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  1. Screwdriver Sharpening

    what ever it takes to get near 100% contact in the screw head, including the top edge. another good subject is "restoring" screw heads. vin
  2. Screwdriver Sharpening

    it is quite sad to see a valuable watch, camera or clock. with "upset screw heads"
  3. Hello from sunny Queensland

    welcome to the forum; you have the best experience that any mechanic can get. think of disassembling a radial engine the size of a wrist watch. this forum can direct you to the best tech, manuals (now it seems to be videos). there are some tricky dissembles, like which one is "the master rod". enjoy, vin
  4. Oiling advice

    I prefer the old "single pots" or - equilevant (sp). it depends on the COST of the "oil drop" placed in it. if properly stored, oil will last till used up. vin
  5. I recommend, using a medical stethoscope first. vin
  6. good job, hair spring looks a little out of shape, easy fix. vin
  7. De Carles book is old and very good for "vintage watches", basic mechanics and tools. vin
  8. there, is an interesting question; " what does it sound like when is running" ? vin
  9. I think: the compas trick is essential because the de gousing does not all ways work on one pass thru the magnetic field. there is a lot of info on this, in this forum. vin
  10. they are very good for wrist watches! I still need some for pocket watches - all the same size, vin
  11. that is a very good question. how do you tell which way the spring barrel is wound? vin
  12. Split winding stem?

    the case appears to be a Wyler. vin
  13. Split winding stem?

    the 2 part stem as pictured above is the standard for the front loader vintage wrist watch. use an old pair of tweezers to apply an even pressure when prying it off. new watches may be different. vin
  14. Shim under the balance cock

    do the Russ factory or any country put a shim under the bridge? vin
  15. Balance Spring

    though I hate to hear "that can't be repaired" , BUT, this repair is not FEASEABLE. could cause headaches, the easy way out is BUY NEW. vin