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  1. A nice little black dial Timex Marlin - date. (23571 02577) on its way. Seller states "Doesn't wind, marks on crystal" - hence the 404 club price and no other bidders.
  2. The Junghans star logo is a dead giveaway regarding who *actually* made the watch. https://www.junghans.de/en.html .. and my current favorite Junghans.
  3. Today seems to be the perfect day for sitting by the fire, wearing the "worst watch on ebay". Accuracy is an OK-ish, -20 to -30s/day currently, with a not uncommon high beat error around the 2ms mark, but other than that, following a quick service, it is running fine.
  4. Make of this what you will. https://dochollidaylive.biz/docs-watch/ How much of the story is real, and how much is invented, I'll leave for you to decide. I suspect the majority of them wore the equivalent of the Timex of the period.
  5. There is a strange paradox with plastic. Yes, it is completely non-biodegradable, but by the same token, it locks up carbon pretty much forever. You don't want to be burning oil, coal or natural gas to make energy, but making plastic is another matter. The issue with plastics is more to do with the fact that we re-cycle far too little of it, and thus our environment is heavily contaminated with it. The same is true of pretty much all of the "ingredients" in our consumer goods. They are typically produced to a price, and engineered to fail. This is of course the madness of infinite growth Laissez-faire Capitalsim. The trouble starts when you try to address this, as the moment you challenge the near religious fervor that surrounds capitalism, people scream nonsense about Communism, and "you must be some kind of communist", as if it is the only alternative. Leave aside the 'isms' and address environmental matters in a more scientific manner and you will find solutions. As to using a mechanical watch or clock. They are actually a brilliant example of good engineering. A well built, well maintained mechanical timepiece will keep going pretty much forever, and use zero additional carbon over its lifetime. Compare this with an "Apple Watch *" These products are designed with a fixed lifespan. Generally they are not maintainable in any meaningful sense, and their use of energy (and thus carbon) is many orders of magnitude higher than a comparable mechanical watch. Should we therefore be encouraging everyone to wear a mechanical watch? Of course, after all I have cornered the market in sub £4.04 mechanical timepieces, and my Capitalist senses see a boom in the market if we do. I'll be rich I tell you $$$ RICH $$$ (*other hideously over hyped and over priced brands are available)
  6. To put that in perspective, that $65 watch in the mid 1960s would have cost the equivalent of around $600 in today's money, so this was a relatively expensive little watch by the standards of the day. For comparison, a mechanical V-Conic Timex of the period typically cost around $10.
  7. http://mikrolisk.de/show.php?site=280#sucheMarker I suspect this would be likely, since there are a number of Sheffield brands, mostly registered in the USA, but presumably importing either components or complete watches from Europe. Scheffeld Sheffield Watch Inc. New York, USA; registriert am 22.5.1959 Sheffield Sheffield Watch Factory Ltd. Biel, Schweiz Sheffield Sheffield Watch, Inc. New York, USA; registriert am 1.9.1959 Sheffield Sheffield Merchandise Inc. Kleinuhren, Uhrwerke; New York, USA; registriert am 13.6.1946 Sheffield Sheffield Instrument Corp. Elektrische Uhren; Glendale (CA), USA; registriert am 2.5.1946 <<<< This may be the Droid you are seeking.
  8. It is a very attractive piece, but I'm not sure who produced it. There are a number of possibilities for "Crown Watch" on mikrolisk.de http://mikrolisk.de/show.php?site=280#sucheMarker One possibility is that it is related to the West End Watch Company. Crown Watch Co. Crown Watch Co. Bombay, Indien; registriert am 21.2.1947 This idea seems to fit quite well with its style and quality, but the truth is, I don't actually know where it came from.
  9. I've been puzzling over that too. You would think that maintaining a tooling and parts inventory for the different versions might cost more than the amount saved by skipping those jewels. Apparently the bean counters though otherwise, judging by the number of manufacturers who did this.
  10. Actually this might make an amusing little project. I might give it a shot. I have a bunch of "junker" watches that I can use at practically zero cost. The poster of that video does mention that this may not be great for the watch, and he uses relatively cheap "victims". I've also got a bunch of large needle syringes for inket printer cartridge refilling, and I've got a selection of various oils. Baby oil, 0W30 motor oil, silicone oil similar to the stuff in the video, and lets see what else I can think of. Mineral oils are probably not a great ides, though domestic heating oil (a form of kerosene) might be an interesting experiment, and I have about 1000 liters of that (well it is cold round here). I've added it to my to do list. Don't hold your breath though, I'm hoping to do some dial fabrication experiments first based on those dial designs I posted while i was away on holiday. I'm waiting for some brass sheet to arrive, and looking for ideas to cut/punch clean 30mm disks without a hydraulic punch. I have a cheap half-round 30mm leather punch on its way, which I figure if sharpened and perhaps hardened should get through brass sheet around the 1mm thick marker. Whether it will produce clean and precise enough disks, I have no idea.
