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    andy; those gears are made to be put in a picture frame --- art work. a "collarg" (sp). VIN
  2. vinn3

    DeWalt Timex Ironman

    "Philip head screws" are very common and loads of timex dead watches out there for "a buck or two". I did not know the screws came in metric and S.A.E.. vin
  3. vinn3


    thanks; good to know what thread patern is in the chuck. vin
  4. vinn3


    does it have metric or S.A.E. or metric threads on the head stock? vin
  5. some high end watches come from the factory with a "case back wrench'" . have you seen one of those? vin
  6. are you sure it is a "rolex style" of back remover?
  7. vinn3


    the original unimat, ( the one made in the USA ). the used ones most often did not have the chuck amoung the accessories. BUT the headstock thread was 1/2 x 20 inch and a drill press chuck fit and it works like a collet. vin
  8. vinn3

    Polishing Gold Plated Case & Band

    you dont need a grinder, even "a rag on a stick" works good. vin
  9. vinn3

    Polishing Gold Plated Case & Band

    jewlers rouge is best for me. vin
  10. the single edge ( safety razor ) allows you to tap on the back with a jewelers hammer. this should open the seam for a wedge' vin
  11. Rumpole had had a solution for similar problems, Chatto fleet street I think? all kidding aside, it may be a new import watch that is not repairable . vin
  12. vinn3


    wecome to the best watch forum. vin
  13. vinn3

    Elgin 3/0 Movement Runs Fast

    yes you need a compass (very small ) or something to indicate a magnetic field. vin
  14. vinn3

    Elgin 3/0 Movement Runs Fast

    most watch books will explain the de mag. proceedure. de Carles book says to remove the balance and de-mag. it seperatly. vin
  15. vinn3

    What makes a quartz watch "tick"

    "electrickery" i like that. how about digittrickery? vin
  16. welcome to the forum.
  17. vinn3

    Hi from Sweden!

    welcomen. watches are a very good hobby. you don't need a big work shop. i started out with a cigar box and a few basic tools.
  18. vinn3

    IWC 66 Finger piece.

    the path of least resistance; get a used mvt., the internet, with a good description, might find one. vin
  19. good welders know a lot about this. for example, first you do not use an iron, use a torch and a wet rag to cool the dial face. and, the oxy/acetlene torch includes "jewlers torch". epoxy and double sided tape are a jury rig for replacing dial feet. the machine mentioned above sounds interesting vin
  20. welders that have a lot of experence could solder the dial feet without any - stain/burn ? vin
  21. vinn3

    Tool identification please

    wire gages and sheet metal thickness. calipers do the same thing. vin
  22. vinn3

    Hello from Norcal

    welcome to the forum; watch tools are important even if you only want to take the watch back off. north Cal. is realy nice. vin.
  23. vinn3

    Is there a tool?

    on watches,cameras,guns etc., bugered up screw heads are the first thing the eye sees ! on a good watch, its worth buying a parts watch JUST for the screws. vin