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  1. was it silocon oxide that came before diamond paper? in any event, you should look up various methods. vin
  2. i have never tryed to replace a Hardlex with an acrylic . would you have to re machine the bezel. i'd like to do that. vin
  3. i like the sound of $1, generic crystal. where can i find them - i'll stockup. vin
  4. a mantle clock often was a place to hide pot. vin
  5. good show! any idea when it was made? vin
  6. as an E, you might uderstand; HONDA made a new watch with a case opener in the box. it looked like a knurled disk, about 2 or 3 inch o.d., a hole in the center with the case notches. like an inturnal gear. i did not keep the photo of it. vin
  7. I might try buying a watch from e bay. vin
  8. maybe "torch and hammer" - then nitro
  9. one step at a time, if it is stuck - and, or not a screw back, i use P.O. first. vin
  10. thanks; ill try to find one in the US..vin Cousins do this one.. https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/double-handed-up-to-060mm It's not too bad a price either.
  11. that tool looks very good! can you buy one today? vin
  12. if you use penitrating oil on the back seam, you might not need to go to all this trouble. vin
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