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  1. Thanks Old Hippy! I will grab a selection! Cheers
  2. Waiting on my parts to come up to my new location. I have recently moved to a remote Aboriginal community in the north of Australia.
  3. Hiya, I recently picked up an Omega Calypso Diver on my travels, and it is missed a rivetted pin in the bracelet near the clasp. Whilst I am a seasoned tinkerer, I havent repaired bracelets in this fashion before. I am just wondering if there is any advice on inserting/making a new one? It is in similar place to photo I attached. It is the one between the clasp and other side of the strap. Was thinking of stainless steel nail, turned down on grinder and then gently peen it with a hammer? New strap is unobtainable. Any ideas let me know, cheers! Alexei
  4. Will do, I've ordered a donor 1320 movement. I managed to clean all the old parts except the minute wheel which is a tad rusty (but may work). The calendar date ring is garbage, as is the calendar retainer plate. although could be used in a pinch. If the part was extremely rare, I would have sent the date ring to a dial specialist to reprint - hopefully the 1320 ring matches. The stem was broken so thats no good. The crown yoke is de-chromed - so will need replacement. A lot of the parts suprisingly survived. The base plate is really all I need to survive. Will post pics soonish. Waiting on a soldering iron to touch up the circuit board.
  5. AlexeiJ1

    Omega 1332 help

    I would remove the silver bolts holding the circuit cover, then remove the circuit board. Leave the bridge over the gears and the coil cover. Then clean gently with some tissues with water - so you can see the extent of damage to the gold plated bit. There are spares on ebay if you look up Omega 1332 or Omega 1337 on ebay - but they require a fine soldering iron (dont ask me how I know) If there is no obvious corossion, it could be cleaned with some steel wool, aluminium foil, or similar. However often the acid fumes get to the gears of the movement and then it requires a stripdown, clean and oil - which is beyond basics stuff for a beginner. I recently serviced the same movement. At the end of the day you have nothing to lose as its a throwaway if its not working - average value on these in scrap state is $250. If its solid gold, then $1500 possibly for gold value.
  6. AlexeiJ1

    Omega 176.007 Crystal fitting

    Yep, the crystal was $190. It's a massive pain. I guess I will ask my friend to take it to an indy shop.
  7. So I've desired one of these for ages. Usually they came up at the wrong time and I didn't have the money. About a month ago, a perfect one sold for $960AUD which I was jealous about. I found a faulty example in germany which was rusted and water damage. The seller kindly had enough photos to show some potential survival prognosis for this unfortunate drowning victim! It cost me just under $300, and it came without a strap. It clearly has had a hard life, however the case is near perfect. About a year ago, spare parts still came up on ebay - now not so much. I am aware that Omega don't really want to touch these and it costs stupid amounts as well. Basically I've stripped it down - can see that someone broke the wiring to the crystal. They have bodged soldered some of the contacts. The general majority of parts are there - it was only missing a crown, battery holder plate and the gasket for the caseback. The crystal has a light chip in it. Otherwise okay. (it's on the inside). The circuit board will be cleaned and retraced with tin. The motor is perfectly intact. The Movement plate is totally rusted. I have stripped it down and cleaned it and it looks like it will survive! You gotta love Swiss quality - no way that chinese parts would survive rust. I have researched and found that the 1320 cal is similar - the running gear is quite the same, the only part I broke on mine was the setting lever - which is easily sourced. I have broken one calendar retaining screw but no big deal. They were super rusted and I was lucky to get them out. My ultrasonic cleaner sadly decided to go bust - so I will have to wait to finish this job. My final step is to remove the stem from the movement hopefully. The cost of a donor 1320 is around $180 - a donor complete watch with crown is about $300. I want to at the worst case just get the analog side working - if I cant get the digital side working - no big deal - it is still a grail watch for me on a budget. As the strap is missing, my plan is to modernize it and fit a leather strap. I plan to cut a intermediate attachement piece from aluminium or steel which will sit between the strap and the case - I will also source an omega deployment clasp and make sure I brush the steel to fit the look. The leather will be thick cowhide in tan colour. It is a huge project- but luckily I have experience working with rusted calibers and also Omega. Quartz has also been my recent play area and so hopefully should be all good. At the worst case it will sit until I find a donor movement and/or crystal. I forecast a working watch for around $700 total inc. purchase price. That isn't ideal - but it isn't horrible either. We are talking Australian Dollaridoos as well which are similar par to Canadian dollars. Oh woops - I forgot that I will possible get the dial re-surfaced. Not sure - maybe not. The patina is interesting but a little rough. Who knows, lets see. If anyone has spare parts or ideas - I will kiss your feet
  8. Hi everyone, I bravely agreed to restore a Omega 176.007 1040 cal seamaster for a mate for free. I have rebuilt the chrono movement and it works a treat. I had to deal with 3 broken bloody screws in the upper plate. Each time had to dissasemble and press out the carriers and luckily had a spare come in time. My problem is the NOS hesalite crystal and bezel - it fits without bezel easily but pressing in with the bezel is not easy. I dont have an omega tool. I have a simple press but it is crappy chinese quality. Is there a quick way to press in the crystal. I've considered gently removing some material off the bezel - maybe a hair thickness to ease installation. Advice? Cheers. Alex
  9. Cousins have these: https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/rectangularsquare-sternkreuz-rx I'd buy 1 or 2 that are sized appropriately and gently sand edges down. You won't find the certina glass.
  10. AlexeiJ1

