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  1. I was about to like your post wls1971, until I read the last sentence when you said it was stolen, so instead I will say Ilike the story about how you got the parts for the watch, and to the person that stole it. I lived in Glasgow Scotland from 1997 to 2000 and our flat got broken into and the thief reassembled my mountain bike that I had taken the wheels off to fit it in the cupboard and road off with my Low-Pro camera bag with about £8000 worth of cameras in it and my Waltham pocket watch that I loved and wore most days as I was still getting over a nasty watch allergy I got on my wrist from when I worked in outback Australia. I bought myself a replacement Waltham at the Byzantine markets that used to be in Edinburgh to replace it, but it wasn't as nice as the one stolen. So I have an idea how gutted you must of been to get it stolen.
  2. Has anyone ever used Longines free service to get an extract from their archives on their watch? https://www.longines.com/certificate-of-authenticity See the above link, if you just want the extract they will post it to you for free, obviously if you want a certificate of Authenticity you need to send them your watch and pay for that, but the extract is free. I'm going to ask for the extract on my 30LS Longines.
  3. Try contacting these people http://www.barometerspareparts.co.uk/index.php The supply spare parts for mercury barometers and may be able to put you onto someone that can help. You are correct you cant post mercury and definitely don't try to send it airmail.
  4. Read this page. https://www.medfordclock.com/merc.htm and here you can but the fake ones http://www.m-p.co.uk/muk/parts/pendulums-french.htm
  5. Are you sure its a real mercury pendulum? I've heard of cheaper clocks having fake mercury pendulums, could it be the pendulum was taken apart and put together incorrectly with the pretend mercury parts upside down? The whole point of mercury is it is liquid and flows freely as Old Hippy says
  6. I'm not familiar with the tool you are using, but it looks like it is giving good results. Screwdrivers are more forgiving than knives with shapening, to sharpen my screwdreivers I purchased a 240 grit and 400 grit diamond sharpening plate off ebay for just $3 or $4 each and have one an A&F spring loaded screwdriver holder for sharpening and find that gives me pretty good results. The most important thing is using your Loupe to check you have inserted the screwdriver correctly before sharpening. Also if you are removing a chip on the blade you will normally have to hold the blade at 90 degrees to the diamond plate and take a small amount off the end so they screwdriver blade once sharpened to ensure it doesn't bottom out in the screw.
  7. Did you remove the cap stones on the balance and fully clean out the old oil? If not the old oil could be gumming up the new oil. Have you checked the pivots of the balance for wear? Checked the jewels for any cracks? Does the anchor snap cleanly from side to side if you nudge it with an oiler with the balance removed?
  8. Wow, thats quite a hoard of Military watches, I own several WWII aircraft clocks and a Navy Deck clock, but have yet to get my hands on any military clocks, thats some serious practice you have had.
  9. Anti magnetic tweezers are expensive, most people cant afford to have all their tweezers anti-magnetic. You do not want tweezers or screwdrivers magnetized, magnetism is the bain of mechanical watches and causes all sort of issues, such as causing the coils of the hairspring to stick together making the watch run fast. If your tweezers are not 100% anti magnetic they will eventually becomes slightly magnetic, whether that is from touching magnetized parts of watches, or just them passing through other magnetic fields. If you work on quartz watches you will need atleast 1set of tweezers that is 100% ant-magnetic to pick up the rotor for most people a good set of brass tweezers will do. For everything else rather than have 100% ant-magnetic tweezers having a demagnitizer is more important. You can buy cheap ones off ebay and you will need one as its quite regular to find that a watch you are working on is slightly magnetized that you will need to demagnetize and so will your tweezers or screwdrivers after touching the watch. Bottom line you don't want any of your tools magnetized and the only part of a watch you want to be magnetized is the rotor in quartz watches.
  10. 1 and 2 look like part of a tool to remove roller tables as does part 4. 6 are home made tools used to straighten bent balance wheels. 6 are used in conjunction with truing calipers and allow you to grab the outer rim to the balance wheel and bend it to straighten it.
  11. I agree with what eezy says, although there are some exceptions to the rules. If military timepieces interest you there are a number of useful books. Military Timepieces by Z.M. Wesolowski reasonable price consider it a starting book to get you interested Waltham Trench watches of the great War Elgin Trench watches of the great war, both by Stan Czubernat medium priced good books if you are interested in WWI Elgin or Waltham watches Military Timepieces by Marvin E Whitney, pricey but the best reference on military timepieces from the USA Military Timepieces by Konrad Knirim and British Military Timepieces by the same author. Both hideously expensive, written in German and English, fantastic colour photos and brilliant reference books, first one on German and obviously the second on British Timepieces, but it also has a small bit on British allies military timepieces. The first book is easy to get as are the Waltham and Elgin books, Marvin's book can be found is you search, but you are very unlikely to find a cheap second hand copy. The last 2 books are still in print and available from Amazon, you have more chance in winning lotto than finding a second hand copy of this book as anyone who has bought it is very unlikely to let it go.
