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  1. Are you referring to the DLC? If so I’ve been a hobbyist for 8 years now, I’ve two lathes, I’ve made numerous pieces by hand, a nice bench set up, worked on so many watches and also clocks including 3 train Westminster. I started at lesson one, and still learnt a few things, now going back over lesson 2 for the 3rd time so that I can get it in my head 100% If it is the DLC, go into at with the thought that you don’t know anything, I found that helps enormously
  2. Ref the vice, I’ve one from Amazon at the moment and it’s great for just gripping stuff, but the jaws close just on the threaded rod so the jaws don’t line up when closed. The cousins one like the bergeon one runs on dovetail runners and in so doing so the jaws stay parallel.
  3. way to many figures there for me I'm afraid, my mind is a boggle with DLC calculations at the moment, but, is there not another coil from lets say a miyota movement that would fit? I have no idea to be honest just spit balling an idea out there, you known just incase.
  4. yep I would agree with clockboy, the case has to split there, otherwise how would the makers get the dial in.
  5. i would try a small amount of brasso, but as i cant see a picture i cant say for sure. I would lay the hand on a staking block so the tube goes down a hole and the blade of the hand sits flat
  6. Search the web for info on wether the cal. You want to use to practice on is a rivet staff or a friction fit, that way you won’t destroy the hole in the balance wheel forcing out a riveted staff thinking it was a friction fit, yes I’ve done that !!!
  7. Don’t worry I always take pictures, it’s just good procedure, especially if You are working on so many different movements from different makers.
  8. Have you a lathe? Only asking as some staffs are riveted on and the rivet lip needs to be cut off by using a lathe. There are tools out there that will punch the staff out, they do work but can occasionally damage the hole in the balance wheel. Unless of course they are friction fit staffs then you are home and dry with the staking set mate.
  9. @JohnC I really struggled with the way the calculations were written out for train counts, wheel turns, period of pendulum and tooth period etc etc, for such simple calculations it’s ridiculous. I guess thats just how mathematicians write out simple sums, I can refer to the wheel turn calculation in lesson two, a very long winded way of doing a simple division, I button bashed the calculator and came up with the answer shown quite by accident!! I am waiting for cousins to get a stock of their vices in, direct copies of bergeon for a fraction of the price, my current vice just isn’t accur
  10. Never had a problem with these, and never had static problems with them either
  11. Just wondering if anyone else is currently doing the DLC? Got mine in November and started in January, working my way through lesson 2 at the moment. And that’s a test on the old brain that’s for sure!!! Although I have to say that the new DLC is superior to the old DLC of which I have a copy aswell. Have to say that after 8 years of tinkering including making parts from scratch its amazing just how little you actually know! Especially the complicated ways calculations are expressed!!!!
  12. And not a success story so far, new mainspring arrived today and got it in the barrel only to find the inner coil is not coiled enough to book into the arbor!!!, attempted to squeeze it in a tad and yep you’ve guessed it.... the end snapped off, so another £19.00 for a spring plus postage. Now I know the next one is going to be the same so what’s the best way of getting that inner coil tighter???
  13. More than happy with that information @WatchMakermany many thanks for your research and time, I’ve unfortunately been at work today so not had time to search myself but did order said spring which hopefully should be here tomorrow
  14. Evening all, quick question, mainspring size should be 1.10x.12x340x10 cousins say this is now obsolete so I need a replacement, at the moment I’ve chosen this, 1.05x.12x340x10 as the nearest equivalent. Would I be correct in my sizing, or is there another size closer to the original that I have overlooked?? Many thanks once again for all your help.
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