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  1. bar soap will also stop slippage. we used it on old "flat belt lathes and mills". i used it later on auto "v belts". it may work on any belt - leather or rubber. vin
  2. vinn3

    broken mainspring

    there is an aftermarket, pocket watch main spring that can not be repaired. a "lifetime main spring" very heavy duty! i have one, few have seen one. vin
  3. vinn3

    broken mainspring

    with your staking set. you can "broach" a hole, in spring or annealed spring. vin
  4. vinn3

    broken mainspring

    not true. I have received both watches and clocks with a "shortened a main spring", I have shortened them. vin
  5. vinn3

    screw head snapped off

    penetrating oil is best. vin
  6. vinn3

    Hello from Georgia, USA

    welcome to the best forum. the micky mouse ingersol is too valuable to practise on, how about an ingersol pocket watch? quite common in the USA ? vin
  7. Charlie; yes, i use my hands, but the key is use the thumbs and lots of practise. the thumbs will not damage the springs.
  8. vinn3

    2892 Remove mainspring power

    check it out, that is a way to let down the main spring. ask Mark. good luck. vin
  9. vinn3

    2892 Remove mainspring power

    if you remove the balance and fork it should let the spring down and this allows you to "run the gear train for inspection. vin
  10. vinn3

    Hello everyone! I just joined!

    welcome Umberto; "young guys" a few buy um to "flip". pentioners are the best target. how was the market in Italy? Vinn
  11. by parting out gramothers treaddle sewing machine, you can make a "treaddle lathe" they wer actually made for the aprentise program. vin
  12. vinn3

    Greetings from Ireland

    welcome to the " fun forum" . boiling a clock; this has some historical military presidence. after crawling around in the mud. your Webley could mucked up and cease to function. without alcohol, to clean it up, boiling water. in the soup pot, was all we had and it worked even without deturgents. "be happy in your work". vin
  13. Fred; go for it ! any out of work veteran should know about this. spread the word. vin
  14. vinn3

    Dial Removal

    very good show ! vin