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  1. We are probably 2 weeks behind in the progress than the UK but they have now restricted gatherings to just 2 people so things are tightening up here and after Wednesday I cant leave the metropolitan area, not that is that much a restriction as our metropolitan area is about 80 by 30km. For the last 3 years we have had chickens and I noticed during the week we were getting low on their bedding and pellets so I told my wife we better go get it this weekend as next weekend we might not be able to. Apparently many people in the continuation of panic buying food have been panic buying chickens for eggs (I wonder if they realise they will have to wait at least 6 months before their hatchlings will give them eggs or that we are heading into winter so chickens malt their feathers and stop laying) so I had to go to 3 different stores to find pellets and bedding material as people had been panic buying that out too. On the plus side I did manage to buy toilet paper today. These are certainly different times we are living in, if you told me last year that buying an 8 pack of toilet rolls would make me smile I would of laughed at you.
  2. The bigger professional seller on ebay might have arrangements sorted for collection of parcels, but I'm thinking about individuals just selling a few items. If we buy something that seller has to then go out to the post office to send a parcel which if we are being honest isn't an essential purchase for us. By buying the odd watch or clock on ebay are we possibly adding to the spread of COVID-19 by making someone leave their house and go to the postoffice? I'm also guessing if the seller is in a 'lockdown' area he also wouldn't be able to go to the post office Heaven forbid but should the government be shutting down ebay like they have auction houses? I guess it comes down to how far do we need to shut down everything to contain the virus. This is just some internal thoughts I'm having with myself, I'm interested to see what other people think. Thankfully I have enough projects already I could be kept locked in my house for a year and I still wouldn't finish them all.
  3. That is nice but postage to Australia is £169 so I won't be bidding.
  4. I'm with oldhippy, its a turns. That knob in the centre would hold the tool rest in place which is missing. A turns is a simple lathe that 'turns between centres' and would of been powered by hand with a bow. Its a pretty early one though and quiet likely British made, look for a makers mark or name on it because if you can find one it will help date it.
  5. Has anyone read the book Smiths Domestic Clocks: A Guide to Their History and Identification? I'm interested in getting more information about the clocks they made for cars and aircarft than their domestic clocks but was wondering if this book covers these clocks at all. Also does it go into any technical details of the ABEC platform escapements used in their clocks. In particular I'm looking for part numbers for ABEC balance staffs as they turn up from time to time on ebay but without knowing the part numbers I don't know what they are for.
  6. Two or three distillers in Western Australia are now making alcohol for hand sanitizer, but Gull Petrol beats them all in New Zealand as they have just donated 340,000 litres of ethanol for making hand sanitizer. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2020/03/gull-donates-340-000-litres-of-ethanol-to-hand-sanitiser-company.html New Zealand may be a small country but they usually manage time and time again to show they are better than Australia in times of crisis. I do think a lot of countries in the world would be better of if they could borrow NZ's Prime Minister for just a few weeks. My country included.
  7. Toilet paper has been hard to get in Australia for about 3 weeks. I've got enough for about another 5 days, but being I help to look after 9 Datacentres if I get desperate I've been given permission to raid our data centre emergency stock. This week they set limits on how much alcohol you could buy, so of course as soon as they did that people are now trying to hoard alcohol here, but its ok I have beaten the hoarders at their own game. I just went to my 'brew fridge and grabbed a 5 liter demijohn of mead that I prepared just for this occasion some 18 or 20 months ago and bottled it. I've got another demijohn to do too, but I've run out of corks. I also brew beer occasionally from scratch using all grain and just picked up the supplies for when I'm on holidays in 1 1/2 weeks time to make 20 litres of Irish Red Ale. I ferment it slow at low temperatures so from start to drinking is about 3 months which will put us in the middle of winter which will be the perfect time for some red ale.
  8. My job has been deemed to be essential so I will still be going to work, no I don't have anything to do with the medical profession, I help maintain data centers. They have pretty much shut down our head office and I've been sent to spend each day sitting at one of our data centers in case something goes wrong, so even if they lock the city down I would be given a pass to still travel to and from work, so no extra time for me on those 'One Day' projects. Though like Oldhippy I just lost one of my cats on Saturday, but it had been a long time coming, it was 19 years old and had been on anti-inflammatories and pain killers for several months but late last week she ran out of 'good days' and we had to take her to the vet on Saturday and see her off. Sad as it was it was the correct decision to make. Her sister has been wondering around the house trying to find her for the last couple of days now.
  9. No sorry just checked the parts list I have for this watch and it does not mentioned what size hands it uses. I have loads of NOS parts for the Elgin A11 but nothing for the Waltham, although I don't have any hands for the Elgin either.
  10. From what I understand there is no getting round this other than becoming an authorised ETA repairer, which obviously isn't a viable option. This is why a number of independent shops are moving away from selling ETA branded watches as they cant service them. Its is also what caused Selita to start making their own movements based on older ETA calibres and why a lot of independent watch companies now use Selita movements instead of ETA movements.
  11. I didn't say I didn't want it. Its not my 'Go to' book, but there are times when its useful, especially when you need a formula to work out something, or you just want a greater understanding how something works to let you figure out why whats in front of you doesn't work.
  12. I've got a copy as Nickelsilver says its written as a text book for a classroom. If you want the formula for just about anything in Horology this book has it. Likewise if you want the theory of how something works its probably in this book. If you want a book that will teach you how to make a balance staff, replace a cracked jewel or any other 'hands on' technique this is not the book you want. If you are a hands on type of person I would not recommend this book, if you like to know the underlying theory on why things work than this is the book. If you have limited money and are looking for books to teach you how to carry out complicated repairs look for Archie Perkins's books. If you want to know the linear coefficients of expansion of different materials along with the formula to work out the length of a pendulum clock and the effect of temperature on the daily rate so you can make yourself a super efficient clock this is the book for you.
  13. I appears to be one of those rare 'anti gravity' clocks that the weights and pendulums go sideways. I would snap it up. Sorry you will need to wait until OH gets here to give you a worthwhile opinion, but you seem to of uploaded 5 of the same photos, I'm assuming you meant to upload different pictures.
  14. Do you mean the dial washer? Brass washer that is curved? If so yes. The photo you uplaoded isn't working, just drag the photo onto your post and it will upload it so we can see what you are talking about.
  15. I'm only quoting the book, it could be wrong
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