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  1. Picked up the odd Dive watch and know nothing about. Any info on this? Plus the rotor only turns part way and hits the bridge and stops....very odd.
  2. Video I made as the final steps in reassembling my Unitas 199 movement. Thanks for the folks that helped me out identifying the third wheel that needed replacing. Got one from France for 10 bucks. I also show a bit of regulation.
  3. I could finish off with alcohol as well but I think the lighter fluid does great. As well it does not mess with the shellac on the impulse jewel or pallet fork jewels.Thanks btw for the detailed explanation. I am an Electrical Engineer by degree and not a chemist:)
  4. Based on some recent comments I received on watch cleaning, I purchased Zenith Drizebrite “the ultimate final rinse “. My plan was to still clean the movements with lighter fluid by hand and then clean them with Drizebrite again by hand. Any comments on doing this. This was to remove any film that lighter fluid may leave.
  5. Update. Received a new wheel from France , and it works:) will be assembling and regulating the watch this weekend. Part# was 210
  6. Made 2 videos for this Balance staff I needed to cut for a 21J, S16 Elgin, for a chap in the UK. Enjoy and comment. The first video is informative and includes cutting the first balance/hairspring side of the staff. The second half, Part 2, I cut the roller table and guard roller part of the staff.
  7. Jewel Replacement - Waltham Full Plate Pocket Watch https://youtu.be/WxQK6CWuznc
  8. So you can close the hole with a punch, but you are effectively moving material so need to be very careful not to crack th plate. I have reduced the hole size on a roller table but not on a plate. It is way better to find the right jewel. Is this a watch or pocket watch. If for some reason you decide to reduce the hole size, pick a round punch that is 5% bigger than the hole and tap often and lightly. And keep testing the hole so you don’t close it too much. My recommendation is to get the right jewel. If this is a watch, and you have a Jeweling tool, you could ream the hole slightly bigger an
  9. Yeah Canada, now excepting people, only if they are watchmakers.:)
  10. Timegrapher is cheap but good software that you can load on your iPhone app. Other than that I made a YouTube video on tools to give you an idea of what you may need in the future. Small Watchmaking Tools https://youtu.be/aMFVjq39y98
  11. I took a picture of most of my watch repair and watchmaking books for your reference. Just cleaning up and organizing a bit.
  12. Hey, big thanks. Cutting a balance staff on Friday and putting it on YouTube. The closeups should be great with my new setup.
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