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  1. Right then, I put This one back on bench yesterday as I had put it to one side after the problems it was giving me so I could come back to it with a clear head. ( and a new fresh set of eyes ) As we could see from the videos of the balance speeding up and stopping and all the other things we thought it might of been ( someone did mention it ). Well a fresh set of eyes and an afternoon of no interruptions I found the source to the problem, fingers crossed this is the solution. The hairspring was rubbing on the balance cock, have no idea why I didn’t spot this earlier as like I said it was mentioned by someone in an earlier post and it’s a check that I do. Granted the hairspring wasn’t Exactly flat but dare I say it, it was acceptable for the time, ahem. what i observed yesterday was when the balance was off the movement the hairspring was only just off the flat but when pinned the outer coil was lifted slightly, this hid a couple of other inner coils from view, and it was these inner coils that were rubbing and causing the problems. Although having gone through everything that people suggested this thing should be cosc standards now haha. It ran all night dial up losing 6 mins in 12 hours, I shall continue to let it run in all positions and see how it goes and will keep all informed. thanks for all the pointers folks much appreciated.
  2. Personally i use an electric during the week, wet shave at the week ends with 3 blade safety razors, but I do like a treat and use my single blade razor, it is a ritual and an enjoyable one, the learning curve wasn't too bad. I found the position of the razor was something to learn as the mass produced multiblade razors are very nicely angled.
  3. Nice mate, I started this evening with the dremel, it’s nice and shiney but there are a couple of deeper scratches that I don’t think will come out. so I think I will be getting a new one, as you can see esslinger stock them, I’ve done a product request through cousins as he sternkruez one I bought is too big.
  4. Cheers for the info mate, I’ve got a Fashion watch ( Gucci 1500L ) that I picked up for a steal. I have a replacement crystal from cousins 20mm x 9mm flat rectangular, got the size from esslinger (220x090) so fingers crossed the Stern Kreuz one will fit if the polishing doesn’t work. As for the bracelet and case that’s getting the good news with stainless cutting compound then polishing compound after. All getting done with the dremel so hopefuly all goes well.
  5. Pretty sure they wouldn’t be wanting to advertise their roles either, so a conversation piece probably running a pin lever movement
  6. Guys has anyone had any success with polishing scratches out of glass crystals using cerium oxide paste?
  7. Are they the same size as a Seiko? If so have you looked at Monster watch.eu or other Seiko mod sites
  8. Whilst I was taking the pictures I gave the balance a little nudge to make sure the staff was ok and it decided to give a couple of very painfully slow tick tocks so all is well, will just need to inspect and clean etc and get a new crystal and Alarm hand and hopefully another to the collection. But first I have to finish me “like” an 8 day pocket watch!!!
  9. Adding a few more pictures of mine, just dropped the movement from the case and now back together awaiting the love. Haven’t found a makers mark or cal. But don’t really expect to, so I hand it over to the forum for any additional information that I might need when I start on this gem.
  10. A very generous offer by the OP, hope Squiffy can bring them back to life
  11. Well just picked one of these up at a local antiques fair, cost a fiver missing crystal and the alarm hand has snapped but minor faults. The picture is taken from the internet as mine is in the workshop at the moment. the whole thing is only about 2” square, I popped out the movement earlier just for a look and the balance is ok but it’s filthy so will benefit from a good clean etc. has anyone any info on the movement please, not worked in one before and don’t want to wreck it when I get round to bringing it back to life, cheers in advance
  12. Update for you, I’m going to have a thorough look again at this, now only really runs dial down for any length of time ( 2 days with only a loss of about 5 minutes ) any other positions and it goes for a while then stops. I shall go to town on the escape wheel, pallet forks and balance as the fault I think clearly lies in this department. I have got a spare balance less cock, escape wheel and pallet fork so if all else fails I can swap out these bits.
  13. Mmmmm £125 for membership of the BHI, I’ll think I’ll keep tinkering without that thanks.
  14. Well it ran all night pendant up, I did put it in my pocket yesterday and popped out for an hour, went in pendant up, but on return it had stopped at the 40min mark. Still runs great pendant up but goes back to how it was behaving before. Had a look through my spares and I have a very similar movement, the same except for the exposed balance, so I will swap out escape wheel, pallet and maybe even the balance wheel itself within the next couple of days and see what happens. Will keep all informed. I will also go through the polishing etc of the pins and escape wheel teeth on this movement to see if that improves things first.
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