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  1. "the wrench that removes the stem collet out of the vintage pocket watches." since this is an area often rusted. the tool shoud good quality steel and get 2 as they are very fragel. vin
  2. welcomen Roger. did you know there is a watch school in Finnland? requires speaking Finnish. pava
  3. good show, welcome to the best watch forum. vin
  4. this reminds me of trying to find a "silver pocket watch case repair man" AND which one to send it to and trust. vin
  5. sell on Craigs list via the internet? vin
  6. have you removed the bezel? put the stem back in until the bezel is off, if it did not go in, you have a "dial off situation". good luck. vin
  7. good show ! i was looking thru a bag of wrist watches that was bought a few years ago, they were quite grungry, to my surprise, one is an Omega. i am cleaning it up now. vin
  8. the old Omega did the same thing. mvt. screws were special springs. new spring tabs solved it. if the mvt. is of the tight type, perhaps a washer is missing. i am eager to hear the solution. vin
  9. nothing, i have one ,BUT, the working mechanic , working every week for 5 years is better usualy at problem solving.. vinn
  10. how about; getting the highest paid mechanical job (not engenering) and save watch repair for retiremet ?? when you are old like me -- you don't have to remember how to spell ! cheeres, vin
  11. good show, i don't think it is from the ford factory, they had a clock built into the mirror, wound buy a pull chain. vin
  12. good show. there ar a lot of "panel clocks" posts on this forum. check the gallery. vin
  13. welcome to this forum HectorLooi. do you work on watches? vin
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