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  1. vinn3

    What Tissot watch is this??

    good show! screw drivers; very importent for any watch work. inexpencive or high dollar, you should read up or video on screw driver sharpening. vin
  2. vinn3

    How to remove clock hands?

    levers are good, you can use 2 table knives, but pretect the dial first. i use a calling card. vin
  3. vinn3

    New member from Worthing, UK

    welcome to a fine forum. watches are a good hobby espesialy if you have mechanical aptitude. vin
  4. how about a photo of the battery area.
  5. keep up the good work ! check the balance cock and staff end shake. vin
  6. vinn3

    New Collector at Large

    welcome Justin; its good to collect, most of my collection is "repairables' ". vin
  7. Mark; welcome to the forum. good show, " accentual repair" that often happens. vin '
  8. vinn3

    Timex Camper Restoration

    timex radioactive dials. still repairable if you are carfull. vin
  9. vinn3

    Timex Camper Restoration

    there were lots of Timex of that style in the U S military - 1968 - some made with 17 jewels and radioactive dials. see my photo gallery. vin
  10. vinn3

    Problem Removing Movement

    I use leverage rather than pulling. vin
  11. vinn3

    Buying Tools in Canaca

    welcome to the forum. you can buy new and used watch tools on the internet - like - Amazon. vin
  12. looks like base metal or stainless.
  13. vinn3

    homemade cleaning machine ?

    the ultrasonic could damage the pivots, put them in a mesh basket suspended into cleaner, vin
  14. "let down the main spring" there are several ways to do this. first find the ratchet paul or click. vin
  15. vinn3


    a good cleaner is alcohol! find it at rhe chemists shop. vin
  16. the magazine is $29.95, but, there is a forum with that name. vin
  17. vinn3

    Eta 2834-2 behaves weird

    running too fast in the up position may indicate a problem or dirt a balance jewel. vin
  18. good show. the scraping patern, we call "frosting" and its job is to hold oil on the ways. vin
  19. vinn3

    Movement holder

    they use to sell wooden houlders. i prefure them to the plastic ones. vin
  20. vinn3

    Rotor bearing replacement

    good question, even when they are " rattleing" the watch is working. oil or thicker oil on the ball bearing might quiet them down. if you can't get a new one, try oil. good luck, vin
  21. vinn3

    Rotor bearing replacement

    welcomr to the forum. if the parts are not avaiable, buy a parts mvt. off the internet . one of the forum members might have the part. vin
  22. a slipping device or a " clutch" is discussed in de Carles book.. was patented by Movoto? vin
  23. here is a story about Swiss made watches -- i heard -- it may be true: they boasted making "the smallest watch screw" and sent it to Japan. the Japanese drilled a hole thru it and sent it back to the Swiss ! vin
  24. it is amazing; on some of these how to vidios, on very meny subjects, are just crap.