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  1. Impressive artistic impression in your presentation already. Should not underestimate your aptitute handling tasks as you do, no doubt on your way to acheiving masterhood. Best wishes.
  2. Mark has a video on youtube teaching this, Google; How to align a hairspring so the watch is in beat. Good luck.
  3. I hadn't seen the picture before making comment, though its ETA type reversers, never had worked on any, just got some parts in a watchmakers estate I bought years ago. I guess these last a lifetime, unless some parts break.
  4. Any chance of a magnet finding the missing screw? Not many of this calibers around, we can search for interchangables.
  5. Nucejoe


    Welcome to the forum keith.
  6. Welcome to the forum. Disclose the caliber or post a picture of the movement to be identified.
  7. Hi WW, I have an AS-5100 complete balance, fits zenith 5100, any relationship or interchangability with lemania 5100 or Omega 1045, or are the two different creatures, I wonder if spec of balance complete can be gathered from techsheets? or other sources? TIA joe
  8. Strange debris if acts up only in vertical positon. I mark gears you have access to with ink, to see if stopping repeats with gears in same angular coordinates. If you are certain it randomly stops solely in vertical positions, side shakes are reasonable to blame, of all suspecable arbours, staff stands as the likeliest due to heavy weight. Not much clue to point to anything in particular other than excess staff end shake or side shakes in escapement. Runs so steady, seeing a misbehavour is shame. Good luck.
  9. EB88** I presume, got bunch of parts to most variants. Will trade for glass of milk in beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Scotland.
  10. I have some NOS parts including some discontinued parts to lemania 5100, should you come to need any of what I have, be happy to gift wrap em for you. Wonder if they go to use before I kick the bucket.
  11. Clean and check winder module, treat with epilame fixdrop, be prepaired to replace the reverser with new. Good luck
  12. A techsheet helps and thanks to watchweasol will be furnished, If the caliber is made known, otherwise taking pix as you disassemble is helpful. No shortage of help and advice here. Good luck
  13. Rub-in jewels have integrated end stone, out of obsession I am always concerned if I have managed to get enough oil on its end stone, automatic oiler seem assuring to have dispensed that certain amount of oil there, one can double the amount by pumping twice and the exactness of the amount is a nice control to have. In a sense, same story with screw on end stones, you can just screw the end stone on and then oil. Much neater outcome since end stone plate/ holder is sure to move when you try to place it on and oil gets spread around by the old method. I use old accupuncture needles as oiler.
  14. I got a hunch you will see high amplitute if you let it run overnight again and that it is a low quality new movement, furthurmore, TG would show parrallel graphs for retests. Cost free to check. Needless to say, enhance amplitute is generally obtainable through suitable lubrication of the escapement, by suitable I mean to include "amount" of the lubricant.
  15. I concur with Nickelsilver. Ocean water contains tritium where healthy marine life goes on. We get a dose with every fish in the dish. No worries, safe.
  16. No I haven't but watched vwatchie vid. I think the amount of oil he put on endstone was just perfect. well here is the man himself.
  17. @VWatchie Once showed how he used his auto oiler, I think bergeon for about twice the price. Not much more expensive! why go with the cheap one.
  18. Just take the selfwinder out and you are done. If barrel discharges power at low wind, that is an issue onto itself, breaking grease and some tricks would improve the power reserve. Inspired I just might cut my car in half to come up with two motorcycles. Just kidding Kaan. Keep safe.
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