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  1. Don’t worry I won’t mate, just had a bad graver day today, they kept dulling in double time, Friday they stayed good for ages.
  2. A man of many talents including cards and guitar, thanks for the video mate, I’ll keep going at this pallet arbor, a few more or many more attempts and I’ll get it done!!
  3. Ok had another go today and I’m going to wait until the other collets arrive. I managed to find 3 in France that I bought yesterday and are currently in the postage system. I got a good pivot on the one I did this morning but there’s no way I can do the other pivot until I can turn the job around and hold it in the smaller sized collet. So it’s a waiting game now, so I’ve a few Balance staffs that need changing so I’m going to get on with them for now until I can carry on with this job.
  4. Huge thanks for the advice, and yes well spotter with regard to my tool rest, I shall be addressing that on Monday. Im limited on my gravers at the moment I have 4 and all are diamond shaped and differing sizes, I need a nice lozenge shaped and square shaped one for other work. But first I need to get more comfortable with turning. Having to stay at home at the moment is good as i have spent more time working through all the watch/clock projects that I have lying around in the last week than I have in the last 6 months. I shall watch your video’s with great interest and take away as much as I can from them. Thanks for the words of encouragement and the extra info mate
  5. Scrap movement off eBay I’m afraid, looking at your picture the pivot looks broken on your balance staff
  6. Ok none of that worked very well so back to the drawing board, the problem is I’ve not got a full set up for turning between centres on my Lorch lathe, so I went ahead and cracked on if only for practice with the gravers and sharpening them. What I can say is that I can turn faster by hand than I can on my Axminster engineers lathe!! the only thing is I can’t seem to get absolutely straight edges yet, again it’s down to practice. So how have I got on, well I’ve had 3 attempts all with varying success but none up to the standard that is required, what I need is a few more collets of smaller sizes, my smallest is 1.4mm so i need to go under 1mm and I’ll have this arbor smashed. The largest diameter on this job is 0.73mm, if i can get a collet to fit that then I can turn rhe job around and finish the pivots much better. So bearing that I’m mind when you look at the pictures these have been turned from right to left in a single collet starting with 2mm blues pivot rod. Will start again next week after the weekend Open to comments, hints, tips etc etc
  7. Well I started on my larger lathe and was going fine but my 3 jaw Chuck doesn’t close enough to allow me to turn the job and do the other end, so I had to leave that one. I then decided that I could put my drill chuck from the tail stock into the chuck as that closes enough to accept the job, had Wayne too much wobble, it just wouldn’t sit right. turn between centres next, was going ok but took bits just too big so could get proper shoulders etc so again left that idea. finally got my Lorch 6mm lathe our and started turning by hand, just can’t seem to get a good straight edge by hand so finished off with file, even got the pivots to fit the plates. then disaster, I snapped a pivot whilst finishing it off with the pivot file, so I’ll start again tomorrow and see how I get on.
  8. Absolutely mate, buy another movement complete and swap the dial and hands over, trust me it’s so much easier than getting the train back in it’s relevant place, that motor acts on a magnet and will not sit upright in-line with the top plate pivot hole and can be an absolute sod to get in.
  9. I’d leave well alone, otherwise you will de value the watch
  10. When you rebuilt the movement did you put each wheel in one at a time then the top plate to see if each wheel turned freely when a blower was puffed on them? Once each wheel is in place and runs freely then put the next wheel in the train and do the same again ie centre wheel, then centre wheel and fourth wheel etc until you are sure the train runs freely. its a long process but ensures the train is good and narrows down to where your problem sits. The balance. And escapement, if the problem is actually there. Test the train first ok.
  11. Cheers guys, luckily for the height there is a stepped part on the arbor where the pallets seat so as long as I can turn to that exactly then fingers crossed we are good to go. I shall attempt to drill and fit a new pivot first, hopefully tomorrow, I will post pictures of progress. wish me luck!!
  12. In answer to my question yes it does come apart, now hopefully I can get it drilled and a new pivot installed and turned down to the correct size, fingers crossed.
  13. Guys, could you look at the photos and see if by your experience this pallet comes apart? I need to drill it to fit a new pivot as one has snapped. The smallest collet i have is 1.4 mm so I might need to put it in my larger lathe with a 3 jaw chuck and a dedicated drill tail stick to drill and fit the new pivot. Really annoyed as the movement was going when I realised that I put the ratchet wheel on the wrong way round, proceeded to strip the movement happy that it was going and somehow, don’t know how the pivot got snapped on the pallet so a bit miffed now as I know I don’t have one of these in the spares box!!! cheers for any help
  14. Don’t know wether it was on this forum that I read this but I use it all the time now. Steradent dentures cleaning tablets. Now make sure that the numerals etc are under a glaze just to play safe, I have used this with the numerals painted onto the dial, just keep an eye on the task I case they get lifted by the cleaning action. 99% of hairline cracks disappear due to the dirt being removed from them, they still exist but are just about invisible to the naked eye. thought I’d share this tip whist no doubt we are all stuck indoors and tinkering away. Stay safe guys.
  15. Cheers gents, yeah I was heading in the miyota direction myself, having looked through the cousins site for a suitable replacement. There was a post on here regarding the same watch but the Op done a one lost and leave sketch after his question was answered so I couldn’t message him direct to ask the same question. As soon as I get it in for the repairs I’ll let you know if anything else crops up and also to give information to crystal size and what Cal. It actually is. thanks again
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