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  1. Corrosion on pocket watch case

    a watch repair book might tell you the right way to polish a case.
  2. Pin lever movement id?

    good show. "cheap as chips", like the " dollar pocket watch" very collectable. vin
  3. your jeweler saved the watch. did he show you how he did it? presses are just another tool to learn. vin
  4. to use any type case closer, alignment of the tool is important, check it. vin
  5. Hello from East Tennessee

    welcome to the forum. vin
  6. de Carles' book on watch repair shows how to make this bend, I can post the page number?
  7. after market crystals are ok, but if your watch had a tension ring in it, the mvt. may be lose in the case. save the original for reference. vin
  8. good show, good watch. I hate to see those "disturbed screw heads" in any watch. vin
  9. Greetings from Canada

    welcome to the forum. Book/Video is the way to go. vin
  10. Accutron 218

    good show ! accutrons are good to collect and not easy to keep um running (my personal opinion). vin
  11. good find! it will be a good experience UNcrushing it. try "torch and taper pin". vin
  12. "the two piece stem" the part that goes into the movment must be set first and tested ( winding and move the hands) then put it in the case. vin
  13. i should have known ! "the plastic bag". vin