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  1. vinn3

    Fitting a watch crystal

    I find epoxy much better than super glue.
  2. vinn3

    Lathe motor size

    a sewing machine will be too small (un less it is a leather sewing machine). it looks like the pulley is made for a "round leather belt"? I would buy a variable speed motor with more horse power, - better to control "belt slippage". vin
  3. vinn3

    Hello from Canada

    welcome. bone up watch repair with books or video; best of luck, vin
  4. vinn3

    Elgin Pocket Watch Stem Sleeve

    I think not pressed, but a "slip fit", but if rusted, hard to get out, vin
  5. yes, what about "chronometer"?
  6. I have often wondered about the use of the word chronometer. much like "railroad" or RR on old pocket watches. vin
  7. vinn3

    Hello from Scandinavia.

    welcome to the forum.
  8. vinn3

    Can this be fixed?

    broken case and broken heart. watches with durable cases is the way to go. vin
  9. vinn3

    Remove watch dial

    "rust and the dial foot set screws" you are lucky if the dial screws are missing. if you don't see a screw driver slot, in the hole, it might be rusted. put a drop of "penitrating oil" let it sit awhile and probe around with the proper screw driver. many projects ar stoped if the can not be removed. vin
  10. welcome to the best watch forum.
  11. vinn3

    Screwdriver Sharpening

    there are 3 grits of sharpening stones. oil or water stones. it takes a bit of practice to sharpen ANY THING! don't give up, practice. vin
  12. isopropinal (alcohol), you can get it at the drug store. vin
  13. vinn3

    Screwdriver Sharpening

    well, put them in a lathe, resurface them, put them in a mill and enlarge the slot. best buy new ones. vin
  14. vinn3

    Screwdriver Sharpening

    there is an excelent post on bluing screw heads someware on this forum. the bad thing about it is buying a watch with pre "chewed" heads and having to say "I dint do it" ! vin