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  1. Well guys I managed to get it done, my staking set was too small for the canon pinion, at first I tried to see if it wasn’t seated correctly but to no avail so I had to pop it off and use my old vintage canon pinion tool, a couple of quick taps and all is well. Thanks for the help and advice once again.
  2. Will do, it will be stripped down again and done on my staking tool mate
  3. I’ll double check that mate, cheers for the input
  4. Many thanks I’ll have a double check and see if that’s the problem, I have another identical movement and the rotation of the canon pinion is stiffer than this one
  5. Cheers Jd, I have a staking set with all the punches and stumps so that’s not a drama, will I be offering up the canon pinion where it tapers in?
  6. Gents what’s the best way to tighten one of these canon pinions, it seems way too loose and neither of the hands are moving when in place. Cheers for your help once again. i take it to remove it the centre wheel pinion is driven out from the dial side?
  7. Cheers for the input guys very much appreciated, OH I’m happy with watches and clocks, more watches ( less room you see ) I do the odd clock which I really enjoy. rodabod, thank you for the info, they do seem to be able to offer a lot of information both electronic and physical. I think I’ll go for it, the BHI might have to wait a little longer for my membership.
  8. Hi guys, quick question, are any members here a member of the society above? If so is it worth joining etc etc. Got a birthday coming up and a relative has asked if I would like a membership? Dont want to waste their money if you see what I mean.
  9. crikey mate that does look predictable doesn't it, i think you are on the right track thinking train, is there a bent pivot somewhere that is causing drag, maybe even a high spot on a wheel that is causing depthing issues, im sure some one with far more knowledge that me will be along soon to help you out even more
  10. a labour of love is all i'm going to say
  11. any watchsmith worth his salt will be able to sort that out for you mate
  12. was that for me mate? no supplier for new parts on the pocket watch i am working on, its approx 100 years old so its good old love and care to get things slrted, look at my post "broken pivot" ans youll see what i mean
  13. experience mate, also check out marks videos on youtube, i believe old hippy put a link up on another thread with an interesting video ref hairspring manipulation. Ive just spent the best part of a day getting one flat and coils evenly spaced, nightmare but got it done in the end.
  14. Gentlemen and ladies ( if we have any ) I do believe I have some success. A day of manipulating the hairspring and lots of coffee we have the results of my endeavours here for you to see. Thanks to everyone that gave advice and hints and tips and the asked for criticism, all very much appreciated. There were many failed attempts at making the pallet staff and some very successful ones that I broke the pivots off when burnishing them, I have learned a lot about turning by hand on my very old 6mm Lorch lathe so I’m happy with that, even happier that I’ve also got quite handy on the Jacot tool, so another skill learned ( still a long way to go on all fronts though ) but i am after all just a tinkerer and not a skilled watchsmith. Enjoy my failures, there’s a picture of most of them sat in tray, I’ll keep all them as reminders that you just gotta keep trying. IMG_7131.MOV IMG_7132.MOV
  15. Gents I’m sorted, if you have a look on my “broken pivot” thread you’ll see the results
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