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  1. TimFitz

    Lovely find

    Very nice work & a very attractive clock One question : What is French chalk, and what is it's purpose? TimFitz
  2. TimFitz

    Greetings from Virginia

    Welcome, Tons of things to learn here, from some great watch people.
  3. TimFitz

    New member

    Welcome Hans , Hope to hear more from you in the coming weeks.
  4. TimFitz

    Lovely find

    Very nice !!
  5. TimFitz

    Hello from Ramstein Germany

    Welcome & well done.
  6. TimFitz


    I always take photos when I take a pocket watch apart, If it's a movement type I don't have photos of already. You would be surprised how often I look back at them
  7. TimFitz

    Montgomery Ward

    I forgot a picture of the case
  8. TimFitz

    Montgomery Ward

    This is a recent acquisition all it really needed was a good cleaning and a mainspring. It is a 6size Seth Thomas made for Montgomery Wards stores. It.s in a beautiful gold box hinge case.
  9. TimFitz

    Hello from Oregon

    Welcome to the Forums
  10. TimFitz

    Greeting from Bavaria

    Welcome Mathieson! vinn3 is correct, get a old cheap P/W or two that you can learn on (and most likely break) rather than messing up your Grandfathers. Can we see a photograph ?.
  11. TimFitz

    Home-Made balance tack

    Nice work!
  12. TimFitz

    Recent Repair

    Thanks oldhippy.( I was at woodstock )
  13. TimFitz

    Recent Repair

    Thanks Chopin , Rockford 18 are my favorite.
  14. TimFitz

    Recent Repair

    I just finished repairing a Hamilton #940 21j open face 18size P/W. made in 1909 I have been working on it as I get the parts needed. I cleaned it , replaced the mainspring, balance staff, pallet jewels, top balance stone , and crystal . I had a bit of trouble with the timing , but finally got it to 20 seconds a day, which I can live with. While doing that I finished a painting for an up coming show called "Kathleen Louise Passing Bald Head " So I'm happy today
  15. TimFitz

    Wrong book arrived

    I think if you keep insisting they will do it ,eventually