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  1. manodeoro

    How do I fix my watch bracelet?

    My bad ... my apologises BTW ... those 2 watches are only 2pics of the same replica that my father in law bought during the 90ies (check the scratch on the insert close to the "30" on the right) 1rst pic was taken when he pass it to me saying "please see what you could do with that" 2nd pic was taken before passing it back to him some weeks later (of course I didn't just rebrushed and repolished ... I reworked the lugs, crownguards, crown, Solid endlinks, polished the crystal and cyclop, serviced the movement, etc ...)
  2. manodeoro

    How do I fix my watch bracelet?

    Speaking about gens vs replicas and about watches deserving or not some hard work or money ... may I ask you : "Which one of those watches below would you choose to keep and wear if both were given to you ?"
  3. manodeoro

    How do I fix my watch bracelet?

    I do not agree with this if I may. As you fell OK wearing a replica you just should just consider it as a watch, replica or not replica. And all watches deserve respect IMHO. So if I were you I would do the job the best I can ... the redo all the brushing. Envoyé de mon Moto G (5) Plus en utilisant Tapatalk
  4. manodeoro

    How do I fix my watch bracelet?

    I hope you have a friend that can do that, as hiring a rofessional to fix an AP replica is off the limits IMHO ... well ... considering the prixe of a Gen AP ROO it could still be a good deal I've had a look at your bracelet and it seems to be brushed finish. So you just have to finely sand the protruding solder flat with 500/800/1000 grade paper, then you redo the brush finish ... all over the bracelet side of course so that all the links have the same finish. To redo the brushed parts on vintage Rolex bracelets I use soft art sanding blocks ... I don't exactly remember which grade but I can tell you and post a pic when I come back home this evening.
  5. manodeoro

    How do I fix my watch bracelet?

    100% agree with Andy. If you don't already have a pen-torch and have never used silver solder then use the epoxy. Silver solder is not that difficult to use but it could need some training ... you can look at tutorials on YouTube to check before trying That's the way I solder dial feet's What you need is some silver solder paste with borax, a pen-torch and a brick as a working support (I use a junk piece of marble) Envoyé de mon Moto G (5) Plus en utilisant Tapatalk
  6. manodeoro

    How do I fix my watch bracelet?

    Definitely a good advice. In place of the metalised epoxy he can use some silver solder paste and a pen-torch ... when polished the silver solder will become almost invisible. Envoyé de mon Moto G (5) Plus en utilisant Tapatalk
  7. manodeoro

    Ingersoll sealion

    Hi Johnnie and Hi alls Today something came to me from Britain sent by a great member here and a real gentleman ... Johnnie. Johnnie sent me not only an beautiful watch but a complete set with box and guarantee card ... incredible So le's go to the unboxing pics I couldn't wait to see it ticking so I've set the day, the date and wound it ... and it ticks So now it's up to me to take care of it ... - redo some brushing and polish on the case - polish the crystal - find a nice strap to put on it - build a custom new bezel + bezel insert I'll do my best to make it look as if it was almost new then, of course, I'll enjoy wearing it. Thank you again Johnnie ... I already love that oldie and I hope it will love the old man wearing it (I was 18 when you bought it) So I will post here when all the work is finished but it could take weeks or months as making a custom bezel is not that easy. IMG_2015.MOV
  8. manodeoro

    DG2813 movement

    Before ordering you have to check what movement is inside and if it's possible to repair ... no need to crash or throw anything (watches or else) in the basket until you haven't tried to repair it.
  9. manodeoro

    DG2813 movement

    My opinion is "call a spade a spade" So let's call that watch what it is ... not an hommage but a replica. Nevertheless it's a watch and you need help. Those DG2813 movements seem to be hit or miss as some can work for years and some stop after some days If you want to replace it you could get a Miyota 2815, which is a direct swap as you can keep the dial and hands without modifying anything. But if you open the caseback and show us some close pics of the movement perhaps we could try to guess what's going wrong and if it is possible to repair. Envoyé de mon Moto G (5) Plus en utilisant Tapatalk
  10. It's probably a paperclip-ring bezel so first thing you should check is if you have a 1 part or 2 parts assembly. By 2 parts I mean Bezel + Insert ... but should be a 1 part. If it's a 1 part you just have to push a 1 razor blade under it, taking care not to scratch the case, then push a 2nd one opposite to the 1st one. Then you should be able to put a thin screwdriver under the bezel and make lever ... the bezel should pop off. If it's a 2 parts just remove the insert, taking care not to bend it, then you will see the paperclip-ring that maintain the bezel on the case. Just grip the spring with tweezers and pull it off. Envoyé de mon Moto G (5) Plus en utilisant Tapatalk
  11. SOME GOOD NEWS !!! today I will receive the Seiko diver case First thing I'll do is to check if : - the date window doesn't comme across the rehaut and is not too much right positionned - the movement inner ring can be shaved enough to fit the quartz movement that came with the dial If everything is OK I'll make the dial plate blank again, shave it to the right diameter (should be about 26mm) and build my new pistacchio green dial. I'll open a new thread for that build but I'll put a link here.
  12. You're welcome guys n France we say "cent fois sur le métier remettez votre ouvrage" ... best translation being "the fourth time is the charm" IMHO, so just do it and do it again and some day ... bingo My first attempt at making a decal dial was January 2017, so 2 years ago Now that I fell really at ease with the process, I'm training for the next step which is ... silk-printing
  13. Some news about the casing of that dial I've had the opportunity to get a 2625-001 Seiko case, which is not in really good condition. But just have a look at that comparison pic below ... it seems to be a good start case for a 980.016 hommage. I'll probably (certainly) have to redo all the dial making process as the rehaut opening is really short on the 2625, and the date window will be a little too close to the rehaut but if it's not under the rehaut I will live with that. Plus I'll probably build a custom "bakelite" bezel (in fact plexiglass with a printed underside). As I will redo the dial I have decided to change the color. I will make it pistacchio green and spray some really thin gold powder on the decal prior to varnishing. So if I succeed the dial should look matte in certain lighting conditions but sometimes there will be shiny gold spots
  14. manodeoro

    Revisiting an old hobby

    Great job BTW ... if you decide to have a slightly patinated sunburst dial, you can just add a "patina background" to your decal design as I did with the precision dial I showed you. Can't wait for the final result ... whatever you decide to do it will be great
  15. manodeoro

    Ingersoll sealion

    Thanks Johnnie I will let you know (ad other members too) how the things go ... on that thread if you don't mind