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  1. the ww 11 german panel clocks are very hot - will set off all the alarms, I have one that still glows in the dark. vin
  2. tuning fork watches a part of watch history - I hope ! mechanicly and electricly too complicated . the case design - magnificent I hope to find quartz movements to put all my cases (except the "space view ", I keep it running. vin
  3. it is a good idea to replace the stem after you get the mvt., out of the case and continue on with the work. vin
  4. you realy need a photo when discussing that mvt.. I quit working on them years ago. vin
  5. yes tool catalog. you can use spade or some times twist drills. it's nice have a set of those anyway. if you had a lathe; you could make " go - no go " gages. cheers vin
  6. "carrier solvent" - not in lube oil. the oldies are all gummed up because they did not have synthetic lube oil of today. clocks and watches used whale oil. vin
  7. drilling can be difficult, you are at an angle with the hole, it would elongate the hole. vin
  8. in this kind of work, you need the proper measuring tool vin
  9. nothing to do with vintage watches, vintage or cheep spring bars. if you want brake a spring bar, put a drop of penetrating oil on each end of the spring bar BEFORE you put a screwdriver between the case and the bar. cheers, vin
  10. I should have known, I thought it was a horse at Long Acres. vin
  11. welcome Gene, how deep in a watch has your tinkering been? you will like this forum. cheers, vin
  12. welcome to the forum, another thing that would keep the "old spitfire with you" storage at 50 deg. and 55 % relativity humidity. vin
  13. make or buy one of the small watchmakers benches. they are easy to cover up. perhaps put it on wheels. vin p,s, can you cut in a window?
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