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Stereo Microscope

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I use a standard but modified pine desk which is painted white and covered in white vinyl, an adjustable stool which gives me just the right height. The movement or movement holder would be about 22cm from the front edge of the desk which is lipped at the front to catch  (most) airborne springs and screws. I can work for hours without back or eye strain but whatever arrangement you have I think regular breaks are important

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After VAT, shipping, and the Pound to USD exchange rate it became cost prohibitive.

I ordered an Amscope SE-400-Z instead. 10X and 20X pairs with X1 objective. I also won’t have to buy a voltage converter.

I hope it works just as well as the Brunel BM-1.

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I use an Carl Zeiss Stemi DV4 Stereo Microscope to inspect the jewels with, before I used it as one is supposed to but nowadays I have become a bit lazy and put a cheap USB camera on the ocular. Took me 22 minutes to make it with a 3D printer.
One can get quite a nice picture on a computer screen with a setup like that and even take one odd picture on for example a cap jewel.


Stemi DV4.jpg

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5 hours ago, mlfloyd1 said:

Elevation speaking, when working on watches should the microscope be used on top of the watch bench or on top of a standard desk?

I would guess that depends on how long you work by the microscope. At a labaratory one mostly costum fit the microscope to fit your hight and so on. I use a standard desk but have an adjustable chair instead.

Some of our yonger personel even likes to stand on a ergonomic rubber matt instead of sitting.
Here is some instructions from Leica about the matter.


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Reading this thread has me really wanting a stereo microscope.  I'm just a watch hobbyist, but I also do quite a bit of work on smallish firearm assemblies.  I've been looking at scopes like some of the 10-20x ones on Ebay for over a year now.  There is one that gives an 8" working area, which seems like it would be adequate.  Some times, even when using a loop I will bump my screwdriver hand with the loop. A little separation seems like it would be a nice thing.

From this thread, it sounds like the 10x power is the most utilized?

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    • Just noticed that Mark Lovick uses thin oil (Moebius 9010) for the 3rd wheel in his ETA 2824-2 service video (@8:58). This goes against the recommendation of the ETA technical sheet for the 2824-2, but I believe he does so for a reason. If you read this Mark your comment would be appreciated! While on the topic; what would the effect of using a thick oil be when applied to a pivot where we'd usually apply a thin oil, such as the escape wheel?  
    • Good work. You don't need much. Pity suppliers don't sell it in tiny amounts. 
    • Just to update: I got about a tablespoon of shellac flakes from my BHI DLC assessor, and they work great. I just put a tiny chip of it on top of the pallet, heat it until it becomes semi-fluid and spread it to the right places with a sharpened oiler. Then heat a bit more so that it flows out nicely. I think one tablespoon will fix a lifetime of pallets.. All the other shellacs I have I'll use for cementing workpieces etc. Cheers!      Rob
    • I'm not sure how up to date that guide is. Pretty much every service manual I come across lubes 4th and escape with thin oil but 3rd with thick oil. Even Seiko agrees, showing thick oil being applied to the uncapped side of the 3rd wheel.
    • There's several editions of the Rolls Razor. I have one myself. The one in your pic, given the case, is probably the Silver Edition of the Imperial 2 Rolls Razor. Ones without the case were nickel. And there's several other editions as mentioned. How you tell them apart is the exterior design on the metal case. Personally, I like the Rolls. And there's some interesting facts about the company and the owner. The owner, even after the company folded took all the inventory he had of the Rolls and up till it ran out or he passed away (I can't remember which) he honored the warranty and you could buy blades and replacement parts from him. Just by writing to him in England somewhere. I heard great things about him online. Not something you see from many, especially after the company folds. You can get the blades rehoned true. A couple places do it and one offers new blades they themselves make for them. Practice on a balloon.. I did. Lol. A fresh open blade on that thing.. it'll make you nervous bringing it to you face the first time. There's a video of a guy on YouTube of a guys first time with the Rolls and what he thought of the shave.. He liked it from what I remember. Felt it was as close as he was getting from other blades he tried. So..    I "saw" a very interesting 7 day set at the antique shop where i bought my Rolls. I've never seen another like it. I don't know who made it, maybe you do. It was a complete valay(sp?) of wood, dark in color. It included the brush, cup and a rack which held 7 razors, each marked for the day of the week. The rack which was metal, and all the razors where gold plated. Or gold... I wasn't allowed to touch it but he did show it to me. Price tag was up there, I remember that. Way up there. He had it in its own display case right next to his desk.  The handles and razor rack where all scrolled and fancy. It sure was pretty... Like a Rolls, as far as the blades, but definitely not a Rolls. Ever seen one like it?
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