    seiko 7t32

    cleaning I use hot water and ammonia mix. Then I rinse in shellite for a few seconds (careful with plastic). I use moebius 9010 on the quartz gears in a 7t32. Grease on the keyless sections. However they are hugely complex and particularly not expensive, replacements are around 60$. I give up servicing them as its not worth 3 hours of labour on plastic. 7A28 is another story and worth servicing.
  11. AlexeiJ1

    Omega 1337 help

    Hi all - got an update. I bought a basket case 1332 movement - complete circuit board with a missing battery contact tab. SO I trouble shooted and initially transplanted component by component - however it appears that either the IC failed or the quartz crystal. I eventually moved the 1332 board into the movement and it works fine. Can't set the minutes however think thats a contact issue. Cheers for the help!
  12. AlexeiJ1

    Omega 1337 help

    Thanks John, it looks like my coil might be bad as its reading low at 1.8 kohm. Could that be it? I dont have an AliTest for the electrical test.
  13. AlexeiJ1

    Omega 1337 help

    Thanks John, I didn't have Omega's guide - I just used moebius 9010 on the oiling spots and I followed the guide from another member on this forum. The circle part isn't a test point but it was a coincidence that I noticed that it got the movement going. Its a bit bizarre. The time setting switch isn't shorting out, it works correctly - the case closes the circuit with the mainboard pin when the time button is pressed, normally it is open. Is there something I'm not doing. I gently oiled the lower jewel of the motor. turning the movement by hand with an oiler feels right, the usual gearbox type feel. The fact that I can advance it gears means that the motor isn't stuffed? The only thing I'm willing to try is a replacement circuit board. Otherwise may have to buy a donor watch for $300 or so.
  14. AlexeiJ1

    Omega 1337 help

    Hi Everyone, I recently bought a 196.0230 Omega Seamaster 120m Quartz. It had a messed up bezel but clean crystal and dial. The movement had one tiny mark of acid damage on the plastic battery spacer, otherwise all clean. It was quite clean however wouldnt run so I cleaned and serviced it. It all moves freely and the coil has a resistance of about 1.8kohm. The circuit is clean, I cleaned a mark of corrosion off the battery tab (superficial). the traces all pass conductivity, there are really only 3 parts on the board (8 pin IC, variable cap/resistor rate trimmer, diode). I cant get the movement to work. I noticed that when I hold the case with my hands and touch the part below on the board, it advances 1 second at a time. Tapping it quickly advances even quicker: As you know the circuit boards are obsolete, I am looking for one and will buy one happily if people suggest that is the problem. Also looking for a good gold or stainless bezel: 082ST0041 If anyone has a hookup with Omega let me know, Cheers Alex
  15. AlexeiJ1

    Change battery cheap quartz

    Can you try and remove that rear hatch? I'd try some double sided tape and then suddenly pull on the crystal to remove it. I'd hold off pulling the stem unless you know how it works. Also try remove the strap, maybe something hiding behind there!