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  1. manodeoro


    THanks ... that's how I would have proceeded but I just wanted an advice to confirm. I wont spend too much time on that one, just a quick clean and back to the owner. Next time I'll show you my new comer (which is mine) ... a Mortima SuperDatomatic The case and dial are really clean but the movement is "blocked" ... so I'll need some help
  2. manodeoro


    Thanks to you two. It definitely IS an old rep watch but I have never seen such a auto bridge on a Chinese nor Russian movement. The reason probably is that I'm new in this hobby so I have seen old genuine russian movements (mostly handwind) but only new asian clones. So an "old " asian clone ... I've never seen. May I specify that the stem has only 2 positions and there is not hacking second hand. So even if a sign of any sort is under the balance wheel (which I clearly doubt of) I'll have to wait for the movement to stop before trying to read it. I definitely don't want to work on the movement and just clean and buff the watch a little but to do this I would prefer to remove the movement from the case ... I have seen the push button on the right of the stem that would probably help to release the stem but I dont want to brake anything in my firend's watch, even if it's a crappy one. So, at the least, do you know if I'd better remove the stem while in winding position or in adjustment position ? P.S. : why ... WHY didn't my friend asked me to refurbish a Kelton or a Timex P.P.S : to transporter ... the watch is an old DateJust clone that my friend got in Asia long years ago. He doesn't exactly remember but he said about 30 years ... that is why he want to keep it alive and well ... as a memory of his youth
  3. Hello, Last week-end a friend of mine asked me if I would agree to "refurbish a little" (that's what he said) a watch that stayed in his drawers for years. It's a cheap automatic watch so I supposed I would find something Chinese inside, but when I opened it it showed a movement I've never seen. I have no idea which brand/model it is so if anybody here have seen that movement and can put a name on it ... you're welcome
  4. manodeoro

    Mainspring Winders

    Really good catch !!! Envoyé de mon Moto G (5) Plus en utilisant Tapatalk
  5. thank you for that lnk rogart63 I'm not 100% certain it will work but I can take ly chance -Hour hand : 1.50/10 (longer than the required 7.65) - Minute hand : 0.90/15 (longer than the required 12.70) I can cut them squared to the right shape and right overall length. If I'm lucky the lume opening will be long enough and close to the end. If I'm not lucky ... that set is only €6.73 shipped to EU so I wont lose too much money Nevertheless, before ordering, this WE I will try to rework a cheap DJ style handset I have in my drawer. The idea is to stick both hand on a wood block with non permanent glue and try to lengthen the lume openings with a dremel and a 0.6mm diamond disk
  6. Hello rogart63. Thanks for searching your drawers for a possibly matching handset. I have checked cousinsuk website with no succes, then email them and they say "sorry" so no chance this way. About Ofrei ... they didn't even bothered to answer my information request about the length of their handset (I asked if they are measured from the center of the hole or if they are overall lenghts). The only way I can imagine to get that handset at a "normal" price would be if a US member, already ordering some parts from Ofrei, would add it to his order then send it to me in an enveloppe at the cheapest shipping fee, risk on me of course. I would be glad to pay in advance for that if someone would agree to do that. This WE I will try to rework the cheap handset I have to lengthen the lume openings. I will probably ruin them but we never knows ... if I'm handy enough
  7. Hello, In order to finish a custom watch project need a really specific handset ... baton hour and minute hands with a very long lume opening. I have already opened a thread about lengthening lume opening here https://www.watchrepairtalk.com/topic/9734-how-to-lengthen-hands-opening/ but I would really prefer to source a handset that already fit my needs. Here is a picture of what I'm searching for (idealy) I have searched on Ofrei's website and I have seen their HAN-6595 handset that could be almost perfect Unfortunately at Ofrei's website you cannot checkout for orders lower than $18 Plus if I order from them I will have to pay about $18 for shipping, plus taxes and custom fees. At the end I'm afraid I would pay about $50 for a single handset. So if an EU member on that forum has in his/her drawers a handset really close to the one I'm searching for and is ready to let it go ... I would be really happy to pay for the handset and the shipping fees. Or if a member here knows an EU watchparts supplier that have such a handset in stock or can get it (though I have already searched almost all EU suppliers ... but who knows) ... could he/she be kind enough to provide a link or a web adress.
  8. Sorry ... I posted on the wrong thread about Timex second hands. I put a link to cousins 0.21mm second hands on your other thread. And you still can try Omega Chrono second hands ... Ofrei sells some nice orange ones. Envoyé de mon Moto G (5) Plus en utilisant Tapatalk
  9. I did that repair about 4 months ago and it's still holding perfectly. I'm working with a friend on a 3D print project of Timex diver's bezels. If we achieve that that could be really good for Timex/Kelton renovation projects. Envoyé de mon Moto G (5) Plus en utilisant Tapatalk
  10. You can also try Omega chrono central second hands which should have a 0.22mm tube if I'm true. It could work with the 0.21mm pinion of the Timex M25. Envoyé de mon Moto G (5) Plus en utilisant Tapatalk
  11. Hello again I promised to put a link to the "cheap" lume powder I use so here it is : Fine Green glow in the dark I paid a little less than 10€ shipped to France for a 20g package. I choosed that one because the pigments are really thin so one can even relume circled indexes on a submariner style watch, using a glossy water based medium, and get a really smooth result. Plus that product is specially coated to allow the use of water based mediums so you can color it as you want with a watercolor set. Plus it is really cheap, at least compared to a basic relume kit you can pay up to 20€ shipped for a 7g powder kit plus binder. I choosed green glow because I work mostly on vintage watches and the gren light is really close to old Tritium green light. But they also provide a "fine aqua glow" powder that seems to be really close to blue Luminova. It's a shame that they have only those 2 colors in fine powder (10um) ... I would have liked to try their white one on an all-glow dial.
  12. manodeoro

    Timex find at Antique Fair

    Sorry but I dont have any spare parts for Timex/Kelton watches, except for some movements I stripped for repairs. About Timex second hands you could take a chance at cousins (which is good for you as you're in UK). According to M24 and M25 movements specs the second hands have a 0.21mm hole, with no center tube. Cousins sells 0.21 center second hands, both stainless steel, golden plated and black and they cost only £1.15 each https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/centre-seconds-by-size Those second hands have a center tube but it could work nevertheless. And if you need a white or orange one you can buy a SS one and paint it with dilute nail varnish.
  13. Hello ... if you're about to relume a Rally like the one below (which is yours BTW) one thing you can do is to GENTLY remove the lume on the dial with a fiberglass pen eraser and DO NOT remove all the lume. Just keep a thin coat of lume and use it as a guide. The existing lume will prevent your new lume to spread around sothat you can get a really crispy result.
  14. You're welcome !!! Just let us know how it works and fell free to ask for help. Envoyé de mon Moto G (5) Plus en utilisant Tapatalk
  15. manodeoro

    Timex find at Antique Fair

    WOW ... really nice catch for £15. As you paid £s ... may I assume you're in UK ? If YES we're not that far as I'm in Lyon/France. If you decide to let some of those movements leave your desk I really could be interested. For a quick service of those movements you can use the Timex manuals (will post a link here). And it is POSSIBLE to make a full service of the M25 / M24 ... not that difficult if the movements are in good shape. Enjoy that funny hobby !!! Envoyé de mon Moto G (5) Plus en utilisant Tapatalk