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  1. Try fast tapping it. If that advances the seconds hand a bit you know the switch is working but the circuitry that advances the minute hand is buggered. Otherwise open the back and short circuit the switch with some tweezers for 4 seconds and then let go and press again. If that fails then you need a circuit board (9600-1337) omega part number. They are rare as hens teeth. I bought the last lot on ebay.
  2. I just got my replacement one in - so I will fit that and let you know if I have the spare I promised. Cheers
  3. There is a case section on Boley.de. I just typed in 087836 as the case number. Check if that is correct: https://boley.de/en/case-parts/citizen/7099.4-087836?q=087836&p=0&s=50&l=7 The crystal is a 54-L0303H There is one here: https://www.sapphytimes.com/citizen_crystals.html but you have to email them and check stock. Ebay don't have any. I'd just fit a generic flat crystal. I usually order 1 size down, 1 size up, 1 size correct. Watchmakers usually (break one, fit one, keep one). I use cousinsUK for crystals. They have more sizes than esslinger. To be honest e
  4. All the 6 series are the same spring. You can use a 6119 barel or similar. There is no difference. 6139 same as well, just different arbor if I recall correctly. Yes the Cousins ones are fine. Does it really matter if it isn't genuine?
  5. I'm in Australia. I'm just waiting on a parcel that has been 6 weeks from US to replace my dodgy board, then I'll message you. I have a Seiko 7549 bezel that needs glass bead blasting, I'd love that frosted finish - anychance you can help?
  6. Okay so here is my secret stash of circuit boards for these babies: http://stsupplyonline.com/catalog/8943-citizen-circuit-p-21065.html Don't mind the 8943 nomenclature. The part number is the same for the 8944 8945 or 8943 models. The difference is the LCD. I will have a spare board that doesn't have a working buzzer if you wanted it. Otherwise I would look on ebay for 279-332. It comes up on ebay from time to time. I've bought a replacement for 20$ from the UK recently. List of parts here: http://boley.de/en/caliber/watchmovements/citizen/2863 And trust me, your not the onl
  7. Yep , I meant the 49740 I believe inter-changed with the two seiko movements. I have now had a look at photos and can see I was wrong. I was thinking of the 46XXX series I think that was used in the Orient King Diver.
  8. Hi Everyone, I've built myself a Seiko 6105-8110 frankenbuild. It has a correct 8110 case, aftermarket crown/stem, aftermarket bezel/insert, original glass. Caseback is sadly a 6105 sealion one and not a correct one. The movement is a 6105a which I've added 4 jewels to (bridge and the barrel arbors, it has a genuine dial as well. Now my inner bezel insert/dial ring is a 6309 one with minute graduation marks on it. Does anyone know if the genuine insert below is the same height/thickness etc. I don't have a watch to compare it to. I was debating stripping the paint off mine or
  9. If I recall correctly I fitted a 22 or 20mm vented rubber strap - this looked okay. I would get a flat rubber strap from ebay or CousinsUK.
  10. The 7002 and 7s26 movement parts interchange to my knowledge. I swapped lots of bits such as upper plate, rotor, magic lever, etc.
  11. The few in the trade who know are seldom on forums sharing their secrets. Watchguy.co.uk is great, he often talks about a lot of little tricks of the trade. Rolex straps are a bit of a black art. I would be keen to see how it goes, let us know. I am not able to fabricate parts like that so I would always delegate this job to someone else.
  12. Cheers I have found by serial number that is a 462 movement. I am now sourcing some parts. I got the train bridge running well. My balance is broken, winding wheel missing a tooth and the click is worn down. Very interesting crown design. The crown setting lever is in the case/crown. The movement drops out without having to release a setting lever screw. Very peculiar and clever.
  13. There is no easy way. I recommend Classic Watch Repair in Hong Kong (Michael Young). It may cost 250-300 GBP for repair but will make it like new. I have used their services and been very happy. Watch youtube for "rolex bracelet repair michael young"There is no easy way. I recommend Classic Watch Repair in Hong Kong (Michael Young). It may cost 250-300 GBP for repair but will make it like new. I have used their services and been very happy. Watch youtube for "rolex bracelet repair michael young"
  14. I mix up my alum, put it in a urine container/jar, then I drop it into a thermos full of boiling water for 3 days. Longer if needed. I'd persevere with the alum. It will eventually get the job done. Seiko use stainless steel stems in some models. I have been unable to dissolve a diving watch stem recently.
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