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  1. My stereo Microscope is now invaluable to me especially when manipulating hairsprings. I recommend.
  2. clockboy


    Welcome enjoy the forum.
  3. If everything is perfectly clean, lubricated and you have no damaged jewels it must be lack of power. Check the mainspring, barrel and barrel jewels.
  4. Auction houses can be fruitful but be careful you need a close inspection which is usually offered a day or two before the actual day of the auction. Omegas ,Rolexes etc that are not working especially vintage are to avoided. If there is one problem when looking for antiques, watches etc is the sellers use the internet as we all do, so rarely anything is sold at a true bargain price.
  5. Welcome and enjoy the forum.
  6. Have you tried this company, https://www.balancestaffs.com/product.php?all=long With this company you can put in dimensions and do a search as well.
  7. Depends on the size of the spring you require. I have modified a "Shepards hook" for small return springs see link below: https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/shepherds-hook-springs-wristwatch
  8. Welcome to the forum. Many here are fans of the vintage Seiko's. Enjoy
  9. Be careful when purchasing a microstella tool. Not all are the same I have two to fit different size microstella screws (Rolex).
  10. Cousins sell Elma baskets but you need to know the basket measurements and fittings. I have found them on ebay too.
  11. This is what is needed to calculate. https://www.m-p.co.uk/formulae/sprlen.htm
  12. The tube, stem & crown need replacing. The watch is not waterproof without the screw down crown. To do this task the movement has to be removed from the case. A relatively straight forward job proving you have the correct tools. If not contact a reputable watch repairer.
  13. Ok I will be looking at it next week. I am hoping the hood it removable so I can see the movement in action. This clock is a family heirloom the guy who owns it tells be it was made in 1790. So I will have to be real careful to say the least.
  14. This one of those faults that are not easy to resolve without close inspection. I would first look at the behaviour of the H/Spring is it breathing evenly. It could just be some dust/dirt that has attached to the spring after it was dropped. If not it is about removing from the case and stripping / cleaning and inspecting as you go.
  15. I am aware of that but how do I test it. I presume the regulation and testing is the same procedures as other clocks.I do not have the height in my converted back bedroom.
  16. I have been asked to look at this long case clock apparently it has just stopped. The guy who services this clock + others has retired. I have explained I can look BUT my work shop is just to small to take on this but it will be interesting to see if I can identify the issue.
  17. I have consulted my "Generale Resorts" book and it does not show a GR25341X but does show a GR2533-1X which is the same as the GR2534X but slightly longer 10,5 not 9,5. + slightly weaker 0.11 not 0.115. Personally I would just purchase the correct spring.
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