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  1. Silicone Grease (For Gaskets)

    As I mentioned Bergeon don't say KT-22 is silicone. I don't know who makes theirs, but the American made KT-22 I have has an msds sheet that specifies it is made from mineral oil, so I think that is pretty clear.
  2. Silicone Grease (For Gaskets)

    Back to your original question I don't really see you can do anything about it anyway if Cousins are insisting it is silicone. Interesting point you raise though about KT-22. Bergeon don't say their version is silicone, I have some from an American company that doesn't mention silicone and it certainly doesn't look like silicone. Yet both Cousins and Walshs call it silicone (well, Walshs call it silicon for some reason). Makes me wonder if the word is being used incorrectly to mean gasket grease or something like that? Stephen
  3. Mainspring Winders

    Hi Sounds awful - I think we need some photos to see how bad they are.
  4. Mainspring Winders

    Hi Not that this is of any help to you, but I'm having real difficulty visualising this. My winders aren't Bergeon but are probably made in the same place (I doubt Bergeon actually make them). Anyway the fit between the wall of the winder and the steel plate is to such a small tolerance that there is no way the mainspring could slip into it, the gap is much narrower than any mainspring. I've had other problems with the winders, the arbours being too big for example, but not this one. In the main they work well and help me re-insert mainsprings easily without deforming them. Sorry. Stephen
  5. Auto Oiler

    Hi Those oilers are not meant for working on watches - I tried them myself because of the price but they are not right for the job, lacking precision and leaking a lot. They may be alright for working on larger machinery. Automatic oilers are one of those things that some use, some don't. They are certainly not essential, but some people find them useful for specific jobs. Stephen
  6. How do you dismantle a Horia tool?

    Good answer above. I did once exchange emails with someone at Horia - I think it might have even been the owner, seems quite a small company for making such a great range of tools. I was asking about this very subject, but unfortunately I must have deleted the correspondence. I'm pretty sure the procedure was the same or similar. However when I told him that I wanted to buy a 4mm spindle from him so I could use the tool interchangeably with both 3mm and 4mm pushers he told me he wouldn't advise it, that the spindle and/or the tool might be damaged by repeatedly inserting and removing and it should only be done if necessary. Whether he was trying to get me to buy another tool who knows? He did seem quite genuine, and was fine that I didn't buy the extra spindle and pushers I was going to. I think when you buy a tool like this 2nd hand as a general rule it is highly likely to be in good condition as someone paid a lot of money for it new and will have looked after it. Given the cost of a new one they also probably knew how to use it properly as well ;). Stephen
  7. How much?!

    I notice the seller has now relisted, 'only' £1,500 now. I think I'll still give it a miss.
  8. How much?!

    I think they might have overestimated the value of this by a bit ;). Anyone fancy putting in an offer?
  9. Screwdriver Storage

    I picked up some of these for about £6 each. The small holes are perfect for holding screwdrivers suspended so the blades don't touch the bottom and you can clearly see the sizes, larger holes are great for tweezers, levers, lots of other tools. I prefer to put every tool I use away in storage at the end of each day/session to avoid dust etc. and these are great for that and for keeping things together. In fact I ended up buying more and using them in my workroom for other small tools. They would probably not be that difficult to make but at that price it wasn't worth it to me in time and materials, easier to buy. Stephen
  10. Bezel Remover

    Hi There are probably others out there like me who have bought the largely unimpressive A*F Bezel remover - I decided to try and improve mine a bit by making it more stable, therefore able to exert a more steady pull under pressure. I used an old timex crystal tool I had spare and trimmed the edges of the rubber, and ended up with this: It now works reasonably well (better than before anyway) at removing rotating bezels from clamped watches, and can be used one or two handed - it's certainly a lot easier to exert even pressure and lift. It's still not that brilliant really as it could do with a bigger and stronger lip to go under the bezel instead of mainly using side grip. As per usual I rather rushed the job as I wanted to see if it could work. The ring really needs securing at the top as well at the ends, but it was too late to change when I realised this. Also I should have trimmed the rubber more neatly, but it is fine where it touches the watch. Stephen
  11. ETA 2824 Mainspring

    The spring I took out matched ETAs specifications exactly, 1.23 x 0.125 x 40. This makes me think it may be an original as I can only seem to find springs that match either the height or thickness, not both. I was happy to reuse the spring as it was in good condition, but somehow the bridle/attachment that pushes the spring against the barrel came loose and I now have it in two pieces. I have no idea how that happened, or if it can be fixed.
  12. ETA 2824 Mainspring

    Hi, I can see that it probably would work as it is the right height, but a thickness of .132 is quite a bit above .125 - perhaps the description is wrong and it is really .125, any way you could measure it? I'm not entirely sure what the problems of too thick a spring are. Excessive wear? Overbanking? Shorter reserve? Stephen
  13. ETA 2824 Mainspring

    Hi I need a replacement mainspring for an ETA 2824 - the bridle came off the original when I was re-inserting. Cousins UK have the size as 1.23 x 0.132, Ranfft 1.20 x 0.115, Borel (and General Resorts I think) 1.25 x 0.125. However the original ETA parts listing says 1.23 x 0.125, which agrees with my measurement of the existing spring. Does anyone know where I might get a spring exactly 1.23 x 0.125? Cousins don't carry one, and none of the listings on Ebay actually state the size. Alternitavely is there any way the bridle can be re-attached? Thanks Stephen
  14. Punches needed

    As far as I am aware 4.7mm is pretty much standard for all stakes, European or American. I think the initial American standard was 3/16", I don't know if that is what is still used or it changed to exactly 4.7mm but the are pretty much interchangeable. The only ones I have seen that are different are the Indian made Pearl sets you can buy as new which are 5mm. Of course there could be others I don't know about. The difficulty comes in the fact that different companies use different reference numbers for stakes, so it's hard to know which number to get. The following pdf was posted last year by tomcolson, this has some compatability details: Stephen
  15. Punches needed

    There are a number of second hand tool sellers in USA/Canada (Uncle Larrys Watch Shop, Dashto, Daves Watch Parts, Watch Tools Online) but they mainly have American made tools. If you specifically want Boley you may be better looking on German Ebay, there are often good quality tools listed there. I don't remember seeing anybody listing specific stakes though. I do remember seeing once a chart that compared the different stake numbers across the different manufacturers, but I can't remember where sorry. Stephen