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  1. alcohol and elbow grease. mainley watches these days. vin
  2. brasso no - no; i used it for years without knowing is contained abrasive in the formula ! "good for brass buttons, not for clocks". vin
  3. in any event; it must be time to take it apart? there is some very good timex repair posts on this forum. vin
  4. The all arround hobby machinist would have a jeweler's lathe, a compound lathe AND a mill. i suggest, a jewler's lathe and learn how to use the "gravers" for a start. cheers vin
  5. yes; this is a very good tool. IF you ever work on vintage watches.
  6. The Finn's had an interesting solvent for cleaning : Cosin Corba. vin
  7. its not easy to find 99.5 isoprop., usually 75, but is still cleans and "may be less distructive" on the shelack. the big diference is -- you can drink ethanol. !
  8. filling the case with the proper gas and good oiling should double the life of the watch. number of years between servacing - debatable. vin
  9. good show ! what is the second knob for? vin
  10. this here is watch repair. a very good hobby if you have a little mechanical ability. Lawyers : they should put a bounty on them.
  11. right you are Tex. vin
  12. why is anything "over priced" ? greed
  13. i think that movado made their movments.
  14. dose the screw lock the case back? my guess is "survival gear". vin
  15. good show! on my vintage crowns, i often replace the crown with one of larger diameter (fat fingers) and save the original. vin
  16. very interesting watch repair book. good thing its not in Finnish. vin
  17. some watch repair books show to re bend this spring.
  18. silver corrodes and turns black --- just like the watchabove. vin
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