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  1. One of the options would be a hair dryer to try and warm it and see if it releases glue. Otherwise the air method might be practical as you cant get the dial out without taking the glass out. What was your reason behind removing the glass?
  2. I do have a staking set. I haven't taken it out to check. I'm just wondering regarding parts numbers mostly at this stage.
  3. Hi Everyone, I've servicing a 2542 Zenith and I broke half the balance bridge inca-shoc spring. Watch still running. Serves me right for trying to clean the jewel. I'm mostly a seiko man these days so I'm used to the Seiko spring style. Cousins lists lots of parts: Inca (15 pounds) Inca 111.09 - (ETA 2824.2, 2836.2 & 2892.A2) (5 pounds) and finally Shock Bloc, Lower, Zenith 2562PC 3025 for 13 pounds. There is a complete balance cock for $50 on ebay. What is the cheapest way of getting a shock spring and getting it in. I've done an inca style spring on an old omega moonphase for myself but that was easy to source an older part. Can someone help interpret what part I should order. Cheers Alex
  4. BTW the pulsar Y513 is the same coil. Can be had in a running donor very cheap.
  5. Hi Mazboy, The best I've found is either CousinsUK.com (Go to watchparts>Branded>Omega>Case parts and search by Ref Number "145.036". Now the second best has been http://cgi.julesborel.com/ Cousins tells me its a: Glass, Mineral, Omega TN5250 It appears to be a flat mineral crystal. Some of the photos make it look like a domed crystal. Either way genuine is around $60USD: https://tmwatchco.com/product/new-genuine-omega-flightmaster-crystal-145-036/ I wouldn't stuff around with an aftermarket on such a watch unless you are qualified to measure and size one up yourself. Cheers Alexei
  6. There is no supplier. You could try and email their sales/service. You may find generic hands that fit from a supplier or look for a donor watch on eBay.
  7. Hi LNM I had the same problem. I have identified that the only practical option is a quartz movement. You wont find a mechanical that is the same size. I found that the original movement was just over 11 1/2 ligne. The only quartz movement that I know of that is correctly sized is the.......bam badabam.... Hattori VX42 Movement https://www.jewelerssupplies.com/HATTORI-VX42.html It is a cheap $6 movement by Seiko from cousins. it has a exactly fitting date wheel - it fits perfectly. The dial feet even fit the movement however the crown is then offset. Option - transplant the dial feet OR cut the feet off and use dial dots/adhesive OR drill new holes in the movement for the dial feet. The hour and seconds hand fits. Sadly the minute hand doesnt fit - I suggest either using a different hand set or broaching out the omega minute hand. The movement has a good positive feel, great timekeeping - is japanese quality and common as a dime a dozen from the supply houses. You will thank me when you try one Good luck
  8. Yes staking set is possible. Usually easier when the jewel is flat with the plate. It it is inset then you have no way of controlling play. I pressed out a broken jewel on an omega chronograph plate and replaced it with a random identical jewel from a Russian movement. It was flat with the mainplate so a larger staking tool with a flat bottom did fine. I did cross my fingers when I did it. Seitz tool ideal. Much more expensive (staking set cost me $70)
  9. Other way to fix day wheels is to hammer or rivet them closed with a staking set or small screwdriver.
  10. The other method with the day wheel is to loosen it with screwdriver by pressing on the star wheel underneath. Realign it. Then gently stake it closed again. I have done this method when even the correct fitting wheel wasn't aligning. Weirdly not much is spoken about this method in the Seiko community despite me having a problem with the wheels on number of ocassionas mechanical and quartz. The date wheel sadly needs to Be replaced or in rare cases repainted if it is NLA or extremely rare (such as omega Moon phase etc. )
  11. On this model you have to open the watch. Remove the movement and dial. Press out the glass, then realign the bezel to the movement whilst the movement and dial are in the case. Then repress the glass and bezel in. Annoying I know.
  12. Send it to replateit.com in Canada. Wonderful work. They know omega. Theyve done dozens for me so far.
  13. What would you pay? I just had replated a Gladiador brand Nickel plated case for a Landeron 48. The movement appears to be lost somewhere, it was at my parents house and then we moved. It is complete with pushers and crown/stem. It originally had wire lugs and I had them cut off and holes drilled by Replateit.com which they did a sensational job on. Comes with crystal and bezel and polished case back. It owes me $120 AUD at this stage so I can put some pictures up and you can have a think (AUD to USD makes it around 81USD). Alex
  14. I usually dig around in my parts bin to find a jewel that is correct pivot size and then press and fit that. I found a perfect jewel for an Omega 1040 pivot from a Soviet Slava movement (my point is you can use any movement as long as it same size and spec). It sounds like you should find someone to take on the casework (I use replateit.com to do mine - they did a fab job on a similar zinc or similar material case for me recently and they even cut the wire lugs off and drilled holes for a strap well). Realistically, you've probably picked a tricky watch to do as a junior watchmaker.
  15. Hey everyone, I recently watched Mark Lovick's video about making custom dials with that contact transfer paper and I had an interesting thought. How hard would it be to reproduce a aluminium diving bezel? We all have watches with rare bezels that are NLA. I had a Omega Seamaster Calypso which sadly ended up with a reproduction ebay bezel that is not quite right. I have restored 5 or so Seiko 8229 divers and they all have worn bezels that are obsolete. What if I cut an aluminium ring to size, transfered the decal across and then coated the bezel with either clearcoat or a thin layer of 2 part epoxy??? Any thoughts? Getting them made in China is difficult and probably lengthy. I don't need it perfect but obviously so the watch is more wearable. I had about 4 pepsi dialed versions which fared better. But this one is quite worn.
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