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  1. transporter

    Pocket watch hand size

    Gents a little help if possible please, im in the middle of restoring a pocketwatch for a friend (usual family heirloom sentimental value) trouble is its been got at, 2 days of hairspring straightening for one thing, the other is that it's missing the minute hand, now my hand gauge has it at 50 (4 ligne) 55 is abit to slack so ill broach out the 50, trouble is I can't find any hands in cousins that are size 50 for pocket watches, am I missing something here?
  2. Have you oiled the pallet? There was a post some where that said not to as it causes friction, I’ve always oiled the pallet but I tried the no oil way on the last couple and the amplitude had shot up and stayed up aswell, just my two penneth worth
  3. transporter

    Oooops I did it again

    Definitely thinking I’m going to need a scrapper movement to get this one sorted though, I’ll have a go at the rebushing etc, only done it once under supervision so I’ll see how that goes.
  4. transporter

    Oooops I did it again

    Thanks for the tips, especially about the springs, as for the pallets, i know someone else here had some made of made them for their project, I might bite the bullet and buy a scrapper movement for spares aswell as trying make some myself. im hunting a site called antique Ansonia clocks, but so far haven’t found mine, does anyone know what the name/cal this movement is please?
  5. transporter

    Oooops I did it again

    Well once again my local online market place had another clock that caught my eye, it measures 45cm x 35cm and is slate and possibly marble, it’s got an Ansonia chiming movement installed. Closer inspection shows some knocks and some kind of painted repair marks. the movement looks like is has had a WD40 spray so a full strip etc to come, the brocok type escapement ( think that’s what it is called ) needs repair as can be seen in the photos, this I can see is going to be abit of a project
  6. transporter

    Lovely find

    Cheers oldhippy beat me to it, yep as old hippy says that what it does, its cheap aswell, I think I only paid a few quid for my block from cousins, you have to move the brush very fast but nice and light at the same time to get the best results, then peg out all your pivot holes.
  7. transporter

    Omega 26.5 T3

    Holy crap, you've started on an omega, christ I started on a rep rolex found in box at bootfair with a chinese movement that cost £27 all in, you sir are now in a world of hurt, but all is not lost, find a local watchsmith, not tips ons or places like that I mean a smith that when you walk in you know you could spend the best part of week just looking around his tool set up and going through his drawers of spare parts etc dreaming that your spare bedroom will one day be as well set up as his shop ( anyone else feel like that or is it just me.......just me then, ok lol) this is the man you need to app och to ask if he would be willing to straighten out your harping, it might only take him 10 mins, its amazing how skilled these old smiths are, but it will cost you, probably not alot, but show some interest and the wisdom some of these guys can impart is amazing, mine showed me how to broach out a clock plate ready for new pivot holes, didn't charge me, was just happy to help me with a project. So go and ask your smith for some help mate and let us know how you get on ok
  8. transporter

    Breitling superocean

    I would factor in the region of around £500 for a service, thats the price you pay a luxery marque im afraid, can you manually wind the watch with the stem or is it like a seiko where you can only wind it by the auto winder? My old seikos will start with a shake as im putting them on, ill then shake my wrist for about 5 seconds and fter that if worn all day will keep time, and when taken off at night will keep time all night and the rest of the day of left sitting in the watch box. If yours isn't able to do this after say 2 days of constant wear then its a trip to the AD to book a service im afraid, or see if a reputable independent will service it for ptobably half the price, but be aware if not a recognised brietling service centre they might find it hard to come by certain spare parts ok.
  9. transporter

    Lovely find

    No significant that I could see, it's holding really good time, it was 15 minutes slow after the service but a few turns of the nut to raise the bob and all is well, I personally don't think it is very old, maybe only 10 years or so, definitely hasn't been serviced before anyway, as for the strike it's an hourly one only. And as for the french chalk it's great, I need to invest in a couple of new brushes though as mine is shedding lots of bristles every time I use it!
  10. transporter

    Lovely find

    iWell four hours solid work, ok I had a couple of cups of tea in between and I now have a lovely working and chiming some clock. It was a simple movement to work on (unlike the 3 train Westminster one that’s next) and again the old brasso lighter fluid and French chalk came into action for the great finish. I did find some of the wheels had a lacquer finish on them that obviously without an ammonia soak won’t come up shiney, but they do give a good contrast if you look close enough.
  11. transporter

    Lovely find

    Cheers guys, thanks for the info old hippy, I did wonder why in cousins they say that hermle reccomend replacing a whole movement as it will likely be cheaper than a service!! and yes the dome is glass, so that’s being looked after rather carefully
  12. transporter

    Lovely find

    Ahhhh Facebook market place, just picked this Hermle 791-681 up for £12, apparently it’s overwound, as we know you can’t do that, I put some power in the train and it ticked away for about 30 secs so I’m guessing a damn good service and clean and it will run like a good ‘un
  13. transporter

    ID this grease

    Cheers guys, im guessing Barrel grease, don’t know how I missed that on the label, cheers again.
  14. transporter

    ID this grease

    Gents any idea for this grease? It came in a job lot box of bits and bobs, cheers
  15. transporter

    Need help

    Here’s my movement, I’m now running it without dial or hands on, and I’ve given the the smallest amount of oil on a couple of the escape wheel teeth, being a pin pallet it seems to of responded well, I’m not at home at the moment so don’t have access to my timing machine to see how it’s running. I’ve given it a full wind and will leave it in the dial down position over night and see how it goes.Well I would attach photos but again I’m getting the upload failed -200 message so no photos are uploading at the mo