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  1. Thanks Andy, that was a good read, I have just bought a timegrapher "Weishi 1900" in preparation for Mark's courses that I have just enrolled in. The manual is awful !
  2. Hi and welcome to the happy factory.
  3. I think so, I am not that experienced in Chinese watches to say for sure. Someone on the forum will probably have seen this movement before. The only marking I can see simply says "17jewels"
  4. This is today's offering, sub £4.00 including postage. Would wind then unwind. Opened back and click stop and spring fell out ! Spent ages on my hands and knees with a magnifying glass.... Then Mrs Me walked in and said " are you looking for clues" anyway it's called CHICKS and I have never heard of it !
  5. Thank you Ricardo, Andy, glad you like it it was £150.00 when I bought it ! But then I was young and stupid !
  6. Hi Allie and welcome to the happy factory.
  7. Omega Speedmaster 1964, my favourite watch !
  8. Brewed for Churchill, you are in good company Oldhippy!
  9. Lecoultre master mariner with bumper movement,
  10. Hi Nico and welcome. Hope you enjoy the forum.
  11. I don't think you are mad, but you are pretty close! it didn't cost an arm and a leg, you will fix it and give it the beauty treatment. It will be a nice clock for little money. Also it will teach you much, no I don't think you are mad.
  12. Hi Jeff and welcome to the asylum, once in you can never get out, but then again you would have to be mad to want to leave.
  13. Hi David, welcome to the happy factory. Enjoy the forum,
  14. Hi Paul, they have moved, this is their new address and phone number, Zeon, Unit 1-2, Phoenix Park, Apsley Way, London, NW2 7LN Tel020 8208 1833
  15. And today it's another Seiko, the first watch I really "got into" and repaired and finished. Thanks mainly to the excellent guidance I received from fellow forum members.
  16. Hi, depending where you are? This may help. When I got my Navigator the bracelet was three links too small. Ingersoll are owned by Zeon, their office/workshop is in Waterloo road, London NW10, I got in touch with them and their service was superb. I explained my problem and five days later three links arrived in the post free of charge. You could possibly Google them and get a phone number? Hope this helps.
  17. And today it's a Seiko...
  18. Possibly assembled by five well trained goats !
  19. Looks to me very much a bargain. For a fiver they simply had to be bought.
  20. Hi and welcome Antti. Enjoy the forum.
  21. Today I am wearing my Jaeger dsa,
  22. Hi Eric, welcome to the happy factory.
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