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Found 6 results

  1. I am fixing up a Seiko diver (6309-7290) and I'm looking to change out the gasket on the winding stem - I ordered part OK0240B0A which should be the correct replacement gasket, but it doesn't look right. Does anyone know where I can find the dimensions of the real part so I can check I received the correct one.I have searched all over the interweb but without any luck?
  2. I have an skx and I want to keep it 200m water resistant. I opened the case to fix the oscillating weight and did not know I should lubricate the gasket when I closed it. So now I want to reopen it and use silicone grease. But I am not sure if this particular silicone grease works for watches as well because it is advertised as divers equipment silicone grease. Can someone confirm that I can use this silicone grease for watch gasket? Thank you in advance! Best regards, Genti
  3. Hello! I am working on a vintage watch and the crown of the watch is fitted with a hidden type gasket which is in terrible condition and needs to be replaced. However, I found it difficult to pull the gasket out with my tweezers or tooth pick. Could anyone recommend an easier way to remove this kind of gasket from the crown?? I forgot to take a photo of the crown so I attached a similar example I found on the web.
  4. I'm replacing the crystal on a Rolex Submariner 16610. When I removed the crystal, part of the gasket remained in the groove in the case. I'm at a loss as to how to remove the remaining gasket. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  5. Hi gang, I have replaced the battery in my wife's ESQ quartz watch. It has a snap back which was very difficult (for me anyway) to open. I replaced the battery and replaced the gasket with one that was as close to my measurements as possible, using a set of calipers. The gasket seems to fit pretty well, but when I attempt to snap the case back on the gasket spooges out and now looks kind of stretched. When y'all size your gaskets do you choose the exact inside diameter to match the back or do you choose one slightly smaller so that it stretches over the back? Also, is there any magic trick to getting a really tight snap on back snapped back on? Thanks all
  6. I just serviced a 2804-2 which had the problem that when I wound the watch every once in awhile it "slipped". After some advice from a watchmaker it seemed it was a problem with the winding pinion (clutch) and the sliding pinion - their teeth were worn. So I changed them with a set from a 2842 (from a swatch auto). Under the 15x loupe they seemed identical. Also, it solved the problem, there is no more slippage. I presented the above because I want to ask your opinion for the problem that I have now: When I wind the watch the crown turns quite hard IMO. It happens in both directions (both when winding the mainspring and when turning the crown back - when the sliding pinion slips over the breguet teeth on the winding pinion). The problem is also present with the crown wheel off (the one that engages the ratchet wheel). I put silicone grease on the case tube - it didn't help. Do you think the crown is the problem - namely the rubber gasket in the crown - maybe it got old and hardened? Or do you think it's the pinions that I replaced? Thank you, Bogdan
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