  11. I think I've seen a "Mumbia special" HMT with *more* oil in it than that. I believe the term used was "recently serviced". Well i guess they needed to put something in there to stop the dirt from rattling about.
  12. Back in "sunny" Perthshire after our India trip. Back to floods, snow and high winds (and an exciting flight in to Edinburgh last night in a Dash 8 Q400 in "marginal" conditions), so I swapped my favorite little workhorse 19 jewel Sekonda TV face, (which performed flawlessly I might add), for something a little more sunny. A bright champagne dial "Crown Watch" with gold hands. Now I'm about to take advantage of a lull in the weather to take a quick look round the garden and see what is still there, and what has been washed away or blown down.
  13. Just another gimmick. I am not about to go in to space, or down to depths of 1000m so why would I subject the watch to this treatment. Yes, it probably works, but so does a Timex mechanical movement completely submerged in lighter fluid, as I have previously demonstrated. The fact that it works, doesn't mean you should do it. I suspect these watches will run fine, but the long term effects are unknown. If you want to do it, give it a shot, but bear in mind that the lifespan of the watch may be affected, and that other than the "because I can" factor, there is no real benefit to it that I can see. Having said all that. I do have a couple of clone F-91Ws in my junk pile, and a bottle of 0W30 from the car, so if you see me heading off to the garden with a filler funnel, stop me.
  14. I wouldn't attempt this on a genuine Breitling without a lot of practice. Re-luming hands is possible, and most of the watch repair suppliers supply lume as either individual colours or a kit of colours, however the technique requires considerable skill and patience. You also need to remove the hands from the watch, as the lume is applied from the rear of the hands. If you do consider attempting this, even in light of what I have said, then at the very least, obtain a few cheap watches to practice on first. Also watch this lot, it gives a lot of context to the problem, and some good tips.
  15. This is the image in question I believe. If you are having trouble inserting images, you will get better results using the Insert other Media link in the bottom right of the editor window, then choose Insert image from URL.
  16. It seems I've hit a rich vein of vintage USSR strangeness....
  17. From the position of the balance etc., It looks like a variant of the skeletonized "Chinese Standard movement", and as such is not really worth much. There are several different versions of these movements, but they tend to have a similar layout, but different bridge configurations. Does the movement have any numbers stamped anywhere on it perhaps under the balance, or on the bridges that might help to identify it? Does it claim anywhere on the watch that it is Swiss Made? Franklin Mint -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Franklin_Mint In my limited experience of their stuff, I would tactfully describe as perhaps slightly higher quality than Gerald Ratner might have been selling... maybe. Check for hallmarks, if there are none, then treat it as a good piece to improve your watch cleaning skills on, but little more.
  18. Just when I thought these designs couldn't get any more kitch, I discovered this little Raketa 2609 HA based beauty. To further add to the craziness of the design, it appears to be a 24hr movement.
  19. A 1974 Timex no less. I have a little blue dial petite from 1974 April 6 1974 Swedish pop group ABBA's song Waterloo wins the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton, England, UK. August 8 1974 - U.S. President Richard Nixon announces his resignation on August 8, effective at noon on August 9.
  20. Lenin... no, not John, the other one. LeninVer1.0-30.100Centre1.79RoundRedStarsCreamBoldFont.svg
  21. If you have been following this discussion on radioactive lume, you might find this interesting. Something to bear in mind, most "radioactive" watches are mildly hazardous, if the lume particulate is allowed to escape in to the environment which is why the majority of watches produced today do not contain any radioactive material. There are a few exceptions that have tritium tubes, but they are mainly intended for military or dive use. The doses in normal use from wearing an old radium, Promethium or tritium lumed watch are almost too small to measure, however the devices in this video are actually a genuine radiation risk, all be it a relatively low one. If, on the other hand, you are looking for something to calibrate your Geiger counter with, then you might like this ebay search -> https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_odkw=Negative+Ion+powder&_sop=15&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=Negative+Ion+&_sacat=0 Buy at your own risk of course. The one I found most concerning was this. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pack-of-4-Energy-Armor-Negative-Ion-Sports-Hair-Bands-Providing-Natures-Ions/251469259674?epid=1388443313&hash=item3a8cbc639a:g:XK0AAOxyXzxTGcHK
  22. 19 Jewel version in cream. Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA CheVer1.0-30.100Centre1.79RoundRedStarsCream.svg Quartz version. CheVer1.0-30.100Centre1.79RoundRedStarsCream.svg
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