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  1. years ago, someone in the east bought up all the new parts. i heard the prices were enormus. vin
  2. i have one of the hamilton electrics the mvmt. works fine, the case damaged. vin
  3. dose it have an autmatic spring?? if so, theres your problem. i have an omega speedmaster, 1970 that slips just like that.. here is my opinion --main spring is broken or the spring ( on ether end) "sliped the hook". vin
  4. the click (paul) is a rachet for the rachet wheel, part of the mainsping barrel. correct? the watch will not run if the main spring is (up tight). if you want to take the balance out. "let down the main spring". this watch has the winding stem "locked up", can not let the spring down. i want to avoid a total tear down of this valuable watch. SO, if i can find the click and release it, a total tear down MAY be avoided. are you with me now? cheers, vin
  5. how about bakeing soda in warm water or dergent (2 separate tests). vin
  6. coincedently, i just yesterday i recived a box from Essengers. i was going to post a pic's, but i better step out and drop a Christmass tree. merry Christmass to all. vin
  7. i'll start with a picture, a Navada, i have the calibre, somw where.
  8. i am working on a watch that will run, but the wind is "locked up" usually i find the click and let the spring down. any ideas? this watch has signs of being worked on. vin
  9. if my information is true; the only reason it is alloud to slip is "if it was anchored in the barrel "as normal" main spring" the winder could break it. some put a standard spring in, some watches will wind with the rotor removed. "to each his own". vin
  10. perhaps you need a young lady to answer the phone? vin
  11. good show, keep up the good work ! during my aprentisship, there were a couple "old foot pedle lathes", about 4 inch. as i rember, his main point points were "sharpening cutting tools and you don't always need high speed to make a good cut". hang in there, vin
  12. the price was right and a good try. carry on. vin
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