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  1. watch makers lathe its use and abuse PDF

    Just saying haha!!!!!
  2. Dial feet repair

    I have only had one watch returned to me with a dial that had moved after i had used dial spots, apart from that one all dials have stayed in place.
  3. watch makers lathe its use and abuse PDF

    All done, Ive saved marcs copy to my phone, unfortunately i cannot access dropbox on a works computer but managed to go to an open source again and printed it from there but at 20 sheets a time, this way i managed to get the whole book.
  4. watch makers lathe its use and abuse PDF

    Cheers Marc, just replied to you, old hippy each one ive tried to print/download all have been pdf files so I don't know what might be happening with them.hopefully Marcs copy will help me out
  5. The most difficult movement to assemble

    nice work mate, I've worked on a few of these skeleton movements and find them reasonably easy to line everything up due to the fack that you can get to the train from all angles, mostly Rotary ones.
  6. Well so far I've managed to print out two copies that both stop printing at page 152, I haven't found any on-line source that will allow you to print the whole book, has anyone got a source that will allow this to be done, I know i can read it fully on-line but call me old fashioned but i do like a nice bit of paper in my hand sometimes to have a good read of.
  7. New project inbound

    yep its a pin lever movement, haven't had eyes on the case back yet, but i will have to agree with you, will be interesting to see what the 2nd crown does, also I still haven't found any information about it at all.
  8. New project inbound

    nice pick up off the bay for a project and maybe a daily beater will need a good clean etc, not sure at the moment what the 2nd crown does, maybe move the inner bezel?? cannot find any info on this one, just a few pictures on google from a previous sales thread from another site.
  9. Pre bond omega seamaster 200

    Yes its confusing isn't it ive listed the omega part numbers then the cousins ones OMEGA COUSINS 088NS0416 seal O ring Product code X13098 Pendant tube gasket Omega 088.0416 D 1.5 D 2.3 ○0.4 No measurements given 088NB1142 Flat seal Product code X13211 Back gasket, rubber Omega 088.1142 D 25 D29.5 TH 0.1 No measurements given 088NS0824 Seal O ring Product code X13129 Back gasket rubber 088.0824 D 28 D 29.6 °0.4 No measurements given So a slight quandary here, the flat seal seems to be the same measurement as the Teflon one that I have but Cousins say it's Back gasket rubber seal?? So I guess I'll be calling cousins tomorrow before I order as these three alone are £33 less P&P I did find one other selected that came up when I put the case number in the cousins search and it's this one, Gasket hard plastic, Omega 098.21424 Product code X13310, I can't find and part number similar to this on the attached photo with the part numbers on my previous post, I don't know if this one might be the little white Teflon one. So anyone with any ideas before I give them a call?
  10. Pre bond omega seamaster 200

    Cousins have it in stock and it’s in my basket but you did say that it might be used as a case tightening gasket? Would it be wise for me to order it and fit the normal case seal and see if the case is watertight
  11. Pre bond omega seamaster 200

    Here’s a couple of pictures showing parts for the case with part numbers. Could anyone let me know what the one with the handwriting is for, is it the “Teflon” one? On cousins site it also lists a hard plastic gasket, so getting abit confused now folks
  12. Tap and die

    That I know Neil, but how many watch movements would/do use BA ?
  13. Tap and die

    Have a look on cousins mate, im in the same boat as you as to what sizes to get, my smallest is 1mm but reckon I need smaller but there doesn'tseem to be to much info on what we need
  14. Pre bond omega seamaster 200

    Are you saying that maybe for arguments sake the last time it was serviced the caseback gasket wasn't changed so when the two part case back was screwed back on there was too much slack due to the old gasket having been compressed? Or is this a part/trick that is known by smiths that they use to solve a problem? Bottom line is then that this is not a part fitted by omega on the old omega seamaster quartz 200m models?
  15. Hi guys, I know I’ve asked this in a previous thread but that thread got into different subjects etc and I think one of questions was lost, my question is this, I’ve the part numbers etc for the rubber flat caseback gasket and the crown gasket, but I’m unsure about the flat white silicone/plastic gasket that was sitting in the case, I’ve attached a photo for you to see the item in question. If some one could possibly help me with the part number for this I would be very greatful, my basket at cousins is filling up and I don’t want to order the incorrect parts