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  1. Are the lower and upper jewel assembly's design not the same?
  2. Hi Dan, Welcome to the forum.
  3. A soak in diesel fuel, naphta for day or two, ends the old story of heads popping off the screws. I remove balance cock pallets and soak the rest, give one dip in a fluid I can stand the odor of. Any cheap multipurpose oil would do. I use several solutions, detergent seperately and brush extesively.
  4. Not entirely useless post though, lighter fluid cleans balance and hairspring and as OH have said shellack friendly, very true.
  5. This looks funny, my msg gets posted after you have already done removed the screws. Apologies.
  6. Hi peter, Drop the balance with hairspring attached into a jar of lighter fluid let soak for couple of days. Put some penetrating oil on the two little screws let sit over night.
  7. Is this type " submariner" a front loader? If the back is removable, fitting is easier the one piece stems.
  8. Excuses excuses, by the time you finish cleaning a movement, your hands will be olympic ready.
  9. Hi Marshal, Welcome to this forum. Regards
  10. Hi and Welcome to the forum. Regards joe
  11. I have none and can,t comment, @clockboy talked of epilame fixodrop **** .
  12. Hi nickelsilver, How about reversers ( winder module), plunge in? Thanks in advance.
  13. Thank you @CaptCalvin for adding the above. This concave endstone dose what you say alright.
  14. You can get by with an imperfect hairspring's END CURVE. 1- Remove all to have a bare mainplate. 2- install balance and cock back on the mainplate, this will increase your access to hairspring and you can keep checking it from both sides. Hairspring is to be centered concentric, level. In this case only end curve is jammed. Bring the end curve back to a circular shape, let us see pix as you progress. You are thinking new is a gurantee that the hairspring will bs centered once installed, it may be only by chance.
  15. Endstones bound the staff's axial play within proper limits.
  16. Why a new balance wheel and fork? Broken pivots? Bent or worn short. If the problem is hairspring' s end curve ! Reshaping is all thats nedded.
  17. Good eyes marc. Taking a closer look now, the barrel lid too, appears sitting uneven, it may rub on mainplate and virtually bring the movement to a hault. If uneven, remove the barrel, push on the lid to snap in evenly. Suppliment power by pushing on BARREL GEAR with wood, see if it picks up running.
  18. Check the pallets. Are you sure the hairspring is the right one and long enough?
  19. Roughen up barrel's inside wall with fine sandpaper.
  20. 1- Sounds like bad teeth on escape wheel, 2- pallets have moved in the forks groove or misalliegned. I presume the impulse is in beat. Dose it run for longer than one turn of escape wheel? You may mark the escape with magic marker and see if it stops at the same position of escape wheel. Remove the cock, the fork should get close to the banks as you give it a nudge but not hit them. Are you familiar with overbanking fault?
  21. Hi paolo, Welcome to WRT forum.
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