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  1. Thank you for everyone's thoughts on this subject, very helpful indeed! I decided initially that I would tackle this and took the balance out. On closer inspection the index finger (is that what it's called?) Wasn't like any I'd played with or even seen before in that it didn't have a slot to rotate it in order to release the hairspring. At this point I decided that this was not the movement to be trying this on and I can live with it for now. I will probably revisit it when a little more confident. Definitely going to have a go at adjustment with the spring on, just on a few scrap
  2. Thank you Clockboy. Useful tip on the reference point.
  3. I've got a Longines 290 back together and running in its most basic configuration. However there is substantial Beat error circa 2.5ms. No corrector unfortunately so I'm going to have to adjust the collet (yikes!) My understanding from mark's video is to remove the balance from its cock and turn the collet. Is this just a case of trial and error to determine the correct amount and direction? Or is there a little Pro tip that could help? Cheers all!
  4. Just to add a splash of colour, the cask back of the Conquest I'm currently working on
  5. I appreciate the response JDM, I've read through many of them personally and completely agree with you that many people have different methods and thoughts.. I tried the search function but couldn't see anything that answered what I was asking. I'm sure it's there somewhere of course.. The purpose of this thread was just to get some thoughts about the specific parts I'm struggling with. I'm sure there would be difference in opinions, I could then decide how I feel most comfortable proceeding. If none comes forward, that's ok, I'll just wear it as a manual!
  6. Thanks Watchweasol! Atleast I can open these! I was looking for a bit of general advise too on how to treat both these assemblies also as it's not be covered in marks courses 1-3.
  7. Afternoon everyone. I've been working on a Longines 291 Automatic and have stripped, cleaned and rebuilt it to a point where it's running well but only as a manual. I've not previously worked on any automatics other than Seikos and their very simple Pawl lever. Can I ask what the general requirements would be for an automatic assembly, I've attached some pictures of the specific unit and specific advise would also be welcome. In addition I've not seen a 2 piece crown wheel either, can anyone advise the normal requirement for these types of wheels? Many thanks as always.
  8. Yes, it's strange, Im able to download most other attachments. It just fails everytime and says the below.
  9. Thank you @watchweasol unfortunately once again I'm unavailable to download your file. Really bizarre that
  10. So the dial has no wording regarding model number just says indiglow. The back of the case is shown in the picture. Inside the caseback is nothing relevant either
  11. Thank you for this, just popped out but will check and report back this evening.
  12. Can anyone help, I just can seem to work out how the stem is released from this Movement. Normally it's a setting lever screw or an obvious depression point. But I can see neither on this.
  13. Thanks Mark, as a student of your watch lessons I've been following your advice. In the level 2 course where you discuss lubricating various parts, In respect of the keyless and motion works video you lubricate the vast majority with D5 which I have adopted. However in this thread and in subsequent videos you recommend 9501 or Molykote for the keyless works. Can you advise which is generally correct? On a separate related note, the extended Seiko restoration video a oil/grease of purple appearance is used extensively, can I ask what this is please? Many thanks, I'm really enjoying t
  14. Thanks for the link. My experience with cheap drivers were that the blades were very soft and would distort very easily. Also that the grub screws would constantly wriggle loose. Maybe I'm just heavy handed (very probable) the Bergeon' have been excellent, and I'm pleased with them.
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