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  1. Well here's a quick update on the Navitimer project. I tried to freehand cut the symmetrical notches in a piece of scrap brass and did not achieve stellar results. Going back to the drawing board I tried several different methods to get evenly spaced notches in a round piece of stock and each new method was found wanting. I returned to the original plan with some minor modifications and am now happy with the result. I did most of the work under a stereo microscope which allowed me to see the entire piece while I filed away. On the original test piece I tried cutting notches while the part was held in a vise- well this didn't work very well because I wasn't able to turn the piece over in my hand while I worked to ensure each cut was correct from all angles. It took about two days and I'm finished now but the muscles in my forearms are a bit sore as is my elbow. I wonder, does anyone else suffer from tendonitis as a result of this hobby? I'll send the bezel out tomorrow to be plated along with the case which needs some laser welding. In the meantime I have to revisit the movement. It runs fine but I've discovered the fourth wheel currently in there is from a Venus 175 movement. The correct wheel has a longer extended pivot for the small second hand. They are also hard to come by but I think I have secured a replacement. Hopefully I'll have a finished piece to show soon.
  2. I second this line of thinking. I've only done one pocket watch repair thus far and managed to crack the same jewel twice.
  3. RyMoeller

    One-button chronograph

    That's an interesting movement that looks a bit like what you would see in an early 20th century pocket chronograph. Unfortunately that's like the dark ages where written documentation is hard to come by. I did a bit of internet scouring and came up with this very brief blog post regarding early Hahn chronographs. I don't know the calibre but you might find it useful. https://clocksavant.com/blogs/news/servicing
  4. RyMoeller

    “Replica” Rolex 3135 questions

    Interesting. I've never seen one of these counterfeit movements torn down. It has nice pearling and I'm impressed they set a jewel for the barrel. I really doubt actual 3135 spec'd parts would work properly in this movement though. You just might be the first to try.
  5. RyMoeller

    7734 dropped...

    You should be able to remove the balance without getting into any of the chronograph bits. That will allow you the freedom to examine both the pallet and the impulse pin on the balance wheel.
  6. RyMoeller

    Good bye

    I hope you reconsider in time. The internet struggles with compassion and we've all been burned. I'll miss your comments.
  7. RyMoeller

    Venus 170 repair

    It would be a good idea to get a caliper for measurement if you don't have one already. When I hear the verb "sand" I immediately think of the material being removed. It doesn't take much work to change the dimensions of a part enough for it to become non-functional. ;o) Good luck with your project!
  8. RyMoeller

    Venus 170 repair

    Assuming the hairspring is the right strength for the balance it should work just fine once studded. You'll have to adjust the length to get the timing just right though and that can be a fiddly job. Beautiful Venus 175- it looks like it's from the 30's or 40's. When it comes rust remediation I keep a few strips of 600 to 1000 grit paper in the workbench; for flat surfaces (most of the chronograph levers) one or two glides against the paper is enough. A fiberglass pen sometimes works for those hard to get places. A bit of vinegar will remove rust too but you've got to be really careful- soak too long and it will eat into the steel as well. I believe there's a thread around here where someone used Sodium Carbonate for electrolytic rust removal. I haven't tried that yet.
  9. RyMoeller

    Rolex GMT cal 3075 service problems

    If you have the tools I suppose you could widen the jewel hole, turn a chaton for the jewel, and press fit the assembly. The measurements would have to be spot on though and I'm not certain you could press in a jewel that was originally designed to be rubbed in. Perhaps they have a different outside geometry than a typical friction fit stone. Another thing to consider is how much stress the oscillating weight would put on this fix. Perhaps that's why Rolex used a rubbed in jewel as opposed to a press fit?
  10. I agree it's probably just the thickness of the case although there may be a method to adjust the sensitivity. I've done some Seiko 7002's that had pretty thick cases and found that taking the case back off during testing was an acceptable workaround.
  11. Cousins has a pretty wide assortment of Drive In style pushers. I'd try the Far East style first as they seem to be priced better. It's helpful if you know precisely the diameter of the hole though. I'd suggest replacing both to ensure a matched pair.
  12. RyMoeller

    pocket watch pallet fork

    I'd check the pallet stones. If one is too long (perhaps loose) it won't release the tooth of the escape wheel. Actually the other American pocket watches had adjustable banking pins. I'm not sure exactly how it will come into play (other than affecting amplitude) but perhaps the pins are way out of alignment. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will chime in here.
  13. RyMoeller

    Missing chronograph reset pusher. Gallet

    Hello Luca, That is a very fetching timepiece! If the pusher is a common round-head waterproof pusher then you probably can find an aftermarket replacement that will fit from Cousins; their website is pretty good about giving you the dimensions of the piece to help you out. I think finding an original is unlikely though.
  14. RyMoeller

    Very small collection

    Very nice. I'm partial to the Submariner. In keeping with the theme, watchmakers whose name ends with "ex", I would suggest adding a vintage Timex to the rotation.