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  1. I use big O rings, I buy a couple at pennies each, fit both at the same time and have the one hanging loose just in case the other snaps halfway through a job, I can then slip the other on straight away. I’ve had one snap which came with my lathe. I had used it weekly for a couple of years before it gave out so I’m happy how long it lasted.
  2. Wish I saw this post ten minutes ago, yep you guessed it, I’ve got a damaged main hand now, oh well live and learn as they say
  3. Here’s some shots of the movement, it’s all back together at the moment and running strong, only lost 3 mins in 12 hours so I’m happy with that, even with that canon pinion, which I shall find a replacement for. I had another post a while back asking for information on the “ climax trip action” a few that answered said it was to do with the case but I’m not sure. If you look at the top plate there is a wheel mounted on a yoke by two screws, one screw is fixed the other allows the yoke to move by a few mm via an elongated screw hole. you will notice a silver spring bar screwed to the
  4. Whilst I’m on the subject, can anyone make out the full name that’s been inscribed on the plate??
  5. Well whilst working out some other issues on another project I thought I’d make a start on this rather Handsome pocket watch “H Samuels” with the climax trip. Have not for a date for this one as haven’t done full research on it yet, but whilst taking it apart I come across the canon pinion........... How, just how can you do that much damage to something and leave it in place? Now I’m going to continue on the strip and clean etc but that’s beyond repair and needs replacing, the hunt begins unless just maybe one of you good fellows might just have one in a spares box that might be exchan
  6. Ok so I’ve just done an hours test next to a trusty quartz and in that hour it’s gained 10 mins???? That’s on a full wind, the regulator is set in the middle, I shall now leave it to see what happens over the next few hours and report back with my findings.
  7. Very comprehensive answer there mate, thank you for all the information, I will pop off the bench and study and see what the problem can be, the hairspring is the correct spring for the wheel, I haven’t changed that, I have replaced the balance wheel and hairspring complete onto the old balance cock. There is no spare HS at the stud, the overcoil is free to move between the cock and wheel, the Hs vibrates nicely between the regulator pins. The train is free, each wheel tested individually then with the the next in line and so on and so on until the whole train was tested for free running,
  8. Ahhh now you see we now have to differing answers, or three if we include Frieds book, He states that is a watch was running slow, it would be safe to remove weight from the heavy screw/remove washer. Which goes against what Nucejoe said. Fried then says I’d watch ran fast, a weight ( washer) might be added. ( or screw out the screws) Which is in agreement With Rodabod and what I thought at first. So now a tad confused as to wether add or remove, both answers make sense to me but have totally messed with my mind as what my knowledge of weight, enertia and rotation was haha
  9. Ok folks, quick question (once again), balance wheel timing screws, looking at the photo of the bare balance wheel you will notice no timing washers but two meantime screws are adjusted outwards. This wheel is the original wheel from the movement. Due to a HS malfunction, old rusty and snapped during manipulation, a few eBay purchases to find a suitable donor and one came along, ( see picture of balance on cock in movement ) you can see that next to the meantime screws there are timing washers fitted to the screws opposite each other as it should be. Now the movement ( English lever go
  10. Well guys I managed to get it done, my staking set was too small for the canon pinion, at first I tried to see if it wasn’t seated correctly but to no avail so I had to pop it off and use my old vintage canon pinion tool, a couple of quick taps and all is well. Thanks for the help and advice once again.
  11. Will do, it will be stripped down again and done on my staking tool mate
  12. I’ll double check that mate, cheers for the input
  13. Many thanks I’ll have a double check and see if that’s the problem, I have another identical movement and the rotation of the canon pinion is stiffer than this one
  14. Cheers Jd, I have a staking set with all the punches and stumps so that’s not a drama, will I be offering up the canon pinion where it tapers in?
  15. Gents what’s the best way to tighten one of these canon pinions, it seems way too loose and neither of the hands are moving when in place. Cheers for your help once again. i take it to remove it the centre wheel pinion is driven out from the dial side?
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