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  1. Yep , I meant the 49740 I believe inter-changed with the two seiko movements. I have now had a look at photos and can see I was wrong. I was thinking of the 46XXX series I think that was used in the Orient King Diver.
  2. Hi Everyone, I've built myself a Seiko 6105-8110 frankenbuild. It has a correct 8110 case, aftermarket crown/stem, aftermarket bezel/insert, original glass. Caseback is sadly a 6105 sealion one and not a correct one. The movement is a 6105a which I've added 4 jewels to (bridge and the barrel arbors, it has a genuine dial as well. Now my inner bezel insert/dial ring is a 6309 one with minute graduation marks on it. Does anyone know if the genuine insert below is the same height/thickness etc. I don't have a watch to compare it to. I was debating stripping the paint off mine or
  3. If I recall correctly I fitted a 22 or 20mm vented rubber strap - this looked okay. I would get a flat rubber strap from ebay or CousinsUK.
  4. The 7002 and 7s26 movement parts interchange to my knowledge. I swapped lots of bits such as upper plate, rotor, magic lever, etc.
  5. The few in the trade who know are seldom on forums sharing their secrets. Watchguy.co.uk is great, he often talks about a lot of little tricks of the trade. Rolex straps are a bit of a black art. I would be keen to see how it goes, let us know. I am not able to fabricate parts like that so I would always delegate this job to someone else.
  6. Cheers I have found by serial number that is a 462 movement. I am now sourcing some parts. I got the train bridge running well. My balance is broken, winding wheel missing a tooth and the click is worn down. Very interesting crown design. The crown setting lever is in the case/crown. The movement drops out without having to release a setting lever screw. Very peculiar and clever.
  7. There is no easy way. I recommend Classic Watch Repair in Hong Kong (Michael Young). It may cost 250-300 GBP for repair but will make it like new. I have used their services and been very happy. Watch youtube for "rolex bracelet repair michael young"There is no easy way. I recommend Classic Watch Repair in Hong Kong (Michael Young). It may cost 250-300 GBP for repair but will make it like new. I have used their services and been very happy. Watch youtube for "rolex bracelet repair michael young"
  8. I mix up my alum, put it in a urine container/jar, then I drop it into a thermos full of boiling water for 3 days. Longer if needed. I'd persevere with the alum. It will eventually get the job done. Seiko use stainless steel stems in some models. I have been unable to dissolve a diving watch stem recently.
  9. Hi everyone. I picked up a nice Elgin wristwatch from the bay for around $100 Australian dollars. It appears to have a broken Balance staff and due for a service. There are no markings under the balance cock, how do I go about finding the movement ID to get a new staff? Is it worthwhile trying to get it running? It looks a tad small on my wrist but I have a few vintage omegas in similar style. I'm not sure if it was originally a wristwatch or if it's a Hodge podge. I might send the case to Canada to get a up on the rolled gold. It's very thick gold I might add.
  10. Just be very careful. I ruined a rare Rolex barrel trying to do the same. I had to fork out $400 to replace it. It doesn't have to be perfectly straight, just slightly more inline. Every bend will stress the metal and could crack it.
  11. CousinsUK stocks the caseback: Back Gasket, Rubber, Omega 088.5140NS Not in stock are: Crown Gasket, Omega 091TI0002 Gasket D3.2 D2 Ø0.6, Omega 088NS0435 Gasket D2 D1 Ø0.5, Omega 088.0436 Several case tubes listed: Omega 090ST1242 Stainless Steel Case Tube Pendant Case Tube, Screwdown, Omega 090ST4203 Not sure which is the chrono model one. Maybe try ebay.
  12. Yeah I had issues with the screws, I set them aside on a bit of cardboard. There were way too many different types. I also found the calendar very complicated at the time and did not justify re-learning it. I just cleaned all the jewels and the mainplate and fitted everything back together. These are quite well built, arguably better than the venerable 6139. I found a simple service and re-assembly was enough to have it running well.
  13. I used lead solder and the watch platers had all sorts of issues afterwards. It also scratches easily and flakes off afterwards. It's definately good for practicing technique, but you wouldnt do it on a keeper.
  14. If anyone is interested, I found the original crystal 2 years ago on ebay. I found it by searching the dimensions and brand name "wyler". I also got the dial refinished last week, looks a lot better. The font is gone, but the memory is forever. My good friend died shortly after I found the crystal, but I will keep the watch hopefully forever.
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