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  1. Don’t forget a lot of us have to pay 20% VAT on top, so call it £162. I made my own with an unused (;)) sample bottle and a small metal screw top container, it seems to work fine. Stephen PS it’s epilame :)
  2. I knew Grand Seiko went back a long way, but I was surprised when I checked. Nearly 60 years old now, first model in 1960. Clockboy, you’ll have to be a bit quicker with your news ;)! Stephen
  3. I just use rubber o rings, I find they work fine and are available in a large range of sizes. Stephen
  4. I attach mine to the underside of my desk with Velcro. This way if I forget it's there and move away/stand up I don't end up pulling the desk (or my neck!), it just detaches. Stephen
  5. The bottom one is the same make as the Bergeon - they don't make the tool, Seitz do. In my opinion neither is better, they do the same job. As has been said the bottom has more accessories. It would be up to you whether it is worth the money.
  6. There are three different types of stand/holder for this microscope I have seen on eBay. This one on a (sort of) rigid stand, one with what looks like a flexible gooseneck style stand and one on a tiltable suction based stand. You could therefore get one you could angle if wanted - you may even be able to buy the stands seperately as the microscope is the same. Stephen
  7. I got the exact same model recently to use for quick examinations, as it takes some time to set up my "proper" microscope as I want it. I find it a very useful bit of kit for this, although I don't use it for photos. It's also a lot easier to move around! I can't remember the exact price but it was less than £35 from a UK seller on Ebay, arrived within a few days. Listed as 600x 4.3" LCD 3.6MP. Stephen
  8. No one can say what will happen for sure, but probably if you buy from Cousins (or other British companies) at the moment as a private individual from an EU country you pay the VAT at the point of purchase and nothing is owed on receipt. In future it might be that you will pay the cost without VAT and therefore owe the VAT in your own country on receipt. I don't know how it works in Sweden but in the UK that means the carrier will then collect the VAT from you plus charge a handling fee on top if it is above the VAT exempt allowance (£15 in UK). As wls1971 said customs and duty taxes are minimal or non existent on small purchases. Most UK carriers seem to charge a minimum of £8 handling fee, so it will make all purchases, particularly small ones, more expensive either from UK to EU or EU to UK. Let's hope some sort of deal is made, but I wouldn't count on it. Stephen
  9. Hi This is the Bergeon 30017 version of the tool used for adjusting the collet, comes in different sizes. Obviously pricey for what is essentially a hollow tube to fit over the pivot with a slight nib for fitting in the split on the collet. I picked some up second hand, perhaps simple to make your own? I find it a lot easier and safer than using a screwdriver. Stephen https://www.hswalsh.com/product/bergeon-30017-ttp-tool-hairspring-collets-hc30017-ttp
  10. Cleaning fluid can be easily contaminated, as you have guessed looks like yours might have been. As others have said the fluid goes yellow/brown with normal use. Personally I peg out before and after cleaning just to be sure. All watch parts go in the cleaning machine, case parts in the ultrasonic. I find the machine alone does a much better job than the ultrasonic alone used to do. I also keep a spare jar of used cleaning fluid to preclean dirty movements in before going in the machine - the dirtier parts are, the quicker the cleaning fluid is used up. I use the cleanliness of the parts coming out to judge when the fluid needs replacing, not a set amount of watches cleaned but whatever you do it does need replacing regularly. If I remember correctly the jars on your machine are particularly big so unfortunately go through a lot of fluid. As John said about 5 minutes should be enough for cleaning cycle. Also don't try and get it to spin too fast during cleaning. On my machine I have the speed for cleaning set just below the speed at which foam would start to form. Stephen
  11. As I'm a cheapskate I drilled/reamed my 3mm spindle to make a 4mm one, and then made a bushing so I can now use both 3 & 4mm pushers. If you do this though you need to be very careful and accurate - a bore not in line would make the tool useless. Stephen
  12. I have one that I don't use much, but it is very useful when I do. The table is something that is really needed in my view, I also have a bench micrometer with a table and I use this more than the feintaster. What I like about this is the soft closing of the anvils, very good for delicate parts. £85 is a decent price if condition is good. Stephen
  13. Cousins will sell to anybody, it's up to you whether you agree with their terms. Some of the large European sellers ask you to provide evidence of your trade, not Cousins. With HS Walsh you can just buy direct from them rather than through eBay. Stephen
  14. I gave up on these generic no size selections some time ago as you need to measure each jewel accurately to be of any use. Not many of them seem to end up the type you need either. I buy up, as cheaply as I can, small second hand jewel lots where they are already graded by size and type. I have managed to build a good mixed selection that way. Stephen
  15. It's been mentioned a few times on here before but you don't really need to be able to wind in both directions, although it is simpler. You can wind the mainspring and if it needs to go in the other direction you can push it out into a small circular object (washer, nut, empty mainspring ring etc.) flip that over and press out - direction reversed. I have the same set as you (teegee) and I find it good, but as you have noticed the arbours are often too big. I sometimes use smaller size handles with the barrels and this works well providing it isn't too loose. I do wonder if older mainsprings used smaller arbours as I have not had this problem with older mainspring winders. I don't often work with modern watches so I'm just guessing. I wouldn't worry about the branding, it's not as if you'd get any better tool if it said Bergeon. In fact it probably comes from exactly the same factory anyway. It's not as if Bergeon really make anything very much (if at all) they either contract others to do it or just buy in products and brand them. Rogart I've used that winder before. Although it works I found it difficult to control, perhaps because I have big fingers. I much prefer the handle style of winder.
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