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  1. Right gents this is still a problem, I’ve tried everything, and I can only put it down to the way this forum is being coded to different OS across platforms, and to different search engines, I can only run google chrome on windows 7 on my laptop ( works laptop ) on my old home laptop running XP and internet explorer and the wife’s works laptop running windows 10 and internet explorer and google chrome etc. so I’ll have to wait until I get a new works laptop to be able to view the forum on a big screen whilst at work etc
  2. Yes, there is an abundance of info, only problem is I don’t have admin rights to a lot of things on the system so my hands are tied, it just seems strange to me that one day it works the next it doesn’t, and the fact that I use other watch/clock forums aswell and none of them are displaying as this one does.
  3. Easy isn’t it, to be fair I don’t actually spend a lot of time browsing as I’m more out the office than in, but a little down time Is nice. But it’s strange how it’s just this site that doesn’t display, even had the google chrome update done yesterday and still no difference
  4. Well I popped into work today to compare settings of laptop to desktop whilst on google chrome, so I set my laptop up next to a desk top logged on and headed to the forum. Well here’s a surprise, both the laptop and the desktop displayed the forum incorrectly!! So now I’m stumped, something must be wrong with the internet settings on every desktop/laptop that are on the works system.
  5. I’m open to all suggestions so keep them coming please. I’m going through all settings etc trying to accept cookies etc amongst other odds and sods to try and make it work in the laptop. Im still waiting for the update to filter through and when it does that might make a difference but I’m not holding my breath to be honest
  6. The actual repair is a simple task, it just seems that the sourcing of parts is the drama. To find the case number you look on the case back where you will see numbers ie my old Seiko 7002-7000 the first number is the Cal. Number and the second is the case number. Have you checked out any of the Seiko forums for help, this forum is bloody brilliant but I know the Seiko forums are 110% dedicated to all things Seiko so might be worth poking around on them, although lots of members here cross between many forums so one might poke their head up soon to help more.
  7. That definitely needs a new tube, the threads have rounded off a treat there, I wonder if they can be chased in an attempt to sharpen them up. Although that might only be a temporary fix. It really does need a new tube, I’d be surprised if one is not available, if not a Seiko maybe a generic one from cousins
  8. Definitely pictures needed to see if it’s the tube thread that has gone or the crown thread, obviously if one has damage then the other will but sometimes the crown is worse off. Does the crown go all the way in when you do screw it or does it sit proud? Wondering if the keyless works has gone wrong and is stopping the stem moving back into position?
  9. I would personally take the back off and take the stem out, drop everything in a sealable bag with a couple of bags of silica and Leave it for a few days, then replace gasket etc and don’t forget to silicon grease them before installation. Put the watch back together and see what happens then. Thats the easiest and safest option. If it still mists up, start again but pay particular attention to the case back and case for any defects in shape etc ( obviously you would of looked at this in the beginning but check again ok ) if all is ok there it’s got to be the crystal or stem seal so co
  10. No nothing uninstalled, the works laptop is pretty strict on all things like that, I can’t even have my own desk top background installed anymore as they stopped that with everyone. I have been informed that there is a new google Update coming soon, so I’ll wait for that to be patched in and see what happens then.
  11. Yes, it’s working fine on all my other devices. So it’s something to do with either the site or the laptop. I say the site as every other forum I’m on displays correctly, as did this one until recently.
  12. Ok this is interesting, when I scroll down to resources on the forum, and I click on essential day 1 lubricants etc for the watch course everything displays correctly. But as soon as I go to main forum it reverts back to the unusable, very frustrating
  13. Well nothing is working so no forum for me on my laptop. All other forums are working perfectly, I’ve changed browsers and settings and emptied caches and cookies signed out signed in etc etc and still the forum won’t display
  14. I’ll try and install another one tomorrow, it’s weird as it was working fine a few weeks ago
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