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  1. I use either one. This was better for taking a picture.
  2. New Watch Repairman (Lady)

    Welcome I'm from North Carolina too. There are some really good watch people we are all willing to help with problems. TimFitz
  3. It's one of those jobs that takes a whole lot of patience & practice. Patience is a learned virtue that is worth it's weight in gold. Making videos isn't something I do. I do however take lot's of photos for later viewing.
  4. I spent two hours yesterday evening trying to replace the pallet stones in a Illinois Bunn Special 18s 21jewel Pocket watch to complete the tear down & cleaning and mainspring replacement . I went to bed because I just couldent get the stones shellacked in. This morning on my first try, Success I always find that taking a break from a job that isn't going well seems to do the trick . whether its watch repair or any other tricky job. Tim
  5. Lew & Me

    My wife says when she dies I will become 'The Crazy Cat Lady " on the show the Simpsons
  6. Lew & Me

    Wow he is a beautiful cat, I always wanted a Maine Coon. This Is Fred a North Carolina Resting Cat. (most of the time)
  7. Lew & Me

    What a beautiful Cat

    Very interesting watch! In any- case
  9. I generally work on newer pocket watches to avoid the need of replaceing rub-in jewels. I have the tools now to tackle them. Can somewone tell me what information I need to have to order them? Beside make and model do I need to measure the hole? Also where is a reliable place to get them? Thanks TimFitz
  10. Waltham Vanguard Pocket watch not winding

    The lever is to set the time. Tighten up the case screws with a good screwdriver then screw on the cover. next take 0ff the front cover & make sure the lever is pushed all the way in. Now try to wind it. My guess is the leveris out just enough to keep ypu from winding the watch but not not far enough out to set the time. Basicly it's between. Let us know how it goes
  11. Suitable oil for staking set

    I agree that 3in1 oil works well that's what I uses. Mu staking set was in a barn in New Hampshire here are before clean up and after.
  12. I could buy you one & send it to you from the US. I don't know what it would cost, I could check if you want
  13. This is just a photo of my Illinois 12s P/W movement just after a good cleaning, now a new mainspring & staff then it's ready to go. I just thought it was a great picture just befor bed last night
  14. I just acquired a 18size Bunn Special Pocket watch movement it runs great & strong , until I attach a dial. It's happily on my bench ticking away with the case and dial off to the side. It's lever set 21jewels. Does anyone have an Idea what the problem might be.?