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    • Thanks Wayne, a detailed and painstaking contribution. I'm not entirely green when it comes to identifying movements - I have a Paulson catalogue and use the Ranfft site plus the usual web searches. I was misdirected a bit as my friend with whom I jointly buy and sell stuff was adamant about it being a Cyma. Strange how that sort of certainty can prevent one from starting from a blank page. There was another person keen to buy it who was equally certain and, it seems, equally in error! Thanks again Roy
    • You have to do your research when dealing with watches of this vintage on the bottom plate of your watch there are 2 markings one is a triangle made up of a A and M so that tells me that its a Adolf.Michel movement, there is also a second symbol shaped like a shield this is a Ebauches Trust mark also know as Ebauches S.A which was a small group of movement manufactures who in 1926 set up a partnership to pool resources in developing movements in order to survive against larger manufactures Adolf.Michel was one of the founding members of that group, the mark on your watch was fairly short lived and ran from 1936 to around 1939 so your watch movement dates from that period. It looks like a calibre 273 from the dial side so you need to measure the width of the movement and confirm its a 12 ligne movement if so that would make it a calibre 1710 finding info on watch movements of this vintage is very hard finding parts is almost impossible, for a positive identification you will probably need a Bestfit book to check but you have been given enough information for you to do your research. Other things I can tell you about your watch are that it is a British military issue watch issued by the Hydrographic Service  to the Fleet Air Arm so you maybe better doing more research along those lines, I think I have a reference book with this watch in, but I am at work at the moment so will look tomorrow when I get home, Wayne
    • Thanks Guys!  As usual, fast and helpful.    Eric
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