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  1. vinn3

    Greetings from BC, Canada

    welcome to the best forum. BEWARE; chinese copied watch tools are WEAK! buy good tools (avoid a head ache). perhaps; learn to make some of the simple tools. vin
  2. vinn3

    Hi from Maryland USA

    DP; welcome to the forum, nice pix., good watches! vin
  3. vinn3

    Improvised watchmaker's bench

    welcome and good show! floor model sewing machine cabinets also makes a good watch bench (after throwing the machine out). i made a "stand up watch bench" before having surgery that worked very well. i still use it somtimes when i have a back ache. vin
  4. vinn3

    Lepsi Geneve Timer

  5. it was the fake rollex that drove me to buying Omegas. vin
  6. vinn3

    Seth Thomas Alarm clock

    try this: instead of using a "pin vice" to "control the main spring let-down", use a small drill chuck, or you can use a file handle and a winding key barrel and try to make a "let down tool". vin
  7. I use synthinic (sp) oil, veg. oil can mold. the viscosity to use is the real question. vin
  8. Very good! what do you do if the screw slot is buggered up?
  9. vinn3

    Neil From the US - VA

    welcome to the forum. do you like vintage military watches?
  10. vinn3

    A weird pocket watch

    how do you find the "cal number"?
  11. vinn3

    Good bye

    just take a vacation and come back to one of the friendlyist (sp) forms I have found. vinn
  12. in de Carle first book there were not many choices of a solvent at that time, for dealing a with glue used (shellac). you are quite right there. it is a chemists' problem. so, if you take the pallet fork out; what is the best solvent for watch cleaning? I have used isopropyl for years for its cleaning ability . vin
  13. alcohol ---- isopropyl is what the industry uses, avaible everywhere. why use lighter fluid ? your watch problem lays in other areas.
  14. vinn3

    Hairspring Frustration

    you need to read up or "video up" in the "entry shape" of the lead into the main part of the hair spring. its in all the books AND if you have a "time grapher" (sp) it will tell ypi when thw shape "is best". vin
  15. vinn3

    Neil From the US - VA

    welcome to the forum. vin