirrac1j is spot on with his estimate) but that cost usually includes cleaning and lubrication. You can expect a bit extra for parts replacement.
  12. Well here's a quick update on the Navitimer project. I tried to freehand cut the symmetrical notches in a piece of scrap brass and did not achieve stellar results. Going back to the drawing board I tried several different methods to get evenly spaced notches in a round piece of stock and each new method was found wanting. I returned to the original plan with some minor modifications and am now happy with the result. I did most of the work under a stereo microscope which allowed me to see the entire piece while I filed away. On the original test piece I tried cutting notches while the part was held in a vise- well this didn't work very well because I wasn't able to turn the piece over in my hand while I worked to ensure each cut was correct from all angles. It took about two days and I'm finished now but the muscles in my forearms are a bit sore as is my elbow. I wonder, does anyone else suffer from tendonitis as a result of this hobby? I'll send the bezel out tomorrow to be plated along with the case which needs some laser welding. In the meantime I have to revisit the movement. It runs fine but I've discovered the fourth wheel currently in there is from a Venus 175 movement. The correct wheel has a longer extended pivot for the small second hand. They are also hard to come by but I think I have secured a replacement. Hopefully I'll have a finished piece to show soon.
  13. I second this line of thinking. I've only done one pocket watch repair thus far and managed to crack the same jewel twice.
  14. RyMoeller

    One-button chronograph

    That's an interesting movement that looks a bit like what you would see in an early 20th century pocket chronograph. Unfortunately that's like the dark ages where written documentation is hard to come by. I did a bit of internet scouring and came up with this very brief blog post regarding early Hahn chronographs. I don't know the calibre but you might find it useful. https://clocksavant.com/blogs/news/servicing
  15. RyMoeller

    “Replica” Rolex 3135 questions

    Interesting. I've never seen one of these counterfeit movements torn down. It has nice pearling and I'm impressed they set a jewel for the barrel. I really doubt actual 3135 spec'd parts would work properly in this movement though. You just might be the first to try.