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  1. Clock Oiling

    nothing wrong with clock oils. as far as new engine oils, there are no corosives for brass or bronze. the old "non deturgent" "mineral oils" were replaced by synthetic motor oil. a great improvement ! i was working for standard oil when the "multi - viscosity" oil came out. many tests were were made. don't use it on watches. vin
  2. Clock Oiling

    not mineral oil or whale oil, synthetic oil, multi additives and multi viscosity. that is the point. though, i would like to get some whale oil. vin
  3. Clock Oiling

    O. H.; no, tranny oil is not a lube. i think engine oil is quite usable on clocks, not watches. V.
  4. Omega cal 564 quickset problem

    " stem fallout", can cause many odd problems, like " upset crown gear". could you have determined WHY? vin
  5. looks interesting, try it out, at the worst - it might just be home made. cheers, vin
  6. Pauljohno Intro

    welcome to the forum. vin
  7. Clock Oiling

    at last; !, multi. visc. engine oil is reconized ! i don't use Tranny oil because, it is hydrolic oil, not engine oil. vin
  8. 2836-2 Stem Release Button

    i think we have been there before. no offense meant. in my exsperience with the push pin or the screw; if you mess up its "dial off" at least. the experts usually don't have this probem. vin p.s. if the dial pin retaining set screws are "rusted it", - another story.
  9. there is watch repair school in Finnland, but they refuse to speak English.
  10. welcome to the load of new members! remember; even if you are [or were] a heavy equipment, [driver or mech. or both]; the chances of losing any fingers on watch repair, are slight. vin
  11. good explanation. and referance. vin
  12. Soldering New Dial Feet

    the art of tinning uses a product called "tinners fluid" at one time, you could buy it or make it. vin
  13. Trench watch

    since "trench watch" means WW - 1. not many left in circulation AND not many "military marked" . there are copys - very common. vin
  14. Tissot Use Key No 200T

    the two part case wrist watch is not to common. some very good watches were made that way ( girard perregaux ) the problem is , with age, they tend to "fall apart". (no longer a press fit) after service, should one glue the two parts together ?
  15. Help needed with platform escapement

    the Chelsea bulkhead clocks have a pallet escapment that could be bought for $50 U.S.. no longer available, navy went to quartz and battery. vin