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  1. Hi all My superocean is misbehaving. When I wind it and place it on the table it runs perfectly for around 2 days. When I wear it (after ensuring that it is fully wound) it will stop randomly, sometimes after 10 minutes, sometimes after half a day. I give it a tiny shake then it is fine again. It doesn't stop at any specific time, it is very random. Any advice why it is doing this?
  2. Thank you all for the warm welcome!
  3. thanks for the replies all, but how do I get to these threads? The superocean has "inner" threads which are inside the stem tube and under the crown
  4. Thanks D, will see if I can get a pic in there
  5. Hi all My Superoceans crown only screws down about a half turn from when it catches till when it is tight. Is this correct? Feels like it should screw down further. if it isn't right, any advice on sorting it out? thanks
  6. One would have thought so... Not sure where they get thair policies from...
  7. You are 100% correct, thanks for the advice jdm
  8. Yes they have stayed pretty stable. But you won't get higher prices locally and selling very few international buyers will trust purchasing out of Africa
  9. I really love Breitling watches but with our weak currency buying a new one is simply out of the question. So after saving I finally managed to buy my first used superocean. After the first day the watch would just stop erratically. So I tried some local watchmakers who refused to touch it. I needed to see if the movement was real (allot of good fakes here) and being worried about the fault, I decided to go online for help. After watching Mikes tutorials I plucked up the courage to buy a case back remover and opened it to see. I saw that the ratchet wheel screw was laying loose in the case. I called Breitling SA to ask what a service would cost. They informed me that they would not work on the watch as it had been opened by me. I replaced the screw but then the stem got stuck! Thinking I was buggered I turned to Mark's tutorials for help (as no one else would help). After half a day of struggling with really cheap tools I am proud to announce the she is purring along beautifully and 100% functional! I am sure it is not advisable to attempt your very first watch repair on a Breitling but not having a choice I had to. Mark I cannot thank you enough! Your videos turned this poor soldiers nightmare into a dream come true.
  10. Hi all My name is John, I am from Pretoria South Africa and work for the South African National Defence Force. I love watches of all kinds, from fine to cheapies. The wonder of the engineering that goes into a timepiece facinates me! Look forward to learning allot here.
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