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Wishing you all the best for 2019

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Wish you all a Happy New Year and hope 2019 will be a smooth year with a bunch of good things and news.

And "horology problems" to solve of course ... unless you could get bored


Envoyé de mon Moto G (5) Plus en utilisant Tapatalk





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    • Yes, I am slowly realizing there is quite a bit more to it than I think we both had in mind before going down this path. But, we are both big into DIY and we are willing to learn. Thank you for the quick reply. It helps see the big picture a bit more.
    • Good ol' George Clarkson in Berlin and his great work on those Seiko Chronos... Jus' like good ol' Longbike [Louis] of Hawaii on the Citizen Aquzlanda and Eco-drives.. both Great Guys.....
    • I opened up this watch to replace the battery. It seems the metal piece is over it a bit keeping it in place. Is this a clip I need to move or open before removing the battery? Do I need to remove the tiny flathead screw(s)?
    • agreed. didnt think the rolex was real but if it was and he didnt have the rolex movement and the ETA is always better than a clone. AP yes mark does have a video on the 7750, and there are a ton of other videos as well. update when you fix that spring  
    • Hi    Brandon You do realise this could be the start of somthing big,  With regard to batteries in watches they come in all sorts and sizes, some just pop in and others have a little clip which needs to be sprung to remove the old battery and sprung again when fitting. Others have a metal strap across the battery, This has to be released. At one end is usually a screw the other end being clipped into or under the frame or back plate. To remove this type requires you to release the screw and swing the clip away from the head or remove the screw altogether, Use a cocktail stick or such to hold the spring when releasing the screw as they can jump away never to be seen again. Tools required, watchmakers screwdriver set, case back tool or knife for the snap- ons  tweezers Plastic or non conductive tipped and the case closer set which you have found out that not using the correct size dies cracks the crystal. good luck in your endeavour.  If in doubt ask on the forum some one will answer your question for sure.