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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, So I've got a question for a newbie. I'm looking to replace the movement in a run down Luminox with an automatic movement. The movement that comes in it is a Ronda 515. I am thinking of replacing it with a Miyota 9015. The width is the same, but the depth is a touch off. Current movement 3mm thick and new one would be 3.9mm. Do you think it would fit in the case? If not, any suggestions for an automatic movement that would fit in the Luminox? Thank you
  2. Hi everyone. I am new here and I have an issue with servicing my Breitling which houses a 2824-2 movement. I have stripped the watch down, which was running quite well but didnt keep the best time. All parts have been cleaned and the movement reassembled. I was careful to check the workings of the movement as I was going along so that if there were any parts out of place I would have noticed earlier. However, when placing the balance in place, it doesn't run unless I give it a nudge. I have wound the crown a good 7/8 turns so there is sufficient power. Even after nudging the balance it will run for 5 minutes sometimes or a couple of hours other times. The hairspring looks great and is not kinked at all. Please have a look at the pictures and see if i'm missing something here....Any idea what could be causing the stoppage? The pallets are fine and in position and with the balance removed it will function as it should with the escape wheel when I nudge the tail. I'm lost with this one...Maybe it's my lack of experience but i'm hoping someone here with more knowledge will be able to help... Thanks in advance guys! David
  3. I own a Seiko watch which is quite a number of years old and my grandson, aged 5 took it out without me knowing and has smached the crystal on the watch. How do I go about sizing it, and where should I look for the Crystal? On a second question, I would like to replace an automatic movement from a VOKEN watch, that has a lot of damaged, with a new movement, the watch has a day/date and has these numbers on the back plate; V6 8W 4V-00009 .. How do I go about sizing this up and making sure that it will fit with the day date the right way round, Also where could I order one from. I know that you gentlemen have a lot of experiance between you, and I hope you can help this amature out of this situation. Thank you all very much. David.
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