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  1. Welcome Angelus, welcome to the forum.
  2. I have never done this on a Rolex BUT it is paramount that the rotation part is not distorted. Absolute support when pushing out and replacing the old axle is very important. Also I have seen aftermarket axles and hopefully they are exact in measurements as Rolex parts need to be exact.
  3. It show all the signs of needing a service. I recommend you find a good horologist for the service.
  4. There is no definitive answer as some dials are easier to clean than others. What ever you try always try in a small area preferably an edge which is hidden when assembled into the watch case. One agent that sometimes works is human spit try some on a cotton bud and test.
  5. Thats a new one for me so it is rare so DONT"T loose it. Here is a useful PDF showing the most common shocks. shock absorber – Watch-Wiki.pdf
  6. Check under really good magnification the balance staff pivots. It is giving all the symptoms of a bent pivot.
  7. Great tool. I have one of these for my screwdrivers which gives the blade tips a better non slip shape. Expensive but very good.
  8. If the cap jewels are seated correctly and you have not transposed them then the balance is not aligned correctly. Rule of thumb DON'T FALSE ANYTHING. By any chance when you removed the balance cock for cleaning was there a shim between the cock bridge and plate. Sometimes if a new balance staff is changed and it is bit tight a cheats way is to put a thin shim under the cock.
  9. Magnetised tools are a real problem when working on watches especially when working on Hairsprings. I have anti-magnetic tweezers the best and safest material is brass. Screwdrivers can become magnetised and a quick zap on my demagnetiser sorts this issue.
  10. Welcome and enjoy the forum.
  11. Welcome Marshal, Enjoy the forum.
  12. Welcome and enjoy the forum. Giving new life to vintage watches can be very satisfying. Enjoy.
  13. Paolo, Getting replacement hairsprings is difficult. I have a lot of hairsprings I have purchased over the years mostly from eBay BUT finding the correct H/S in terms of strength, length and if collected in the correct orientation is difficult. I did purchase a job lot for this company a few years ago http://www.scotchwatch.com/Hairsprings.html In my opinion look for a donor movement is your best option.
  14. If it is fully working then (depending on the price) it is a very good machine. This style of cleaner is manually operated so little to go wrong. The L&R vari-matic is a superior machine as it ultra sonic cleans and it runs automatically. BUT they are substantially more expensive and can go wrong as I found to my cost.
  15. All watches are salvageable if you can source replacement parts. Removing rust is OK but the rusted part has been corroded so the part is damaged.
  16. Welcome, and enjoy the forum.
  17. Take it back to the person or establishment that serviced the watch. Agree with anilv's analysis + there are many other possible reasons too. The only way to detect the fault is for a close inspection of the movement.
  18. Interesting and nice movement. The canon pinion is attached to a drive wheel which is a different design than the norm, if my memory serves me well when I serviced one a few years ago I have had to replace this wheel due to lack of friction.
  19. Welcome Mike, Enjoy the forum.
  20. We need/you need the calibre of the watch movement to do a search. Many watch makers use ETA movements its just the case that is different. With Quartz very often it is quicker and more cost effective to replace the the whole movement with new.
  21. I would double check the size of the generic crystal. Generic parts are notorious for being marginally different. The other issue depending on the watches age, a genuine Rolex crystal has a holographed Rolex logo at 6 o'clock which can be seen with the aid of a LED torch. If this is missing the watch has been devalued.
  22. Click springs & ratchet wheels are available from Cousins.
  23. Welcome Bryan, Enjoy the forum.
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