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  1. 4205 seiko to a NH05

    Just had a look through my draw of projects awaiting my attention and found that 4205, ive fitted a miyota 6L12 movement, admittadly ive only attached the dial to the movement, but the date wheel lines up exactly with the window the hands ca me from the donor watch and are diver style hands so work well with the seiko dial
  2. Mainspring help (again)

    Manyy thanks guys, sorry was away with work again and haven't been online for a couple of days let alone at the bench trying to solve the mainspring problem, will hopefully be on top of this in the next few days and have one on order and soon fitted back in the movement
  3. 4205 seiko to a NH05

    Ooohhh the 4205, a tiny movementthat ive worked on before a few times, if you require parts search ebay for thewatch collector he has loads of 4205 and other seikos all for parts, I have a 4205 in the process of being fitted with a quartz movementer, its not the NH05 as cousins list it as obselete, mine is a Miyota movement, I shall look it out for you to see what calibre it is as I think it's still an available movement. But if I were you I would preserve the original movement, if neccasary buy a few of those scrap movements on the bay so you can supply your local watchsmith with a ready to hand bundle of parts. But be warned some of these movemend are in are right state and I don't think you would find many people ready to work on the parts ok.
  4. Mainspring help (again)

    Gents many thanks for the help, and yes Stuart it was you before, so again cheers, oldhippy thank you, away I go with some new found knowledge, ill let you know how I get on.
  5. Mainspring help (again)

    Hi guys, been awhile I know, another question, I need a new mainspring for a nice old cylinder fob watch im working on, My springs dimensions are as follows, 1.29mm height x 0.16mm thick x 300 mm length, barrel diameter is 11.31mm On cousins the closest that my untrained brain can find is 1.25 x .115 x 340 now I know these measurements are abit off from my original ones but could someone please tell me what measurements are allowable to change so you can get a spring as close as possible if an exact replacement is not available? I can hazard a guess that I could drop a little on height as I have done so before after a kind member here pointed me in the correct direction for a new spring once before, but before I continue to ask the same quest over and over I need to learn this stuff once and for all so I don't have to keep annoying you all. cheers guys
  6. On cleaning.

    Practice mate thats all it takes, stay with it, I love doing those type of movemnts as they are so simple to strip clean and reassemble, (trust me they really are) I started off on Timex movements these are solid plate movements ie you have the bottom plate then all your wheels and mainspring barrel and hairspring that you have to line up all at the same time with the top plate!!!!! Then you had to re pin the hairspring to the top plate and adjust the screws that hold the hairspring staff in place, it was a learning curve and when i tried my first " normal " movement I found it a breeze. Enjoy totally stripping these little movements and even if you break them keep them as you will have a load of spares for future use. As for your question, you could do as you say but in the end you are defeating the object of cleaning it properly and selling yourself short on experience and learning. As i said stick with it, take them apart fully and most of all enjoy, and know when to step away from the bench and have a break, before you actually do break something ( as I have before in the past)
  7. Glycine AS 1130. Time flies

    here is my check list for........ WATCH GAINING TIME Watch not properly cleaned and oiled oil on hairspring watch is magnetized hairspring coils rubbing or sticking together hairspring rubbing on balance arms hairspring bent out of true more than one coil of the hairspring between regulator pins hairspring pressing against one of the regulator pins regulator pins bent to close and gripping hairspring regulator pushed all the way to fast balance timing screws loose or missing balance arms bent in. Not an exhaustive list but I methodically go through each bit until I find something, and if I cant then I pop and see my local smith for his takings on the problem. Is your Glycine an old WW2 German army issue one? I have one of those and for the last 5 years have been trying to source a dial for it as mine is missing, I missed out on 2 on eBay both NOS, I contacted the seller who said he would contact his man in Switzerland to see if he had any more, but I never heard back from him, so mine sits in the draw awaiting a new dial. I might possibly try a transfer dial onto an old generic dial and see how that looks until I can find an original dial.
  8. New crystal needed

    Many thanks for the offer clockboy, I have the watch finished now, but I will give you the measurements so you can see if you have any lying around, according to Charles the one he fitted for me was a generic crystal, he must have better eyes than me as I struggled to find one of the correct size
  9. How high to bid

    Yeah its a constant battle with the snipers, I use to use one but it failed a few times so now lime clockboy I put my max bid in early and just leave it, I continue to watch for used/vintage/antique etc etc watch tools just to see what comes up, I have one of the early winders the type you put in a vice (bit like the clock ones) its a nice small one made for watches but it only came with one arbor, I got my old man to get a few more turned out on his lathe, the smallest is the same size as a seiko arbor from a 7002 movement, the largest is the same as a 16s waltham arbor, I then drilled holes in each one and epoxied a small bit of a dress pin in each hole for the main spring to hold onto. I now need to make up some sleeves so that I will be be to wind auto mainsprings, I can at the moment wind normal springs but it's a bit fiddly trying to fit the barrel over the wound spring whilst pushing the top lever that holds the spring in place. If I can make up a selection of sleeves then discs to match that will allow me to push the springs back into the barrels im home and dry, but wouldn't mind still finding a set of purpose built arbors and sleeves etc. Mind you if I'm successful in making these sleeves I might be content with what I've got.
  10. How high to bid

    Cheers oli, will take that info on board
  11. How high to bid

    Jeez, thats 3 mainspring winders ive missed out on now and each one ive increased my top bid substantially and still lost each one by a £1, ive checked all sold items to get aN idea of how much they've gone for in the past and bid atleast £10 more to secure the item, but each time im outbid by a poxy £1. I know there is no answer apart from bidding stupidly high, im just having a rant as im peeved about losing number 3 in quick succession, cheers for your ears guys.
  12. New crystal needed

    Alastair, many thanks for the advice, I can now highly reccomend Charles at watch glass cutting, he has come up trumps with a new crystal for the smiths Astral. I emailed him and had good comms througout the process, I think I might of been a pain in the butt, but it wasn't my watch and it held huge sentimental value to the owner so I was a little twitchy about sending it away for a new crystal, something I've always done myself but on this occasion was unable to find the part myself, neither were my 3 watchsmiths!! Anyway I can highly recommended Charles if you need a new crystal cut etc, a fantastic service that if needed I shall use again without hesitation, as I hope others will.
  13. New crystal needed

    Wish it did just need a polish mate, it did whilst I was inspecting it, but then the owner had it in her hands and she dropped it!!! So now I need to try and find and replacement, the lathe idea is good but unfortunately I do not possess one to do the job im afraid
  14. New crystal needed

    I'll try contacting today, many thanks for the link hopefully they can do acrylic crystals, only lightly browsed the price list at the moment
  15. New crystal needed

    guys apologies for not responding sooner, been abit busy with work, many thanks for the responses, cousins doesn't have anything like it, I tried the sternkruez catalogue and found one the same shape but it only come in one size which you've guessed it isn't the same as mine. I'll try the G'S catalogue and also otto just in case. I have also contacted a smiths specialist here I the UK, they are being very helpful, first email sent late afternoon today and they were still advising me at 20.30hrs so very happy with them.