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  1. TimFitz

    Here we go again

    I guess I am. 20180914_103255.mp4
  2. TimFitz

    Here we go again

    Don't own a gun , just two attack cat's
  3. TimFitz

    Here we go again

    The storm is right on us now , the black "x " is where We are . Working on a Waltham 16s 23jewel Vanguard
  4. TimFitz

    Here we go again

    Thanks Jon
  5. TimFitz

    Here we go again

    Thanks Geo , We will be OK, the wind is beginning to pick up.
  6. TimFitz

    Here we go again

    Thanks John, No generator 2tons of treats, small camp stove and row boat.
  7. TimFitz

    Here we go again

    Well, it's Hurricane season again here on Oak Island North Carolina & Florence is almost upon us. Oak Island is "Cape Fear" we are under a mandatory evacuation because it will hit us Friday early Saturday. I have lived here for 25years & we have had some big tropical storms & 4 hurricanes. So this will be number five. Only about half of the residents leave " we stay". So keep a good thought for us.
  8. TimFitz

    waltham staff identifying

    Here is the Waltham parts catalog page for this model it has two staffs #4860 & #4861
  9. Great having a new enthusiastic member. Welcome
  10. TimFitz

    Hi, everyone

    Great to have you with us! What kind of timepieces are you interested in?
  11. TimFitz

    Swiss ladies P/W

    I acquired this tiny watch with 9 other watches described as American "Dollar Watches" for $50. It was clear from the moment I opened the box this was no american dollar watch. The movement looked swiss and the case was black. It looked to me to be silver. I cleaned it up & it is coin silver. With 10 jewels. It is a tiny ladies watch. " Cylindre Remontior 10 rubis" is engraved on the case. Anyone here able to give me help with Id it is about 1" in diamater 33mm?
  12. TimFitz

    Hello from Texas

    Great to have you with us. What type of watches are in your collection?
  13. TimFitz

    Hello from Sydney

    Welcome, glad to see your leftover parts were from a junker movement. Try taking pictures of the step by step disassembly , it will give you some reference.
  14. TimFitz

    New member

    Glad your here, I am mostly an American P/W man also
  15. TimFitz

    New Member

    Welcome to the Forums all three are different tools for the same purpose, replacing pallet stones. Here is one similar to #C