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  1. Sir, you are an absolute Star, Thank you very much for your information and it is the very part I am looking for, I do not repair watches for a living I am just a dabbler when it comes to something which is broken, I love taking things apart, fixing what is broken, and putting them back together so that they DO work again. The last watch I put right was a complete rebuild My very first project on a real jem of a watch. http://www.watchrepairtalk.com/topic/1762-taha-watches/?hl=%20taha%20%20watch
  2. HI Guy's can anyone lend a hand sourcing an Eco drive rechargeable Battery Panasonic MT516, I am searching all over (well not all over as I really don't know where to look) the internet for one of these. Perhaps the code number has changed but I am having difficulty finding one of these. Thanks David.
  3. Thank you for your replies and from Mark you made my day by even taking time out to look at my post, The watch is keeping good time and I have a few people asking about it, I can tell them very little about the make as I don't know a lot about it, but I am sure that are getting a little sick of hearing me going on about how long and hard I worked in getting it to work again. But I am so very proud in getting this watch taken apart getting the spair movement parts and putting it back together again. Considering that I only took up the hobby of watch repair in January 2014, and bought books and joined this forum I think I have come a long way, but I don't wish to brag, (Well I do a bit) but have a feeling of achievement and can see now what you guys have in common and enjoyment. I only wish I could have your experience and talent. Thanks Very much for your support. David.
  4. The Avatar is a photo of a sculpture near a lake on my way to work, I spent an afternoon taking photos around the lake, and this is one of them.
  5. The final result, I am like a dog with 2 tails, I really don't know which to wag first, :D a couple of weeks work, blood, sweat, and a lot of curses went into getting this watch together, it was really easy to take apart, but then getting the movement pices to fit back together was the hard bit. But extreamly happy its back together and WORKING :D Now for the big question, would anyone know what this watch is worth, and where could I find out more about it? Thanks guys for your interest and encouragment in helping me get into watch repairs.
  6. The Watch is nearing completion and is a pain in the bottom at the moment, I am struggling to put it together. I shall post some photos of my handy work when its completed, it has been a trial and error job as its the very first project I have attempted, photos to follow. (Fingers X'ed)
  7. I like it very much and may even create one myself as its all I seem to be able to do with watches, thake them apart and not be able to put them together again. Thanks for the Idea Rogart63. :bow:
  8. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you all but "Work" got in the way, so not giving me a chance to photograph the movement, well now done so here goes, sorry in advance for the photos as I am not too good at macro photo's
  9. Thanks seemore, now how do I find out more about this watch? Is it worth getting it restored? Do you want a photo of the movement? Thanks guys you are so helpful.
  10. Here are a couple of photographs of the said watch, there is a Camel in the middle of the name so it may form part of the name but not 100% sure. Sorry about that.
  11. Hi guys, today I was given a TAHA watch with an automatic movement that has seen far better day's and for the life of me I can not find any reference to the make at all, the watch looks old , its in a 9crt gold plated case, no strap, there is what looks like that the Acriclic crystal has melted a bit, which has let in damp causing the face to rust up a bit. Can anyone help me find out a little history of a TAHA watch?
  12. Thank you, that's just the job, you guys know your stuff. :geek:
  13. For the Seiko watch the numbers on the back read; 7123 - 8540-P G, The crystal that's on there at the moment is flat and not domed so should I order a flat one or domed one as WRT Addict suggests? Thank you. David.
  14. I own a Seiko watch which is quite a number of years old and my grandson, aged 5 took it out without me knowing and has smached the crystal on the watch. How do I go about sizing it, and where should I look for the Crystal? On a second question, I would like to replace an automatic movement from a VOKEN watch, that has a lot of damaged, with a new movement, the watch has a day/date and has these numbers on the back plate; V6 8W 4V-00009 .. How do I go about sizing this up and making sure that it will fit with the day date the right way round, Also where could I order one from. I know that you gentlemen have a lot of experiance between you, and I hope you can help this amature out of this situation. Thank you all very much. David.
  15. "Rubbing hands together warmly" exclaiming "EXCELLENT" choice and a thousand thanks.
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