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Seiko 6139-6010 aka "Bruce Lee"

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Hello guys. This is my last project – Seiko 6139-6010 aka Bruce Lee. Watch is from ‘69and it is based on the 6139A movement. Nice shot for the 50th Seiko anniversary of first automatic chronograph development. So please see the pictures below from all restoration proces. It took me 3-4 evenings.

The watch came to me as non runner. Crystal was scratchy with many chips. Dial was dirty and dusty with signs of water damages. Hands lost their lume. Day calendar was loosen and didn’t work properly. Movement was complete but very dirty and dry – there weren’t any residues of old oil in the jewels. Somewhere were signs of water flood. I dissasembled movement and I gave it a bath in ultrasonic cleaner then i’ve assembled and oiled movement. Star disk od date wheel was repaird with small amouth of resin glue. Movement had tend to stop sometimes. Inspection showed that the tiny chip on the bottom pivot of the escape wheel. It was hard to see it. After replacment movement ran as a champ. I polished the hands cause there was rust and gave them new lume. Dial was cleaned. I didn’t touch the lume on the hours indexes. I was affraid to screw up it. I think now it is quite good despite the fact that the lume does not glow. Orginal crystal was polished but I decide that in the future I will replace it. Case and caseback got some polish works only with polishing paste, not too much cause I didn’t want to loose the sharpnes of orginal edges – as usual I did it. Bracelet was matted with abrasive wool. Everything was mix up and combined and there is the result.

After measurments on timegrapher and adjustment it is a nice timekeeper. An amplitude satisfy me as well. Now I am enjoy to wear it.

Please let me know what do you think of this restoration project and about my works on it. I appreciate your comment and your spend time. Cheers folks











































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Wide range of restorative attempts and I say good job, too many to master all though. 

I buy more selectively focusing on the work you enjoy tirelessly. 

Cute balance cock stand tell about the artistic person in you.

All the best.


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Hello, I ha e this watch, which needs a service and maybe a mainspring.

Can you repair/service it for me please..? 

It has been cleaned inside by my friend.

We thinking that the mainspring needs replacing.

Please help...



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8 hours ago, Zak said:

Can you repair/service it for me please..? 

Hi, this is only a discussion forum. Members are not allowed to offers goods or services for sales.
You will have to locate a reputable repairer local to you. You can also check a Seiko forum like SCWF for recommendations.

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5 minutes ago, Klassiker said:

Or, using this excellent forum to help you, learn how to DIY. Much more satisfying.

The OP's friend had a go to the piece already, and if I guess correctly it now suffers of low amplitude, a typical Seiko issue, not easy to correct and for which a new mainspring is just a part of the cure.

I think that for a beginner to attack a desirable chronograph of EUR 400 starting value would a big mistake with slim chances of  success. Much better to give it to a professional, pay a fair price, and enjoy the watch in its best conditions and in conditions to be passed down or resold.

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@ZakIf you need help with our watch, please introduce yourself first in the appropriate section. After that, please start a new thread.

@jackie01Sorry for going off-topic, and well done with the restoration. Looking forward to reading what you do next.

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10 hours ago, Klassiker said:

Or, using this excellent forum to help you, learn how to DIY. Much more satisfying.

   "DIY".  via TAE

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Excellent work, I've got one of these coming from eBay this week. I will eventually look to strip it, but I've got a bit more practicing to do first. Really useful to see what awaits however. :thumbsu:

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    • Thanks all for your input.  I'm looking for how to test the coil, crystal,motor, and any other electronic parts.  
    • Same symptoms can develope due to moisture damage to electronics. This caliber might be obsolete, in case exploded view of the movement is not available and you decide to attack this yourself, take pictures at every stage of disassembly.  Good luck  
    • At the very bottom of the page in the link on the right side.  The last one.  On my screen it shows up as (RWA) A-29418-5 Rheostat, 800 ohm, 50 watt, 0.25 amp. Type R-50. 2-1/4" diameter body, 1-3/8" behind panel depth. 1/4" diameter x 1/2" long round shaft. Made by Memcor. NSN: 5905-01-013-4370. Dave said this one is close enough it should work.  One thing I noticed is the wattage.  it's 50 watt and the machines are rated at 60.  Also the amperage, seems low.  Can't remember what the machine runs at.
    • Well, I inherited my Dad's watch bench and have since bought two more. Working theory is that you cannot have too many watch benches.
    • Welcome to the forum George.
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