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  1. welcome Jon. here is a much needed tool design: an economic winder for "automatic winding vintage watches". vin
  2. i think : micromesh is new and crocus cloth is still available and beter.
  3. No, its not you. all the new screw drivers are flat. my secret: use round hone stones on the flats. AND its not that important. just buy good drivers. vin
  4. the best way to answer the questions is "read a book on watch repair and clock repair." you can down load some these on the internet.. vin
  5. yes; "hand closeing tool" this could be just a hammer and anvil. a jury rig., But it is the measurment of the hole to get a press fit, is the art. vin
  6. i think that lever is the click ( or paul ) ratchet to wind the main spring, or to "let down" the main spring. - on a lever set pocket watch, the lever disconects the winder so to set the hands. i don't see anything like that here. vin
  7. i think, once you take the dial off; you will see how the mistake was made. good luck. vin
  8. there no problem with watch parts. batterys or pistols UNLESS you have "acid hands". ( a condition some have ) vin
  9. I wonder if he could make a wind powered device to wind my automatic watch? vin
  10. post a photo, were here to help.
  11. i am intraged by how small a ladys wind up watch is. vin
  12. i think there is a few posts on this forum for "pannel clocks" auto and aircraft, electrical and mechanical. vin
  13. Silversmiths: there are some that can restore silver pocket watch cases - including the hinge and the latch. vin
  14. in 1920 s', a pocket watch was a just a tool - not a hobby. BUT IF - you wore a " double brested" watch and chain, most often will have a small pocket knife at the end of the chain.. with the key wind, you had to open the back to wind every day. cheers vin
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