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  1. BHI 2018 Examinations

    Good effort to the pair of you, im afraid the cost of joining the bhi the distance learning course and cost of exams and feed back have stopped me from proceeding onto becoming qualified, also I wouldn't be giving up my ful, time job as watch repair just wouldn't bring in the money for paying those bills.
  2. Is this mainspring ok?

    Cheers mate, I’ll keep that in mind when I get stuck, but be prepared for a PM with my question lol
  3. Is this mainspring ok?

    SO does that mean that you will need a longer spring to compensate for the lack of strength or a thicker spring? ( I’m thinking thicker an I correct? ) and if so how much thicker or longer??
  4. Brocok movement escapement

    Cheers old hippy, I’m going to have a go at the French chalk route on this movement to keep it shiney, I’ve done some research on how to do it so I’ve added a block of it to my my next order from cousins, again I’ll let you all know how it goes as I progress.
  5. Is this mainspring ok?

    This is the problem I have every time I can’t find an exact match for a mainspring, you will need length height and thickness of the mainspring and then look for one that is nigh on the same, I cheekily ask here as some like old hippy to name but one will off the top of their head give you a size of a spring that will fit, it might be shorter but thicker etc etc but their experience is priceless, as of yet I still haven’t figured out how far off the exact measurements I can go to find a mainspring that would work. It’s wizardry you know!!!!!
  6. Brocok movement escapement

    Quick one guys whilst I’m awake, I’ve been having a look, well more a clean of this clock case, ine quick question, what’s the run time in these movements is an 8 day or less? I have no idea myself as I haven’t renewed the mainspring as of yet so haven’t been to my smith for a month or so with any questions etc.
  7. Brocok movement escapement

    Gents apologies for not replying sooner, once again work was calling and ive been away, I will keep you all informed as to how the work progresses, im actually looking forward to this one as it's a keeper. Hopefully this next week might see me get some more work done, that is after have finished the 9 other watches on the bench that I have waiting to be started and finished for a friend.
  8. Where to buy in the UK?

    Lets hope you have a large budget, I looked at doing the BHI courses but when you add up all the costs for the courses it becomes unaffordable, its a shame but that's the way it is, anyway as for tools, I use ebay cousins aliexpress auctions , anything really , good luck with the courses though I hope you do well, welcome to the forum where you will find all members helpful and able to help you out if you get stuck
  9. I’m finding it near impossible to de sypher the sternkruz sizes, especially for odd shapes, I’ve a rotary waiting for a crystal but it’s oval in shape and I cannot find a size close to it in their catologue, it might just be me but crystals and crystal gaskets just don’t get on sometimes
  10. Great book on adjustment

    Nice link clockboy thanks, and yet another new site for old books for me to hunt through
  11. Beginner: Messed up hair spring

    P2n well done mate, as for balance staffs you'll need a staking set and to watch a few of marks videos and they will show you everything you need to know, also I see your dial has many hairline cracks that are visible, my technique for making these disappear is to use denture tablets, yep drop the dial in a glass with a steradent tablet and after a few minutes the cracks will be nearly invisible. Be aware though ttat you only use this method if the numerals etc are under laquer and not painted on top.
  12. Where to get a good assortment of Jewels

    Chadders1966 has the right idea, I have bags of generic jewel sizes and I can tell you now that tipping all these out to try to find the correct size is painstaking to say the least, although you do learn quite quick how to gauge sizes by eye alone ( ball park size that is )
  13. Brocok movement escapement

    Gents thank you for the replies, old hippy yep it needs oiling, I was wondering what the pallets required if any as of course the rest of the movemet requires oiling. Wls1971, nice to know someone else has had a go at one of these, mine is back together after a damn good clean, it wouldn't run properly but then I noticed that one of the feet on the case was shorter than the rest so I lifted this one and away it went for 3 days then stopped again, it now just ticks for about 30 secs then stops, hopefully after the wife has finished with me moving furniture etc I will be able to spend some time sourcing the fault and getting it running properly. As for the case I have done some research and found that acetone and white spirit are doing wonders to cleaning away years of gime and nicotine.Aplogis for the late reply I have been very busy and then had log in issue
  14. Train Wheel Polishing/Shining

    Well you can only have a go, I was miffed when I first cleaned the plates on that clock, I even went for the Brasso with no luck, but a 10 Minute soak in acetone and it was lifting off nicely.
  15. Brocok movement escapement

    Also another question regarding this movement, the wheel in the centre with the screw in the middle, what does it do? The main hand wheel sits on it and drives it round but it doesn’t drive anything and doesn’t seem to have a purpose what so ever, any help here also appreciated, cheers guys