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  1. There Geiger counters out there on Ebay. Very simple ones just put it in your smartphone's 3.5 jack and install the related app and use it. 20-30 USD for the sensor. Youtube videos shoving remarkable accuracy compared to a real detector piece. I am planning to buy one.
  2. Pretty cool that there is a lot of room between the watch and the microscope.
  3. No, i was not reading the thread before
  4. The two gaps marked with red should be around the same. Since it is bent somewhere at the yellow marking the whole spring is pushed towards the green direction. Did you demagnetized the movement and the balance and cock assembly separated?
  5. Pip, there is a checklist regarding hairsprings in regular watch service. I will not write it again you should do that first. But if it is surely clean and demagnetized then i would check the end curve is following the regulator pin path. It looks like the end curve or the HS attachment point, or the start of the end curve is distorted making the HS off center.
  6. Just to let you know i have found an Unitas 34. Working dial up. Dial side cap cracked. Balance wont come out of balance cock Next week holidays, up for watchrepair
  7. One can make a new one in an hour https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHuOs9IRxH0 There is no need for the concave to close the setting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3gxp96WjCI
  8. Reducing the pivot length wont make any difference in the hand height, since the pivot is conical. Best way is to make the hole on the hand a bit bigger with a broach. Bending the hand on the pivot is a bad idea. Lifting the tip of the hand exert a great torque at the pivot making it to bend... worst, it can stick in the hole or break. The rule always applies that dont make any change on the original parts which were doing fine before the service. Make change to he parts which are new!
  9. There are some holes left, great! Add the screws and poise it man! Poise it after You are in a good rate range! It looks from here that You will have to reshape the end curve as well.
  10. This is a simple hairspring (no overcoil), i think a similar one will do. You have to determine the pinning point by comparing to a same bph watch, preferably using a Luthy tool. No need to search for the brand.
  11. There are multiple options. The best is to replace the HS. You can also repin the HS if there was some excess left and stick with regulator way off from middle position. One can also turn ot the balance screws to increase inertia, but the options here are limited. Adding more weight to the balance should also work. You can do this by adding washers as mentioned above or by adding bigger screws. Manipulate the opposite pairs at a time and pise the balance if you got the right weight!
  12. There are some movements where one has to align 5-6 pivots at the same time
  13. Serviced similar movement recently (ST 96N), also from India My procedure is like this. Put the gears in their hole jewels in the mainplate. Place the bridge over them and add the screws and turn them half way in. Just to hold the bridge so that it wont fall off but it is moving freely up and down. Then hold the movement by hand (finger coats) and look at it from the edge from the balance direction with the loupe. Hold it to a good light. Now You can see what arbor is not upright. Usually i am using brass tweezers, thin toothpick (sometimes to thick) or thin brass wire in a pin vice to align the gears. The bridge usually will simply fall in his place if everything is aligned .... in case of some good movements. If it is not falling in place then i am just keeping my finger over it (dont push, just hold there), then align the gears, check them that both pivots are in their holes (push on the center wheel to check if they are spinning properly), now You can push on the bridge until it is in place. Have not broken one pivot yet.
  14. Guys, this is a Citizen Parashock! Also in HMT watches
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