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  1. transporter

    Smiths English Clocks Ltd Westminster Chime

    Thanks guys, yeah the matchsticks were to get it level as the case wasn’t true, all sorted now though, took awhile to sort the chimes out but worked it out in the end, couldn’t believe how simple it actually is when you work it out!!
  2. transporter

    Smiths English Clocks Ltd Westminster Chime

    Here’s my first click movement that I worked on. A three train Westminster chime smiths enfield 3F9D0F6C-F99D-4921-AB4B-B2A0424E9DCD.MOV
  3. transporter

    “Replica” Rolex 3135 questions

    Please tell me you aren’t trying to put the bridge on with the movement cased are you??
  4. Looks like a generic Swiss movement I’m afraid that’s all I’ve got, if you look under the balance bridge you might find the calibre number,either there or maybe under the dial
  5. transporter

    8 day pocket watch

    well I took a chance and splashed out £29 for this piece, bit of a gamble as the seller was quite limited in their description. From what I can see I’m going to need to straighten the hairspring, it looks like someone has true to move the regulator and bent the spring by the stud so hopefully I might be able to get it almost true whilst it’s still attached!!!’ I can see a new crystal is required and of course a major clean and inspection and service. so the million dollar question is Does anyone know anything about it, I’ve done a limited internet search but not really coming up with much, as I haven’t got it yet I don’t even know the caliper of the movement!!’
  6. transporter

    Dial renovation

    Gents many thanks for the informative replies, apologies for the late reply, I found the videos very interesting, but I guess for now I’ll be sticking to the cotton buds and warm water, might venture into varnish removal if I feel inclined on a scrap dial or two.
  7. transporter

    Veterans watchmaker initiative

    I am a veteran but in the UK, wish the BHI would do something similar in this country, any BHI heirarchy on this forum that might see it????
  8. transporter

    Dial renovation

    Hi guys, here’s a question, does/has anyone had success with restoring dials? It seems to be a black art that specialists charge a fortune for. Dont get me wrong the work they advertise on their websites looks phenomenal. But what chemicals, solutions and procedures do you think they use? Myself i use dove soap warm water and a cotton bud to clean off dials but I cannot get them anywhere near how the pros get theirs. Anyone know of any other ways?
  9. transporter

    Clone rolex!

    I know that feeling mate, I done a job on Tissot for a work colleague awhile ago, I’d already done a job on another watch for him and he paid quite well, I took on the tissot and spent hours on it getting it sorted, didn’t need a lot of money to be spent but time well like I said I spent hours on it. Gave it back he was well chuffed etc etc opened his rather full wallet and pulled out £20! I should of gave him a price to start with but didn’t know exactly what was needed. I wasn’t doing it just for the money thinking I was going to make a wedge, but it was abit if shock when that was all I got for the amount of work done. But hey ho lessons learnt.
  10. transporter

    Tool identification please

    Ok thanks guys, I take it the one with the split down the middle is used to measure spring thickness by sliding said spring down the split until it stops, and the corresponding lowest line/mark is the thickness measurement to be read? And the other tweezer like tool you just lay the spring in a slot and the one that it fits gives you the height? i must say a vernier gauge does the same job, along with a micrometer.
  11. Gents just going through another box from and auction win a while ago, 2 tools here, are they a mainspring gauge and a watch pivot gauge? Or both spring gauges? many thanks
  12. transporter

    Watchmakers lathe vs mini lathe

    I’ve got a 6mm Lorch running a sewing machine motor and foot control, I’m also getting the Axminster C0 micro lathe, comes in at 36cm all in for length. Here’s the tech stuff on it. A high quality, miniature metalworking lathe, constructed to a very high standard around a cast iron, hardened and ground bed. The spindle is powered by a 150W motor through a variable speed drive giving spindle speeds of 100-3,850rpm. With a swing of 110mm and 125mm between centres, this is an ideal machine for making small parts for models and integrating metal parts into woodturning projects etc. Weighing only 13kg, this is a very portable but capable machine. It is fitted with a 3-jaw self-centring chuck with reversible jaws, single tool post taking 8mm tooling, splash guard and interlocked chuck guard for safety. The spindle thread is 14 x 1mm and has a 10mm bore. im going to see if I can do any watch work with it, I might have to sort out some collets to fit. ive been looking at trying to get a compound slide for my Lorch (my graver skills aren’t fantastic) to allow me to get perfect spindles etc but prices for 2nd hand units were almost the same price as this complete large, and I had no idea how true they would run etc or even fit my lathe bed. The reviews are a little cruel as my father ( engineer, machine fitter ) had a proper look and a play with the display model in the shop and with the reviews in his mind he still thought it was a good little lathe and worth getting.
  13. transporter

    Bestfit Catalogues

    Nice one my friend, ive downloaded and had a quick flick through, just need to figure out how to use them now!! I know it's got an explanation but I skimmed that so hopefully I'll have the time tommorow to work it out.
  14. transporter


    Unless it’s one of those wheels on the barrel arbor!!