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  1. Hi Steve, I think the Boley search can help here even without having an account. boley.de, enter „Seiko 7005 8042“ in the searchbar. Result: https://boley.de/en/case-parts/seiko/30572 This yields the Seiko Part number at the bottom EJ0060B01 Cheers Thorsten
  2. Hi Dan, glad to hear that you are now ready to start working and you are perfectly right about the value of suppliers like Boley which provide this information to us (even if we cannot buy there as hobbyists...). Nucejoe mentioned this already and I can just encourage you that it‘s definitely preferable to replace the gaskets. I hope, the alum will work for you. Cheers Thorsten
  3. Hi Dan, just a few weeks ago, I was faced with exactly the same problem: broken stem for a Seiko 7S36-03J0 case (a Seiko 5 watch). I also had to get rid of the broken off part sitting in the crown. For me, the alum procedure worked out perfectly: mix alum-powder in water, keep warm, drop the crown in the liquid and see the stem dissolve... The process took a few days but worked out perfectly without doing any harm to the crown. Upfront, I asked myself the same question about the different materials you mentioned, but decided just to give it a try (it‘s not an omega-crown...) Cost: around 4 bucks for the alum-powder and a bit of patience. I agree, still to be managed is the task of removing the o-ring from the stem and putting it back on afterwards. I‘m just a hobbyist, so the pros around here might give more details or additional information. Hope this might help a little bit. KR Thorsten
  4. Just for future reference if anybody gets faced with the same problem: After doing the capacitor change, I can confirm what Andy Hull mentioned above. The covering plate needs to get removed by unscrewing this one screw and then carefully lifting the 4 clips. After that, the capacitor is free. KR Thorsten Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  5. I also own the exact same machine: Elma Elite. With this machine, the motor is moved to the fixed position of the jars. This is different with Elma Record where the base does rotate the jars to the fixed position of the motor (like a carousel). To my little knowledge, the motor in the Elite rotates the basket only in one direction. I think, the L&R cleaning machines have an alternating function - just as OldHippie describes. This matches the switch on my machine: it‘s a toggle switch, that offers two positions: on and off - labeled as „Motor“ and „Aus“. Hope, this might help. Cheers Thorsten Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  6. You are perfectly right. But if you like to use the tg software with its ability to display detailed graphics and also want to hear anything more than beep-beep, while using a (kind of) proper stand with amplification built in, the described option could make sense. In fact, it could be that someone already owns a Weishi and wants to add tg to the toolset for the given reasons. The problem drills down to the making of an adapter cable with power-source, which is about 25 Euro. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  7. I had issues with a guitar pickup and decided to follow a different route: You can buy the microphone stand that is used with the Weishi timegraphers separately for not too much money. Then you have a stand with the option to measure in different positions and you can also test movements without the case. Additional benefit: the stand has its own amplifier already built in. Problem: The amplifier doesn‘t work with the 5V provided by the PCs USB-port, so you need a different powersource, therefore an adaptor is needed to convert the microphone-stand to the USB-socket, but this is doable. Additional note: Taking the power from USB-port might cause some degradation of the signal quality, so I opted for battery power. This solution works very well for me. One could argue that for a little more money a Weishi can be bought, but with tg software, it‘s possible to view the frequency display and also listen to the sound of the movement. Both features are not available with the Weishi (at least models 1000 and 1900 which I am aware of...). Hope, this might be of interest for you. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  8. Hi! I‘m facing the exact same problem of replacing the capacitor for an eco-drive movement citizen 8511a. It also has this plate covering the capacitor. What was the final solution for the problem? Reading through this conversation, I‘m still not sure if it‘s necessaray to remove to covering plate or if it‘s ok to push the little arm aside (picture 2) while leaving the plate attached. Many thanks to all for having a look at this topic one more time! KR Thorsten Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  9. Hi Anthony, I think the lift angle for the 6498 movement is 44. Try to configure this in your timegrapher - it will improve your reading for the amplitude a little bit (not too much). Cheers Thorsten
  10. Hi to all of you! Finally, after following this forum with great interest for some months, I found that now I'm overdue to say hallo to you. I am an hobbyist just starting tinkering with watches - more than clocks ... and doing my best to keep the disasters small (with more or less success...). After looking around the net a little bit, I am really pleased I could join this forum, at which I have the impression, that members are polite and really try to help each other. Since I am just starting, I assume there will be more benefit for me instead of will I be able to give back to the community, but I promise to work hard on this... Working as an IT guy, it's a great pleasure for me to do manual work in the evening. I'm looking forward to having interesting conversations on many exciting topics here Thorsten
  11. Dear Bethan, I am not sure, if this is what you have in mind, but might help: Part 1: Part 2: I hope putting the links to youtube does not offend the forum rules. Cheers Thorsten
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