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Seiko Lord Matic 5606: Tools Recommendation/Techniques for Opening the Case

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I recently got myself a Seiko Lord Matic 5606. As the time of writing this, it has not arrived yet. Anyway, I am wondering how to open the case for the Lord Matic since you can only access movement by opening through crystal. 


I am completely new to the world of watch repair, so I am just wondering what are the tools that are needed to open and close Lord Matic case in a scenario where for instance I want to regulate the watch myself? And also what are the techniques that are involved to do so?  


Is this something that is doable for beginner like me? Is the whole operation possible to do with a relatively simple set of tool or is it something I can only do unless I have a crystal press for instance?

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 The caliber No 5606 is followed by a 4 digit number which is the case refernce No.

Give the case number or show a pic of the case. 

If you don't have a pic of the watch, find one like it on internet to show its the  back plate.


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