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  1. If anyone is interested, I found the original crystal 2 years ago on ebay. I found it by searching the dimensions and brand name "wyler". I also got the dial refinished last week, looks a lot better. The font is gone, but the memory is forever. My good friend died shortly after I found the crystal, but I will keep the watch hopefully forever.
  2. I know this might annoy people, but I have serviced 200+ automatic seikos and have used 8200 on the barrel walls. There have been no problems with power reserve or amplitude. I have a 40 watch collection that I have serviced as well in the same manner. I have applied 8200 to Rolex's and Omega's. My 1040 Seamaster is running on my wrist right now. Yes correct braking grease is ideal, but to say that "whatever you do" is a bit harsh. It all depends on budget and availability. I started off servicing with just Moebius 8000 for all pivots and some of the watches are still running perfect - albeit quite oily after 5 years. It is a matter of desired performance. Also regarding re-using barrels and springs - if they are in decent condition, why not? I had the first unusable barrel come on my bench and that was from a 7017 that came from Japan that was rusty and horrible. I swapped in a good condition 7002 barrel and bob's your uncle, it's running with beautiful amplitude and reserve. Out of curiosity I will buy some braking grease and give it a go.
  3. Hi its: 43238ST If you look for 176.0012 you will find what you seek. CousinsUK stock plenty of crowns. Cheers
  4. I have had a look where I usually get 381 parts and cannot find the 1512. Thats a tricky one. Blake at ScotchWatch might be able to source you one - he has been very helpful for old Omega and Rolex for me. There are a few dudes on OmegaForums who have spare parts as well. Railmaster claimed he had some spares: https://omegaforums.net/members/railmaster1957.3019/ Have a look at my thread: https://omegaforums.net/threads/omega-2471-7-cosmic-moonphase-restoration-1947.92207/ What happened to your old one? is it buggered? I would set a saved search on ebay for " omega 381 1512" - thats how I found a NOS dial for my 381. Mind you it cost $1200 US
  5. Hi Watcheasol, It's just a number 23124326 or something - its a serial number. Cheers
  6. Hi everyone, I have a silver .875 trench watch with german/swiss hallmarks (moon and crown). It has a 13 ligne brass movement in remarkable condition missing the stem and crown. It has 601 emblazoned on the dial side. Fancy finishing on the balance cock but no maker marks anywhere. Any ideas for stem or should I buy a set of 300 stems from cousins? Cheers
  7. Hard to say. Pretty unlikely that a gear has broken or dislodged. The possibility is that the cannon pinion is too tall and the original seconds hand that you are fitting does not fit all the way down the tube and onto the pinion. I would recommend supporting the movement underneath when you fit the seconds hand. I would also try and turn the seconds hand with light touch, a toothpick/popstick/tweezers. See if it rotates and has notches (that will be the gears moving). Also watch for the minute hand. If that moves when you rotate the seconds hand, then you know the gear train is intact. If it is just spinning loosely, there may be a broken tooth/gear/ OR a poorly seated wheel somewhere. If there is any hole or aperture in the back of the movement where the battery is, try to gently fit a pin or oiler and try move a gear. Watch it for rotation on the dial side. Worst case is you open the movement and check everything is intact. The good thing about plastic gear quartz movements is that even a beginner can fit things back together. Before I trained myself as a watch fixer, I cleaned and re-assembled a Y120 Japanese quartz movement and got it going ($3 movement). The upper plastic plate usually aligns the gears pretty well without much fiddling around. Keep us posted. Maybe post some photos as well
  8. If you get stuck I have a Elesee watch in my parts drawer with same circuit board/movement that I can pull parts and post to you. With COVID19 postage will take forever though...
  9. I meant like a vintage fake. They take an old random Lanco or some other such garbage, clean the dial - reprint it with a Hermes style dial, then stamp HERMES onto the winding wheel.
  10. The thing is its not a screw - its basically just a pin that is an eccentric. When you rotate it, it shifts the adjuster arm in and out. It presumably is a friction fit, however the original just fell out and that was fine. The adjuster arm is actually supposed to be the thing holding it down, but mine appears to have little friction and just moves when you barely even tough the screw.
  11. I thought these are totally fake??? There were millions of them on eBay from Argentina and they all had the same shonky stamping on the barrel wheel. Usually re-dialed dial from a generic bottom tier plated tier swiss swatch. Can anyone prove otherwise? There is very little to suggest they are actually Hermes. There are heaps of fake Girrard Perregaux as well from Argentina in the same style.
  12. This is true if you plan to go diving and use the bezel many times a day. If it is a modern day watch that you probably play with the bezel for fun every 3 weeks - tungsten is fine. I've replaced a few like that and its fine. If the postal service wasn't messed up I'd post you a steel ball. Cheers. Alex
  13. Hi All. Recently serviced a Zenith 2452. Made the mistake of removing the balance end stone to clean it and the spring pinged off. Then I bought another spring and lost the jewel bloc. Anyway- bought another balance cock - although it had rust on the adjuster so I levered off the adjuster and removed the bloc, fitted it to the original balance cock. It is all back together but my problem is that the fine adjuster is quite loose. The normal adjuster is fine, but the little eccentric adjuster is too easy to spin. I am afraid if I sell the watch that the daily rate might be wacky and the buyer will complain. Please advise if there is a way to tighten it. I tried staking the other balance cock as a practice run and all it did was shatter the head of the eccentric, although it did tighten it up. Cheers. Alex
  14. You probably have a broken balance staff as well. Inspect the pivots with a 20x loupe. They should be roughly same length on both sides. May be easier to fit a new wheel than to re-staff it.
  15. Right, Nickel You have been the most helpful! Cheers. Good to know the post is mild steel as well. I was looking for confirmation. Yes the spares are unavailable. There is no part number listed by Omega. The bridges on ebay have already had theirs harvested. I was going to buy the bergeon extractor but that is 60 GBP I'd rather save. I will try some penetrating oil and then use my staking set to try the trick! Cheers. Worst case I will but the set. I don't have the skills to make one sadly. I only service 100 or so watches a year for myself and friends and 5k for a lathe doesn't work out well.
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