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  1. Thanks for the input. I got the tools to open/close settings and some other tools for jeweling. Ive been tied up in CDL classes/ work lately so the watches are on hold for a bit. Im using the time to gather tools and info
  2. Good point! That makes me think, I could be a smart alec and give him one without a second hand. I don't think they include seconds in T.O.D. records do they...wouldn't really convey a vote of confidence tho Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. makes perfect sense, so would a 30 be a little more accurate/precise than the 10?
  4. To what does base 10 and base 30 mean? I thought maybe it referred to the math being based on 10 but I can't see how that works for the base 30 watch shown above
  5. Thanks Douglas I'm checking the soviets out now
  6. So my brother is preparing to take the STEP 1 (one his first major exams in Med School is my understanding). I would like to get him a watch as a gift; my first thought was an old pocket watch I could fix up, and I got to looking and apparently Elgin made a pocket watch with a "doctor's sweep second hand". They seem to be pretty rare/pricey, and a pocket watch may not even be that practical? (Granted, it's going to be more of a gesture, whether he actually uses it in his practice or not...) Then of course in terms of practicality, they probably want something they can easily clean and sanitize.... Any thoughts on a nice watch? Ideally something relatively "vintage", pocket or wrist
  7. Hey Donnie I'm actually in the the most northern of the CAROLINAS, so it would be a hike to SF but appreciate the offer lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks a ton for the advice, I appreciate it
  9. I didn't intend it that way, I misspoke. I literally do that though, I will go all out on a project spending a fortune and then realize I could have saved a lot of money by making it myself or improvising. And I definitely agree, you want the right tool for the job but I think a beginner can get by OK without high end tools to start with. I have like a $20 "watch repair kit" from amazon thats got a lot of useful things in it. That being said I have already went through and upgraded most of those tools so...lol
  10. I love that! Thanks for the ideas!
  11. Yikes. $45 on amazon for "the watchmakers staking tool". Yeah, I realized quick the tweezers were indispensable. I have a pair of Dumont 3c I like pretty well
  12. Which ones are you able to make?
  13. Thanks! For now I will only be dealing with older ones, so I should just be dealing with burnished/rubbed in (if my understanding is correct)? It looks like a lot of those tools are pretty specialized for stuff (I hope) I won't be needing to do much of. For example I don't think I would need the drill bits or "hole maker" right now. What would you say would be the minimum I should buy in order to replace a hole jewel, the one in question is for the pallet fork
  14. I love the idea of "You have it in case you need it" but realistically I prefer to start with the minimum and cheapest tools needed to get the job done, and then gradually upgrade/expand once I know what's worth investing in
  15. I just recently started exploring watches; I have taken apart and reassembled a few Elgin 18s grade 336. One thing I'm noticing is they all seem to have issues with jewels, either visibly cracked or literally in shards already. Can anyone recommend the tools needed for jewel replacement, there doesn't seem to be a ton of information that I can find on this particular subject?
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