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  1. Hi and Welcome to WRT forum. Regards Joe.
  2. Hi Mike, Welcome to WRT forum.
  3. Hi Giuesppe. Welcome to WRT forum. Looking forward to making friends with you. We share first name. Giueseppe= yosef= joseph , in diferent dialogue. Regards joe
  4. Thank you @nickelsilver , drastic reduction in viscosity, just what I was hoping to find. Regards
  5. Inertia is not a factor of significance in finite analysis of escpaewheel and rightfully disregarded. Drag on the other hand is the main factor in fine escape mech design, drag impedes the force the fork is to transfer to the impulse jewel. Escapewheel force is so strong that co-axial makes use of it in both beats of a cycle, to enhance steady performance of the balance wheel, very useful on wrist.
  6. Thank you for your response and offer. The name grease is synonymus to stronger drag , which is what I like to reduce. Are there exceptions? grease with less drag than oil? I tested applying kerosene on escapewheel and mixed cheap expired oil with kerosene for high speed jewel holes, the result is fantastic. Though one expect kerosene unsuitable for the long term and its runny. Regards
  7. ETA recommends General purpose moebius 9010 for escape wheel teeth, I am thinking to try a finer oil. I appreciae all advice.
  8. Hi joel, Welcome to WRT forum.
  9. Hi Bob Welcome to WRT forum. The caliber and a close up of the canon pinion helps. Regards
  10. If you are set up, a video replayed slow, would reveal what is going on. If you are thinking, Pallet jewel position a hairy edge, you can lower or raise the escape wheel. I keep in mind, the fork interfaces functionally at both ends, pallets and horn. , if it is happy at impulse jewel side, I wouldn,t touch the fork. Good luck Pal.
  11. The peg on the arbor is called hook, where the spring's eye hooks onto.
  12. Cleaning the HS is the best approach, No sense trying to go any furthure without a good clean. I double check the pinion on escapewheel besides the teeth. Lower or raise the third wheel pinion to interface the third gear with fresh section of escape pinion. Give the escape teeth a generous oiling, this may ease the effect of the fault. A final re clean- oil is in order anyway. Good luck.
  13. Welcome to WRT forum. What part of the globe you live in, if I may ask. Pocket watches (larger size) are suitable for practice. Regards joe.
  14. Hi Danial welcome to WRT. This movement is repairable, they flooded the market at such !ow price that hardly anyway repaired, replacement was cheaper. Keep us posted. Regarxs joe
  15. Bridle is missing or dosn,t look like it had one to begin witn. Manual wind springs lack large bridles. There is also the possibility of this having come with two pieces mainsprings like Mido 816. Strips on the barrel wall work to your advantage, keeps the bidle from slipping too easy. Strips on the bottom of the barrel should be flattened with sandpaper.
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