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  1. You are a humorous man. Thought you were going to add diagrams for a reactor
  2. So I had a similar issue with the Rolex I was working on. After cleaning the balance with hairspring, I noticed that some of the leaves were actually sticking together but were impossible to see as they were under the balance cock. I disassembled it all and looked at the hairspring under my stereo microscope and immediately saw that there was oil of some sort between 2 leaves, thereby shortening the length and speeding up the watch. This also impacted the amplitude. I place the hairspring in lighter fluid for 30 min, then grabbed the stud and moved it around a bit. When examining it again, per
  3. This is what I did on the Rolex I just serviced and is now runs superbly.
  4. There are plenty out there. Check out my videos on YouTube and for sure take Marc’s courses. I have around 30 books on watchmaking covering ‘everything’ and video sets from Tasconi (lathe work) John Trop (Watchmaking and Lathe Work) and I have taken a Marc’s courses. Then I have 7 + years of practice cleaning and repairing pocket watches and watches, with a lot of how-to videos on line.
  5. I usually push the jewel in with peg wood , until it hits the lip and make sure it is level. Then I install the cap and at times I use a hollow stake or Jeweling set. The reason for not using the peg wood for the cap is that it is domed and you could damage that jewel in the setting. I have however done both with peg wood, if the cap jewel setting is fairly loose in the hole and can easily be pushed in. Befor you remove it, make or note a small witness mark si you can put it back into the exact same place.
  6. You should be able to push the jewel and it’s cap out by pushing from the lower side of the jewel with a flattened piece of peg wood. You need to align the jewel with a hole on your metal block and simply push down with the balance cock laying upside down on the metal block. I have actually used a stake in the past. Need to make sure that the peg wood stick or the stake pushes on the jewel setting and not the jewel. Also check that he fine edge that holds the jewel in is below the jewel and you can in fade push it out.
  7. Anyone know the lift angle for a 1957 Rolex Oyster Precision
  8. I don’t know but perhaps you do. What is this tool used for?
  9. Can someone put the pic up for the balance assembly holder, used to carefully hold the balance with hairspring.
  10. There are 1 spare tip on each little container
  11. I would just grab the complete balance cock and lift it out while tilting the movement to allow the balance to come out. The put the whole lot on a balance tack and loosen the screws. Then take the balance off the tack and support the balance on a metal block with holes to support the balance. Lower the balance cock / bridge for Americans:) so the hairspring has little tension and take the stud out. Now you have the balance bridge on its own to work in the upper cap jewel. my guess:)
  12. Big thanks. One of the guys was absolutely wrong. Again thanks, the evidence is in the photo:)
  13. I still need a good answer, shock springs or watch hands. I’m leaning towards shock springs although the box has size markings???
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