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  1. Wide range of restorative attempts and I say good job, too many to master all though. I buy more selectively focusing on the work you enjoy tirelessly. Cute balance cock stand tell about the artistic person in you. All the best.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I especially like the see through back. Wear it in good health. Best wishes
  3. Is it level ? If level, all you need done is to push on the HS where Nickelsilver drew arrow, which is to be done when installed.
  4. If you have access to high magnification, I would check both pivot ends, rounded, burred... Given enough end shakes, staff rides on pivot ends. Sometimes I get by with just a reduce of end shake. Best
  5. I had recurring low amplitude problem, found out the oil I was using on escape teeth is either fake or older than Mr moebius himself. So @Lc130 what oil or amount are you lubiing escape teeth- pallets with?
  6. This subject has been previously covered, I posted a question regarding the very same, search the title " How are stainless steel watch cases polished ". Best
  7. Fear is your minds natural warning to danger. Why not remove the unneccesary portion of dangerous stuff from garage.
  8. Flammble or posioneous gases are mixed with bad smelling gases mostly to stink, an effective warning and copied from nature. A life saver.
  9. Love it, I have pesuex movements, where to source the rest from.
  10. I. stick a tooth pick into the jewel housing to embed the pivot. It pith wood comes or you don,t mind shaving it to a shape that can enter the jewel housing. It is offcourse better. To reduce the risk, you can give the tooth pick a few:seconds soak in lighter fluid.
  11. Old movement probably been sitting idle for long time, I soak the movement in naphta for a day or two or apply penetrating oil which reduces risk of breaking screws . Take extra care with pin pallets. Not worth buying parts for, I got some parts to it.
  12. Wood cleans pivots real well. You can also put some avgas, lighter fluid or paint thinner on pivots, stick the pivot into a toothpick( embed the pivot inside the toothpick) turn the toothpick, repeat, ready for the ultrasonic bath.
  13. What amplitude do you get at low wind? Then clockboy's advice is perfect to start with.
  14. Welcome to the forum Baz. Magnetization is one of many causes of fast running. Wrong or short hairspring fitted on, is another possibility. We just can,t be sure. Disclose the caliber, post pix of the movement helps those who may, like me, be unfamiliar with the piece. Best
  15. Faulty escape wheel. Replace the escape wheel, more than likely you be .
  16. Dose the movement turn the hour wheel? ( No hands fitted) If you can,t tell by usual indicators, I would wind and get the movement runing, Mark ( The tube you mounted the hour hand on) with a magic marker, ( no hand fitted) , check if the hour wheel has moved several hours later, thereby we can tell if fouling occurs as a result of pressing down on the hour hand/wheel. Could you have pressed the hour hand too far down? Best
  17. I think part of what customers pay, goes to fund the traditional ongoing research that Rolex has historically been and is at the forefront of ever since the early days of its inception. There is also some polletical clout behind the brand, hard to find a wrist of sheikh something ben something else that is not advertising the brand. A lot of folks including me, don,t really know more than what I read about the technical advancement at Rolex and the quality I feel holding a Rolex piece. I wonder what the market's worth of the brand itself is. Just today I see an advert showing a pic of Rolex, opened the page only to watch fashion clothing. Whatever it is that Rolex has done and is doing, it sure is working. Ticking the kid and the successful businessman in us. Other brand need introduction, Rolex introduces us.
  18. You should ask the staff maker for full refund. . Just kidding J d,. I get my tool box we,ll get it fixed. Better than best.
  19. Hello , Welcome to the forum.
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