  12. Good quality loupes. I bought 2 cheap ones at first, one real cheap off ebay and the other Anchor brand. The ebay one was so bad that I had dropped it in the bin within 2 minutes on taking it out of its packing. The anchor one sits besides my computer now and is sometimes used to magnify non watch related items. All 3 loupes I now use are Bergeon ones. I recommend getting the ones with the slot in them to stop them fogging up.
  13. Fixadrop helps oil stay where you put it, stops it running flowing, but is very expensive.
  14. You see it all the time on ebay, any wristlet style watch called a 'Trench Watch', usually its a ladies watch too. Civilian versions of a watch used by the military listed as 'Military Watches' or my favorite 'WWII Era watch'. Am I being too critical on this watch, is it genuine and maybe someone just touched up the writing stamped on the back of the case freehand due to heavy wear,or does it look like its been added to a civilian version of this watch so it sells for more? https://www.ebay.com/itm/M1-VINTAGE-WWII-WALTHAM-TYPE-A-11-MILITARY-WRISTWATCH-US-ARMY-AIR-FORCE-6-0/293116287049?hash=item443f179849:g:sv4AAOSw9ydc~R~f What are your thoughts?
  15. Yes mine are genuine, the one I use the most was my grandfathers and is probably from the 1960s or 1970s, the other 2 I bought new from Cousins.
  16. I have several Bergeon loupes and I'm happy with all of them unlike the cheap Anchor ones I originally bought which where crap.
  17. Did you check the pack for tolerance? They probably had written +- 15mm
  18. I purchased a while back the Horotec 01.201.D set of screwdrivers. They are not cheap but I do really love them. https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/horotec-stainless-steel-6-pieces The heads are mounted on ball races, not really necesary but does make them very smooth to use.
  19. Thanks I have often thought about the automatic oiler and it was good to see it demonstrated like that.
  20. Without it being put on a timing machine we can't really say, but if the second hand is occasionally stopping unless it is just loose which I doubt the watch probably needs servicing, which would require a complete strip down, clean and oiling. I treat any watch I get from ebay especially including ones that state 'Has just been serviced' as most likely in need of a service
  21. Yes I had forgotten that 'BSA' feeling of tingling toes as the vibration from the single pot goes right through your whole body.
  22. No future motorcycle projects, got to many watch and clock projects, not to mention that I'm now reaching the point where the tools I want to further my watch repairing along are starting to get pricey, so cant afford another bike. I had a 1942 BSA WM20 that was to be my next project, but I sold it 2 years ago to pay for my watchmakers training and tools. I bumped into the guy I sold it to a few weeks back and he told me he had already finished it and it was up and running.
  23. It is a public holiday in Western Australia today (WA day), and today was a big day. The BSA in my avatar for the first time in about 5 years I took it for a ride today. When I purchased it, it cosmetically looks pretty good, but mechanically was not so good. I started a ground up restoration on it 5 years ago, but the project stalled a couple of years back due to me not having enough time and some of the engine work I did not feel confident to do. A few months ago my dad mentioned he was looking for a project to give him something to do so I gave him my BSA with the deal I would keep it licensed and pay for any parts needed that I hadn't already purchased and he could finish the restoration and keep the bike to ride until he was bored of it. He got it running a few days ago, so I dropped by today and took it for a ride. I have been looking forward to having that ride for the last 5 years. The bike still needs a little more tweaking before its 100% complete, now my dad is on the hunt for another vintage bike. Shame I had to sell my WM20 project bike a couple of years back. Anyhow, this is how it looks now, not hugely different from before, but mechanically much sounder. I'm sure it will give my dad another few months of fun before he gets bored of it and hands it back.
  24. I have an MKS jeweling set. It is well made, but mine has had a hard life and as such I bought it cheap, so will probably replace it at some point, but at the moment it is still doing the job.
  25. Welcome from Perth Western Australia. My condolences for your father. I guess firstly what are your plans? Do you want to learn watch and clock repair for a hobby, as you will obviously have all the tools, or do you just want to sell everything. If you want to learn start watching Mark's videos on watch repair and get a couple of books and get some cheap basic second hand watches to practice on and single train clocks and start asking questions on the forum. If you want to sell ebay is probably your best way to go, for parts sort out into groups and sell as lots, so tools do some research as the cheaper ones are probably better sold in lots, but the more expensive ones by themselves.
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