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  1. If you have the cash invest in Archie B Perkins book it goes through replacing the chuck key in the head stock. Of course you need a working lathe to do this though which is a problem if you only have 1 lathe.
  2. If you are wanting a good book on the maintenance of the lather I recommend Archie B Perkins book 'The watchmakers Lathe and How to Use It', not cheap buy very useful, or for a cheaper book that is useful but more limited Donald de Carle's book 'Thw Watchmakers and Model Engineers Lathe'
  3. I have seen R184 movements ebay France, being they are French it makes sense, but bear in mind even if you bought a NOS movement it probably would still need servicing. From what I have read Lip R184 (and R148) are probably the hardest of all electromechanical watches to service due to the electrodes to the balance being very easily damaged so make sure you take it to someone that has serviced these before.
  4. Welcome from Perth Western Australia
  5. If the paint has already gone what about a touch of solder solder paste applied by a pin to the joint?
  6. I just checked through my 1949 Catalogue Officiel, but sorry its not in it.
  7. How wide is it at its widest point on its narrow side?
  8. I've watched several new watch and clock service and repair businesses open up over the last 3 years in a commercial premises and they are all doing well, plus a number of others working from home just doing the odd job after their 'day job' finishes, to another that works from home, does not have a shop front and specializes in only servicing and restoring high end value watches and he has more work than he can deal with coming in from all over the world. So you can definitely still make a living doing it, it is amazing how many people I still meet on the street that tell me they have their parents or grandparents watch or clock that is very special to them that they would love to get fixed but they don't know where they can take it. When I tell them where to take the watch or clock to get it repaired they get very excited. I think the biggest issue is there is a general perception from the public that good watch or clock repairers don't exist any more, atleast where I live. I'm the secretary of my local watch and clock association and this is something we are actively trying to fix, as despite are school having produced a number of graduates over the last few years any of those that want to are finding work in the industry are managing to find enough work. This Saturday I will be assisting staffing my associations stand at the biggest antique market where I live that happens every 3 months to promote our association and our members and our watch and clock school. We have been doing this long enough now that we actually have people bringing their watches and clocks to the market now for us to service, not to mention the odd few that get bought at the market and then left with us to service. The industry will never go back to the size it was in the 1950s, but I'm pretty confident it will continue for some time yet.
  9. Depends on whether the case is water tight. Do you have a pressure testing machine? The Swiss ones are hideously expensive, but the Chinese ones are quite reasonably price and actually good quality.
  10. Thats an odd one, in that it looks to have only 1 row of stitching on it and quite a bit in, I've not seen one like that before, its half way between a loosefold and a stitched mop. Loosefold are great for final polish wear you want to keep the metal removal to a minimum, stitched mops tend to be a bit more aggressive.
  11. If you do decide to buy a jewelling tool and buy a second hand one make sure the press part itself is in good condition, don't be worried if a few reamers or pushers are missing as you can buy replacements for them for reasonable prices, but the press itself is expensive.
  12. Nice J30BZ German aircraft clock, that clock is on my wish list. I just finished fixing a German Kienzle aircraft clock, but the J30BZ is a much nicer clock. I also like the old Waltham car clocks, but haven't managed to snag myself one of those yet either.
  13. I like that, I like the old military watches, but I'm yet to own one, although I do have a lot of military NOS parts for Elgin A11 wristwatches, so I hope to pick one up soon.
  14. Ouch, I can imagine the air might of turned blue for a few seconds after the roller broke. Archie Perkin's book details how to make a roller, but its a big difference between reading how to do it and actually doing it, I've certainly never tried to make one before.
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