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Seiko 7015-8000 restoration project

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Hello guys,
I want to show you my lately restoration project. This time it was a Seiko 7015-8000 with blue dial. Watch came to me in very poor condition. As you can see on photos the case was scratchty, crystal was totaly tarnished with deep scratches. Everywhere was dirt, gunk and mud...yuck. Movement was running and stopping with very low amplitude. After opened the caseback I wasn't suprised - it looked like as case - dirt and signs of wear. Rotor was loose and fall out the case. When I take off the crystall I saw dial which had faded Seiko logo, some scratches and hands which lost their lume.

















Next step was strip down the movement - everywhere dirt and dry old oil. Time to cleaning bath ;)











Look at this - it's my temporary balance wheel stand - I suspect that from temporary it will be permanent. It does job well.




After cleaning it's time to assembly movement. Now it looks better - maybe not pristine but clean and shiny. New oil here and there and movement starts to run. Now it's time for bench testing before install it to the case.









Meanwhile I took care of the case, dial and hands. Case got some polishing work - not to much cause I didn't want to loose the sharpness of edges. That is effect:






Dial and hands got new lume - I am not perfect in this work but I still learn to do this. Additional the seconds hand was repainted to orange color. I didn't change the crystall but i just polished it with waterpaper and on the end polish paste. Effect suprissed me. Time for the  pleasant work - putting this all pieces together into the watch.












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Excellent,  :Bravo:.  

 I can,t beleive my eyes, I see the glare on the crystal but not the crystal itself, perfect crystal polish case as well. 

Cute balance stand, unboring.

Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you guys for yopur positive feedback.

2 minutes ago, Tmuir said:

Well done, great job on the crystal!

Yes, crystal surprised me much

7 minutes ago, AndyHull said:

Great attention to detail, the crystal came up amazingly well, as did the case, and that orange second hand looks factory. Excellent.

I was looking for the best paint color, the closest to the original one
Few words about performance which is achieve - amplitude circa 220-230 degrees, but I still have to do some adjustment cause the beat error is something about 0,8-1,0ms. I suspect that I must align hairspring at the collet.

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16 minutes ago, jackie01 said:

, but I still have to do some adjustment cause the beat error is something about 0,8-1,0ms. I suspect that I must align hairspring at the collet.

That is absolutely fine and needs not further attention. I have seen brand new Seiko being shipped with as much B.E. and keep good time. Just wear it at least one week and do a final regulation if needed. 

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10 minutes ago, Maxieboy said:

Hi, Where did you find a new Crystal for the watch?e. Siko 7015A-8000. Original Crystal should be 310V01GAS0

It has been written above:

I didn't change the crystall but i just polished it with waterpaper and on the end polish paste.

Many topics on this subject also exist here. 

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