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  1. Fossil battery replacement

    I'll be honest , no not really, I know my eyes aren't fantastic but you could make that a little clearer, having said that, there's a fair bit of muck around the seal area and back of watch as to be expected, so some might of found its way into the movement whilst you were changing the battery. I don't suppose you have a line checker there to test the the train? If not it me be more economical for you to swap the movement out for a new one, I suspect it's a miyota and would probably cost only a few quid for a new one.
  2. Movement ID please

    Yeah I found all that aswell, and then went deeper into russian horology sites which is where I found the golden info, and im happy to say that ive just added a new mainspring to my basket at cousins as they have it listed woo hoo, my quest is over. cheers for helping out guys.
  3. Movement ID please

    It's a Chaika 1301, just found it, but can you believe it there is no info on the mainspring size on Ranfft haha, still im a little bit closer to finding it now.
  4. Movement ID please

    Apart from me saying that, how did you figure out that from the results that came back from my search on Ranfft?
  5. Movement ID please

    Apart from me saying that, how did you figure out that from the results that came back from my search on Ranfft?
  6. Movement ID please

    Yes mate, im happy with the 17 jewel ladies movement it's the cal. That I cannot find out so that I can get a correct sized mainspring, ive just had a look at another Sekonda that I have awaiting a service, and it has the same movement but this one has SU stamped on the bridge, also a small shield type engraving under the balance, again my hunt continues
  7. Movement ID please

    Well I done the advanced search, wow that's changed since last time, anyway, it came up with a list of results which are as follows G06 B02 U13 K06 K07 A12 L02 D00 H00 and F00, none of these actually link to any specific movement, so my hunt goes on.
  8. Movement ID please

    Old hippy, yes you are correct, it has the usual made in ussr on the dial
  9. Movement ID please

    I'll have a go on the advanced search, usually I can go straight in with a cal number on Ranfft and bobs your uncle, ill have a go now and see if anything comes upi
  10. Movement ID please

    Ok guys hopefully someone will know, just doing a service and apart from the serial number 669793 there are no other marks to say what Cal this movement is. The mainspring was broken so I need a new one, my measurements are as follows 195mm long 1.38mm high 0.07mm thick, barrel inside diameter is 6mm and it’s 1.75mm deep. having looked on cousins they list nothing with these dimensions and I’m seeing nothing in my Generale resorts book, but the eyes are tired and there’s a lot of figures in those books. with the measurements I’ve given where would I be able to deviate on these, ie length, thickness etc, a kinda rule of thumb for spring replacement in the future, as I also have a need for a new spring for a ladies smiths empire 7 jewel movement again with no Cal number on it either, cheers for the help guys
  11. Sizing loose hands

    I have in the past used a small pin vice as these hold the tube in four places, gently tighten up and test and adjust as you go until the hand fits, the other way I was told was to gently using a screwdriver blade push the hand tube over just a smidgen, not scientific but both ways have helped me in the past, the pin vice is the better one though.
  12. Waltham pocket watch.

    W I was going to say that bit of advice aswell mate, I think you told me that trick on my first elgin full plate, I have another that requires a new 4th wheel if I remember correctly.
  13. Service-member's Homage Rolex from Iraq

    It's a fake, haha, hate that word and prefer Rep or replica, I work on a few and believe me I don't think I will succumb to paying for a gen after seeing what some of these high end reps are like, anyway, if its a knock off from Iraq it's probably the same quality as the ones from Afghan, as has been said post a few pic and im sure we will be and be to point you in the correct direction for the correct chinese movement to to fitted mate.
  14. Watch band replacement and movements

    Yep I would say that one is made specifically for that brand of watch, and not a band that a materials house will keep in stock, bit like Rotary movements
  15. Watch Repair

    Donor movement is the easiest way for you my friend, and for someone that has done two tours and then some, you sure have well looked after hands there!