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  1. Might want to check this out. Sounds like an improvement. http://unitednuclear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=28_45&products_id=384
  2. Thanks Bob, What I am thinking and correct me if I am wrong about this. I have never actually taken a watch apart (yet) and so I don't know if all watch crystals are custom fitted by model or if they are more generic. My thought was that if they mostly come in standard sizes and shapes I could order the correct size and shape in saphire. Or is that a vain hope?
  3. Hi all, I have recently (in fact the last couple of months) gotten bitten by the horology bug. I have traditionally been the kind of person who after putting on a watch never (and I mean never) took it back off. It stayed on swimming, showering, whatever until it stopped working. I used to buy the old Casios with the 7 year batteries just so I would not be bothered to replace the battery. When it went so did the watch. :) And then I started running a lot and got a Garmin GPS watch which I had to charge up about every week or so. Well that was fine, I was using it to track runs but it stayed on my wrist just like all the other watches (and by the way I couldn't tell you what happened to all those old watches...). I guess they got scavenged by the watch gnomes or something. I never threw them away, they just went away... So fast forward back to around November last year when my wife showed interest in one of those smart watches that track everything about you and you can change the watch faces etc... So since I am always trying to figure out what to get her for Christmas I started doing a lot of research on the different ones. Well not to bore you with a lot of details, while googling this and that, I started catching some things about real watches, not just the ones you have to put on a charger every night. And I decided I had had enough of the electronic stuff and so gave myself a Christmas present. I got an Orient automatic all black. Really nice watch off Amazon but although I could tell time, I couldn't read the date because it had this tiny little dial with the days of the month... And my eyes are getting aged like the rest of me. So I sent it back yesterday. I was sad but there it is... I am now going to stick to watches I can at least read while wearing for my daily driver so to speak... Well in the meantime I ran across the term Tourbillon and then I was really hooked. That little rotating cage with the hair spring rotating back and forth, well I thought I had to have one of those so I ordered what was labeled a tourbillon watch by Forsining for $35 dollars off Amazon. I thought what the heck for that small amount of money, its worth the risk. Well as you are probably guessing, it was not a tourbillon. It is a nice looking watch and keeps decent time but certainly not a tourbillon. And I am watching a lot of the chinese tourbillons on ebay but they all seem to start at $5 dollars and end up selling for 900 or 1000 dollars... Oh well, I don't want one *that* bad... :) I went from practically ignoring watches, to researching how to work on and repair watches. Crazy I know. And I am already buying used stuff off of ebay and planning on changing out cracked crystals and so forth on these used watches. As they say, I've got it bad... Pics of the cheap watch...
  4. I just purchased a used Citizen watch and would like to replace the crystal. It is a Black Eagle Skyhawk (if that really means anything... :) ) and the case number is C652-S030480. I contacted Esslingers and they tell me there is no sapphire crystal available for that watch. But aren't most round crystals more or less standard shapes and profiles? If I measured the old crystal couldn't I order a sapphire one that would fit?
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