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  1. No it is not. Landeron 48 doesn't have a column wheel
  2. I polish mineral glass with good result only using water paper and cerium oxide powder. You can see result below.
  3. "Necessity is the mother of invention" Thank you for your kind words. Regards
  4. Hello guys. This is my last project – Seiko 6139-6010 aka Bruce Lee. Watch is from ‘69and it is based on the 6139A movement. Nice shot for the 50th Seiko anniversary of first automatic chronograph development. So please see the pictures below from all restoration proces. It took me 3-4 evenings. The watch came to me as non runner. Crystal was scratchy with many chips. Dial was dirty and dusty with signs of water damages. Hands lost their lume. Day calendar was loosen and didn’t work properly. Movement was complete but very dirty and dry – there weren’t any residues of old oil in the jewel
  5. Just screw out the nut to the left, use tweezers or small pliers.
  6. Hello, I want ot show you my way to repair broken slipping end of the automatic mainspring. 1. Firstly I drilled mainspring and slipping end with 0,3mm driller. 2. I made the rivet 3. Mainspring and end riveted 4. Clinching the rivet with pliers 5. Rivet grinding with file and water paper 6. Mainspring installed in barrel 7. Completed. I have checked if it works well. I have 9 full turns of arbor before mainspring starts to slip at the barrel wall. I think it is quite good. Some serv
  7. Thank you. It tooks me something about 20-25h of work.
  8. jdm thank you for your advice I will do that I think the problem is in my head cause I always want to do everything precisely and perfectly...but not always it is rational
  9. Thank you guys for yopur positive feedback. Yes, crystal surprised me much I was looking for the best paint color, the closest to the original one Few words about performance which is achieve - amplitude circa 220-230 degrees, but I still have to do some adjustment cause the beat error is something about 0,8-1,0ms. I suspect that I must align hairspring at the collet.
  10. Hello guys, I want to show you my lately restoration project. This time it was a Seiko 7015-8000 with blue dial. Watch came to me in very poor condition. As you can see on photos the case was scratchty, crystal was totaly tarnished with deep scratches. Everywhere was dirt, gunk and mud...yuck. Movement was running and stopping with very low amplitude. After opened the caseback I wasn't suprised - it looked like as case - dirt and signs of wear. Rotor was loose and fall out the case. When I take off the crystall I saw dial which had faded Seiko logo, some scratches and hands which lost their
  11. I am wearing my 67-9119 since few days. After fine adjustment it is doing +3s/24h. Nice
  12. I replaced the chrono wheel for another one and... the same. Movement stucks but in the other seconds hand position. I have no idea. When chrono is off and clutch is on everythings is ok. It's strange - usually it is going other way - stops when chrono off. I inspected all wheels, cleaned them one more time by rodico and got them bath in aceton. No result
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