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  1. there are ways to repair lose case parts. some jewelers are "silversmiths" (tinkers). this forum should have one. don't use "trial and error" on a valuable silver case. vinn
  2. Old Horology Books

    Thanks. good show !
  3. How long is edit window open?

    burning? i always wanted to visit that one. vin
  4. modern inexpensive pocket watches tend to have a very tight "pop off" back. and require a press to re install them. modern screw back pocket watches tend to have poor threads, so inspect and pry carefully. vin
  5. Screwdriver Sharpening

    if the screw driver tip does not touch the bottom of the slot, you are driving a wedge in and might spread or break the screw head. have you ever seen a screw head with one side broken off? to prevent making a wedge the blade is "hollow ground". the tip touches the bottom - and 99.5% contact with the sides of the slot. i hate to see a watch with distorted screw heads. use "blueing" to view the contact. vin
  6. 595d271183127_watchbras.pintool.JPG

    please remove this photo from the gallery, thanks, vinn
  7. Hello from NY

    welcome to the forum. vin
  8. just look it up in a watch repair book or video.
  9. first law of mechanics; "don't remove the parts you don't need to". you can clean those with peg wood. vinn
  10. i don't think they have a shelf life. but you have to know how to melt and use them - as a form of glue. vin
  11. Real antimagnetic watch

    block magnetism?
  12. Real antimagnetic watch

    high quality stainless is not magnetic, nor is brass.
  13. 595d271183127_watchbras.pintool.JPG

    this pin pusher is "not good". the drifts are too soft, bent one all ready, may not be hardenable. vinn