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  1. I have several and don,t know how it is suppose to act, each one acts as it likes and I should know the piece before I start restoration of them all.
  2. Seiko world time. I bought a few used ones of this seiko world time, how is that extra hand suppose to act or be set? Acts diferent on each watch I got.
  3. Welcome to the forum Mike. Best wishes
  4. I have got bunch of calender pointers with bf866 movement, the brand name is patrius.
  5. Thank you B, What are they called? Replacement dial feet?
  6. Hi, been looking for dial feet like this, perhaps amazon offers them for sale, What key words for search, returns this dial feet, What to call them, just spare dial feet glue solder? I noticed you call BF866 a high end piece, I hope you were not kindding. Didn,t know, are they? Regards
  7. Hi and welcome. This subejct has been covered, the search function helps. I started a thread titled, How are stainless steel cases polished, back in june 25, 2018, If memeory serves me right, @jguitron has shown samples of his work . Jolly good fellow Regards
  8. What is the purpose of dispowering? Disengaged stem can stay in the movement, so long as you hold the stem pointing up, the movement would not fall off. There is nothing wrong with putting the movement on the palm of your hand( clean glove) face up and lower the case over the movement. Regards
  9. Got a small collection of sicura, ten or a few more, will post, This one I got used, keeps accurate time. Looks like the bezel rotating or not must have had some painted indicators. Regards
  10. Hi, welcome back Jon, Cute avator, where can I get one. Regards
  11. So far as I understand the screws on BW provide a micrometer action to facilitate percision poising and regulation, though not primarely for accuracy in regulation. Accuracy can effortlessly be regulated by regulator arms. Designer must have sold well the screws- micrometer action of the regulator arm, which by itself is an instrument of percision. Mobile stud holder, stud carier, could then house the micrometer- screw, as well as facilitating for the impulse jewel to be brought in beat without having to disturb the roller or HS collet. Put all together for ease of some otherwise painstaking operations. Regards
  12. Could this balance be a replacement, original balance could have been anulare. Hey I am suppose to ask the questions( the easy part). You are to give answers.
  13. The two screws just hold the shock spring, don,t seem to have anything to do with the housing. I stole this from a jdm post, shows pin and boot of regulator pin. Slot is where your screwdriver goes in, turn to let HS out. Place the cock on hard flat surface like you show in your pic. Moving the balance with HS away from the pins by 3 mm wont hurt the HS, but opens the coils apart so your hand has more space to shake without touching the HS.
  14. Thank you marg for sharing, I had just heard about it, never seen an actual case and them pallets jewels sure tell the story and TG says something possetive has happened, perhaps by chance.
  15. West end watch, said to be powered by ST96, cased in Hong Kong. Originally marketted as pocket watch.
  16. The pins need lubrication. It probably sounds crazy but 8300 is good. Oils don't stay put. Hi, Thank you, will get some, any tips on application? Regards
  17. What about pin pallets themselves? Should lubricate or not? How about polishing pin pallets? How to?
  18. FHF96 and ST96 or FHF-ST 96 both made caliber 96. Yankee said the Oris look like france ebauche" many movements look somewhat similair. I am sure you can find other movements that look similair to what is in your oris. It should say somewhere on the movement.
  19. End stone and jewel chaton may be sticking togther by some varnished oil. If you feel they are. I screw the cock back on the mainplate, without the cab springs, place mainplate+cock in jar with a few CC fluid. close the lid ,gently shake to move the fluid round for a min or two, you will see the cab has come off, no longer on the jewel. The purpose of shock springs is to absorb shocks from end stones, that means end stones are removable. This can,t be rub in jewels since it has got shock springs. Regards
  20. You may be right, the case is very poorly chromed base metal, perhaps AS2066 cased in India. Regards
  21. Hi, No doubt the jewel and its chaton are to be loose inside the housing. Is HS outside the regulator slit?
  22. Hi , As far as day wheel in farsi, I have got swiss pieces with farsi wheel made before seiko was heard of in Iran, brands like Damas, Tiel, Oris, Invicta and countless names using EB movements. Regards
  23. Just checked, the case is poorly chromed base metal. Quadruple signed not including what is inside. Bracelet is better than seiko 5 used. If these info help? So am I a proud owner of mumbay something or what. Poopch I got more of diferent models too.
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