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  1. Omega and Longines are already on my watch list, Vertex is new to me so will look them up. Only trouble the Omegas and lOngines I really like the look of are generally out of my price range.
  2. Greetings from Canada

    Welcome to the forum from Perth Western Australia
  3. When I started to learning to repair watches I wasn't interested in Seikos, but then I restored my dads Seiko for his birthday that he got in the 1970s that had been broken for over 10 years that a previous watchmaker had told him was repairable and I got an appreciation for Seikos, I've got a Seiko 5 I'm about to restore and although I now like Seikos I think I would like to get a watch that the average person doesn't know, but saying that I have looked up Seiko 6139s and have a few that I'm now watching. It never hurts to have several options.
  4. I know this is a very subjective question, but I'm looking to buy myself a vintage watch to restore and wear that is a bit further up the quality tree than I currently have and I'm looking for suggestions. My requirements is it needs to be an automatic, day and date would be nice, but not essential. I'm not looking for a super complicated watch, automatic, day and date is enough, it also needs to be one that parts are reasonably available for. Don't wont an overly busy dial as I struggle reading watches with small hands if I haven't got my glasses on My price range would be no more than $400 or $500 USD and I would like it to be one that will hold its value as long as I look after it. I've obviously already got a few that I've been keeping my eye out for, but I welcome other suggestions.
  5. Is it the same place that socks go to?
  6. New Tools!

    Unfortunately it doesn't, its on my list to upgrade my watch press too, but can only afford so much at a time, although I do have access to better quality presses at the school I attend.
  7. Rubbed in Jewel Closing

    The trick is a lot of sellers don't know what they are and think they are vices or draftmans tools. I regularly (read daily) do ebay searches just on the word 'watchmaker' and then select it to only show me 'used' items, thats the way I find most items. There is one set on ebay now finishing in a couple of days and was another set that just finished a day or two ago. I would be bidding on this set myself if I hadn't just spent several hundred on other tools. Sorry for dragging your post off topic Jdrichard, nice job I've yet to try to replace any rubbed in jewels myself, I'm still after a closing set of tools
  8. Rubbed in Jewel Closing

    I just refer to them as Jewel rubbing in tools, they turn up reasonably regularly on ebay, but if they are in good condition they are hotly contested. Don't bid on them unless they show photos of the tips so you can see they are still good, or you are getting them for a low enough price to take a risk. There are two types, opening and closing. The opening have flat ends, while the closing have concave ends. They usually come in sets of 3 sizes and can be a complete set of 6 (3 opening and 3 closing) or they can be just a set of 3 opening or closing
  9. I have been working on a Seiko Quartz watch and I could not get the bezel off using my case knife like I can usually so I decided it was time for some new tools, especially as Eternal tools had a 15% off sale. I cashed in some of my bitcoin I purchased a few years back and managed to buy all this. Thirty seconds with the Horotech case opener and I had the bezel off. I also got myself a couple diamond files and expanded my range of Horotech screwdrivers too. This should satisfy my new tool craving for a few weeks. :-)
  10. Help identifying a movement

    We really need to see the dial side of the movement to ID it.
  11. I have been assembling a Slava 2428 and I was down to just cleaning the shockproof setting on the balance, the Slava has a rather annoying clip retaining the jewels, it is a circle with 3 arms coming out of it and it must be rotated to free up one arm at a time. I had almost got it off when it fired off, I knew I should of placed some roodico on it but I was getting tired and didn't. After 5 minutes of seraching for it I found it on my thumb, so safely stored it away. I then removed the jewels and cleaned them in some acetone. On going to pick up the end stone it slipped out of my tweezers and also shot off. This one I spent 10 minutes looking for but didn't find it, although I did find 2 clicks that I lost 6 and 10 weeks ago. I sourced replacement clicks, so they are now just spares,but are safely stored away for future use so I am figuring maybe I should stop tonight and if I get lucky I will find the end stone tomorrow, else I will take one from the spare movement I have.
  12. Cousins sell the click, but lists the date jumper springs as obsolete, was the wire it was made from flat or round? If round you could have a go at making one out of a guitar string
  13. Pre bond omega seamaster 200

    My other hobby is toy steam engines, and I used to make gaskets for them using teflon sheet, I used to punch them out to size using leather punches. I never made one as big as would be used in a watch, but with a bit of thought and a hand made punch it should be possible. You can buy teflon sheet in different thicknesses off ebay. Here is one 0.3mm thick Or 0.5mm Obviously easier if you can get the original part, but its another option
  14. Dating an Ansonia Slate Clock

    I would agree definitely after 1883, although it would be nice to tie it in tighter than that. I remember reading somewhere that these clocks were made to counter the french slate clocks coming into the US, Ansomia also made cast iron clocks painted to look like slate and cheaper wooden cased clocks painted to look like slate or marble too. As oldhippy says not as good quality, or worth as much as the French slate clocks, but still interesting none the less
  15. This Makes me mad

    I know RAF sector clocks have recently become 'The in thing' and cheap reproduction quartz sector clocks are popping up everywhere which I don't have an issue with, but I do when an older clock is fitted with a new dial just to make a few extra pounds it annoys me. Atleast they do say it is a repainted dial in the title although no mention in the description. This one does state it is fitted with a new dial 'similar' to what was fitted originally to make it seem more like it was a real sector clock I'm guessing it wont be long before more spring up and are attempted to be sold as original, or in 20 years time when the paint has warn a bit on these ones being sold as real sector clocks.