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  1. Thoast

    New Timegrapher

    Hi Anthony, I think the lift angle for the 6498 movement is 44. Try to configure this in your timegrapher - it will improve your reading for the amplitude a little bit (not too much). Cheers Thorsten
  2. Hi to all of you! Finally, after following this forum with great interest for some months, I found that now I'm overdue to say hallo to you. I am an hobbyist just starting tinkering with watches - more than clocks ... and doing my best to keep the disasters small (with more or less success...). After looking around the net a little bit, I am really pleased I could join this forum, at which I have the impression, that members are polite and really try to help each other. Since I am just starting, I assume there will be more benefit for me instead of will I be able to give back to the community, but I promise to work hard on this... Working as an IT guy, it's a great pleasure for me to do manual work in the evening. I'm looking forward to having interesting conversations on many exciting topics here Thorsten
  3. Thoast

    Oil collection technique

    Dear Bethan, I am not sure, if this is what you have in mind, but might help: Part 1: Part 2: I hope putting the links to youtube does not offend the forum rules. Cheers Thorsten