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Found 3 results

  1. Hi fellow watch nutaronnies. Many people have commented on the reference photos I take in my walkthroughs, so I thought I'd share with you what I use. Good clear reference photos can make such a difference when working on a new caliber that's unfamiliar to you. Seeing the results of photos taken by digital cameras on mobile phones, it is apparent they do not have the macro focusing ability to capture the fine details needed to make re-assembly of difficult new calibers hassle free. I personally brought a new Sony Xperia Z3 Compact phone, with a 20.5mp camera, and was still very disappointed by it's macro images. It's not just the resolution that makes a good picture, the lens of the camera play just as big a part in the image quality. The camera I continue to use for my reference images is from Sea&Sea, and the model is a DX-1G. I purchased this camera many years ago for underwater filming and photography, as I was an avid scuba driver. I wanted a camera to capture the fine details of the corals, and all the small and wonderful creatures that inhabit the reefs. For a compact digital camera, I have not seen it's equal in macro photography even to this day. Neither have others, so this model of Sea&Sea is very sort after and still sells for nearly US$1000 :o ... I'm glad I brought mine when I did!! The good news is that the rare and expensive Sea&Sea DX-1G, is actually a just Ricoh GX-100 with the circuitry tweaked by Sea&Sea for underwater lighting conditions. The Ricoh GX-100 seems to be discontinued but secondhand ones come up for auction on fleabay all the time ... in fact there is one for sale right now (13/6/2015) including all the optional accessories, with a buy now of £99.00!! Here's the link: Ricoh GX-100 on FleaBay So if you're looking for a reasonably priced digital camera, to take excellent macro reference images, I highly recommend this camera, and you can see it's results in my walkthroughs.
  2. Well, I've gone and done it! :pulling-hair-out: After years and years of refusing to buy a stinkin mobile contraption, I've succumb to the allure of the darkside. I need a more portable camera for work, to take reference photos ... something with a high megapixel rating and good macro zooming. I didn't want to be lugging around a DSLR to work everyday; and beside, there isn't enough room at my workstation for one. Let me tell ya though, this padawan's resistances was strong. Spent about 10+ hours researching my opinions, as I was hoping someone out there made just an MP3 Player with a decent camera; but alas, they don't. Looked at the iTouch, but it's zoom and picture quality totally sucks. Looked at the Samsung Galaxy Player: same! iRiver,SanDisk, Zune ... you name it, they all take disgusting photos when it comes to macro zooming. In ALL the research I did, only one device kept coming up, and fitting the bill ... the Sony Xperia Z3. The Sony Xperia Z3 Compact to be specific. The camera specs are impressive to say the least, and make the iPhone and Galaxy look every lame in comparison: 20.7 MP camera with Sony Exmor RS™ for mobile image sensor 8x Digital Zoom 25 mm Wide-angle Sony G Lens Background Defocus Option BIONZ Processing Engine High frame rate - 120 fps - (So you can create clear slow-motion footage of the Balance and Fork running if needed ... very cool indeed!) It also has a BUTTON on the far right-hand side of the case to work the camera (just like a normal camera) ... you don't have to use the touch screen ... THANK YOU SONY! So on the weekend I trotted down to the local electrical super-duper store to check it out. And I was sold! The macro zoom is so good you can see dirt particles in-between your fingerprints! :o It's got a Mini SD Card slot, that can accommodate up to a 128Gb card ... so you'll never run out of storage for photos, music, movies ... blah blah blah. Also, taking about music, it plays every digital format, including all the new 24BIT Hi-Rez formats like FLAC. Oh, and it also recharges wirelessly like an electric toothbrush! Just place it on a circular pad, and bingo! The darkside was just too alluring, sorry Yoda! I brought one!
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