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  1. chadders1966

    Horia tool

    As I'm a cheapskate I drilled/reamed my 3mm spindle to make a 4mm one, and then made a bushing so I can now use both 3 & 4mm pushers. If you do this though you need to be very careful and accurate - a bore not in line would make the tool useless. Stephen
  2. chadders1966

    feintaster tool .

    I have one that I don't use much, but it is very useful when I do. The table is something that is really needed in my view, I also have a bench micrometer with a table and I use this more than the feintaster. What I like about this is the soft closing of the anvils, very good for delicate parts. £85 is a decent price if condition is good. Stephen
  3. chadders1966

    Where to buy in the UK?

    Cousins will sell to anybody, it's up to you whether you agree with their terms. Some of the large European sellers ask you to provide evidence of your trade, not Cousins. With HS Walsh you can just buy direct from them rather than through eBay. Stephen
  4. chadders1966

    Where to get a good assortment of Jewels

    I gave up on these generic no size selections some time ago as you need to measure each jewel accurately to be of any use. Not many of them seem to end up the type you need either. I buy up, as cheaply as I can, small second hand jewel lots where they are already graded by size and type. I have managed to build a good mixed selection that way. Stephen
  5. It's been mentioned a few times on here before but you don't really need to be able to wind in both directions, although it is simpler. You can wind the mainspring and if it needs to go in the other direction you can push it out into a small circular object (washer, nut, empty mainspring ring etc.) flip that over and press out - direction reversed. I have the same set as you (teegee) and I find it good, but as you have noticed the arbours are often too big. I sometimes use smaller size handles with the barrels and this works well providing it isn't too loose. I do wonder if older mainsprings used smaller arbours as I have not had this problem with older mainspring winders. I don't often work with modern watches so I'm just guessing. I wouldn't worry about the branding, it's not as if you'd get any better tool if it said Bergeon. In fact it probably comes from exactly the same factory anyway. It's not as if Bergeon really make anything very much (if at all) they either contract others to do it or just buy in products and brand them. Rogart I've used that winder before. Although it works I found it difficult to control, perhaps because I have big fingers. I much prefer the handle style of winder.
  6. chadders1966

    Omega f300

    John Thanks for that, just what I was looking for. I very much doubt I will attempt a service myself as I know nothing about the movement, I just wanted to know how to check the coils to see if they were working. Rog thanks for the suggestion. I had heard of electricwatches, but he is not taking business at the moment according to the website. I had heard there was another person in the UK who works on these (Keith?) but I don't know any contact details. Stephen
  7. chadders1966

    Omega f300

    Hi I have an Omega f300 with 1260/ESA 9164 movement that's not working. It's in good cosmetic condition, movement looks good and no signs of problems, but a new 344 cell gets no reaction - no hum or hand movement. As I don't know anything about these movements I might need to send it for a service, but I'd like to see if I can find what the problem is first if I can. I suspect it may be the coils. Can anyone explain how I can test them to see whether they are OK or not? Thanks Stephen
  8. chadders1966

    Volna/Vostok 2809

    I think you are right. I was mostly unsure what line the terminal curve should follow but found an example online. Seems to have worked OK, but I'll have to wait until it is cleaned and assembled. Stephen
  9. chadders1966

    Volna/Vostok 2809

    Hi Picked up one of these recently (Soviet copy of Zenith 135) and saw that the hairspring is quite a bit off centre. I've taken it off and positioned it on the cock so you can see how far out of position the stud is. The other photo shows (I hope!) that this is a Breguet overcoil, which I'm not familiar with. Does anyone know, or can see, what the problem is? Any advice? Thanks Stephen
  10. chadders1966

    ETA 2789

    It's not for the date, it's for the day so 2758/78, 59/79, 60/80, 68/88, 69/89 & 2790 might have it, or it might just be the quickset ones, 2769/89 & 90.
  11. chadders1966

    ETA 2789

    Thanks for the response. This is the spring: I think a few calibres will have it from 2750 to 2791, the ones with day indicators. Stephen
  12. chadders1966

    ETA 2789

    Hi I'm after a day jumper spring for an ETA 2789, I think the part number is 2573. Cousins and Jules Borel have it listed as obsolete. I did find one on EBay but it's nearly £20 which I'd rather not pay. I'm waiting for a response from Obsolete Watch and Clock Parts. Any other good sources that wouldn't cost too much? Thanks Stephen
  13. chadders1966

    Silicone Grease (For Gaskets)

    As I mentioned Bergeon don't say KT-22 is silicone. I don't know who makes theirs, but the American made KT-22 I have has an msds sheet that specifies it is made from mineral oil, so I think that is pretty clear.
  14. chadders1966

    Silicone Grease (For Gaskets)

    Back to your original question I don't really see you can do anything about it anyway if Cousins are insisting it is silicone. Interesting point you raise though about KT-22. Bergeon don't say their version is silicone, I have some from an American company that doesn't mention silicone and it certainly doesn't look like silicone. Yet both Cousins and Walshs call it silicone (well, Walshs call it silicon for some reason). Makes me wonder if the word is being used incorrectly to mean gasket grease or something like that? Stephen
  15. chadders1966

    Mainspring Winders

    Hi Sounds awful - I think we need some photos to see how bad they are.