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  1. vinn3


    welcom to the form. i don't worry about grama or spelling. vin
  2. vinn3

    Exhibition Case Backs

    some guys chuck the back in a lathe and cut and fit a crystol there. i think the view backs were orininally a "salesman sample". vin
  3. alcohol is the simple answer. if not sure consult a chemist.
  4. i believe, any solvent will desove shellac. thats why you remove those parts before cleaning. at one time, paint thinner and lighter fluid were the only solvents available (or cheeep) for "cleaning". for manual cleaning, iso alchol is available, at the chemist, usially at 75% solution. and the warning "do not drink". it is the best solvent for oil or grease. if you buy a cleaning machine; use their sugested cleaners. cheers. vin
  5. vinn3

    Shimming the Balance Cock

    So whats cooking in iran?
  6. vinn3

    Shimming the Balance Cock

    has any one found a new watch with a shim under the balance cock? it could be an assembly line proceedure. vin
  7. vinn3

    Shimming the Balance Cock

    "shiming" is not cricket. its like using beer can tin to shim a "con rod". vin
  8. this forum is full of posts on those various subjects concerning "stuck screw". it may be the first thing a watchmaker should learn. - penitrating oil. vin
  9. vinn3

    Red gasket - silicone?

    red in o rings means "high temp" formula. in any event, o rings ARE lubed with a special grease per formula - that will not will cause it to expand (and not fit into the gruve).. to play it safe, leave it dry or contact the maker. vin
  10. protect your eyes, for that is the quickest way into the blood stream. vin
  11. i have a Giger Muler counter and have used it on several watches and air craft panel clocks. it is a big, clunky, civil devence unit.. i would not buy electronics from ebay. it is important to buy with a guarante on this item. vin
  12. welcome to the forum. mechanical aptitude AND experience will do you well in retirement. vin
  13. vinn3

    New interest

    Yes; same advice applies to and Omega. vin
  14. vinn3

    Tissot V8 battery replacement

    it would be worth the time to take it to watchmaker and ask "remove the back please". if you do get it off, it will be hard to get back on. on the cheaper watches (pocket watches also) it might be a factory miss match. you can enlarge I.D. with a dremel grinder. let us know what happens. good luck. vin
  15. vinn3

    Hairspring tool?

    a tool that suspends a balance by the hair spring might be a help to install a balance. vin