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Greetings all,

I have a question about a ladies Seiko I am working on (Cal. 11A), it has a horrible plastic stem seal that badly needs replaced. Does anyone know where I would get such a thing? Here is an image of the type of seal I am talking about:



I know the picture is of a 1104A, this is from eBay and shows the seal better than the picture of my 11A I took, also the 11A, 1104A, 1120A, 1140A and 1144A share a lot of common parts

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6 hours ago, Waggy said:

it has a horrible plastic stem seal that badly needs replaced. Does anyone know where I would get such a thing? Here is an image of the type of seal I am talking about:

Strangely enough I remember the plastic thing from a long time ago. It's probably not considered a movement part is probably considered a casing part possibly would referred to as a gasket even though that's not what I would call hit. So we need access to a casing list for your watch.

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one of the problems with Seiko parts and other companies is that they can be localized. In other words that is not a watch destined for the US market that means we're going to have a problem but let's go through the motions anyway because we might have a solution

if you go to this website


it's wonderful for looking up parts and cross-referencing parts then if you read the text it also indicates you can look up casing parts but yours doesn't exist probably because it's not a US case

then I'm making a guess you look at your case back number it's supposed to be for numbers with the-and another for numbers but you only have two numbers so I think that becomes 1100. This is where making a guess I don't think it's the other way around I don't think it's 0011 although there is a way of finding out the moment

so when you look at that page as you search with the complete number you get nothing so then we can do a partial search like this SEK CS#1100. Then we get a list and go down the list and if were lucky maybe get something close close enough perhaps

but while were here all swap the numbers around and make it 0011 see what happens actually if I just make it 11 the search does the exact same thing it changes it into 1100 and gives us the same list we had before

then I picked the case close and that doesn't always work well but maybe we look at the part descriptions noticed this DUST PIPE with part number 81180210. Sounds like the right description because basically at the dust guard it's not a gasket.

then unfortunately it brings up a disturbing problem for instance let me snip this eBay advertisement as you may not get the same results I do


this is the disturbing aspect look at all the dust pipes? All with different numbers


I'm looking at another site and does the same thing 3489 no 3488 and they even have less parts listed. I'm still guessing it's probably the right part as it's in the right series of cases. But I'm not going guarantee it's the right part maybe can email the seller and ask












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Thanks for the help, I have an 11A movement, and looking this up on Jules Borel I get a hit on the dust pipe 81181030 (discontinued), but to use 8118020:


Managed to find the 81180210 on CousinsUK for £1.50 each, feel like a detective 🔎 thanks for all the help and going the extra mile for me 👍

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13 hours ago, Waggy said:

I have an 11A movement

interesting because I thought that would be a casing part I didn't think they would listed as a movement part. But yes in order to find what you need you do have to be a detective. Also interesting that it's not the same part number I have for the case but the case I had wasn't your exact case which is the problem of looking at similar cases hoping it will be the same.

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