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  1. Strange Lathe Thread

    an acme thread tap -- is available at a tool supply or borrow it from a machinist friend. vin
  2. I never knew

    i also agree, but the plastic domes are good cover on the work bench. vin
  3. Strange Lathe Thread

    it is something a machinest would know, quite common on lathes. vin
  4. Strange Lathe Thread

    those threads appear to be a form of "acme thread pattern".. all the specs are in the "machinery hand book". vin
  5. the vest; don't wear mine much any more, but have a gold "double breasted" rig, complete with a fob and a $5 gold coin. jeans are the thing now. the watch pocket must be big enough for the watch to be pulled out "without a strain" on the bail. vin
  6. I have had a seemstress install the watch pockets on new jeans - any watch size you want.
  7. the main problem with the early accutrons was: the stem was not a " power switch"! they were "battery eaters" BUT, very collectable. Vin
  8. "little watch pocket size" in the chineze made jeans, all the pocket sizes are SCREWED UP! pocket watches are still the mark of a working man OR best place for very valuable watch, vin
  9. "franken" is a myth. just concentrate on enjoying watch repair.
  10. good show, good job. modifying a watch is very good training. as a mechanic, I approve. I doubt the "watch collectors" approve. vin
  11. first verify that you have a "two part" stem. or take the crystal out with the "claw tool" as illustrated above. vin
  12. Hello from NE England

    welcome to the forum. vin
  13. do they make a watchmakers' 4 jaw chuck? vin