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  1. Hi and welcome to the happy factory.
  2. Hi CP and welcome to the happy factory
  3. Hi and welcome Stephen this is a fabulous forum full of very knowledgeable people who are happy to give advice. (I am not one of the knowledgeable people)
  4. We should never moan about getting old, it is a pleasure denied to so many.
  5. Hi Paul and welcome to the happy factory.
  6. Hi Dan and welcome to the happy factory.
  7. Hi and welcome to the happy factory.
  8. Hi Manodeoro, all I can do is wish you all the best !
  9. Hi Chase, that's a fine gesture and the old watchmaker will be pleased his stuff will be used again by another watch fan. I personally don't need anything but if you give it another 3or4 days many more WRT members will have seen your post and I am sure will take up your offer.
  10. Hi Manodeoro, The sealion looks superb, well done, you have made an excellent job of making and replacing the missing bezel. I hope it brings you much pleasure my friend
  11. Hi and welcome to the forum Eric.
  12. Hi and welcome Tony.
  13. Hi Margo and welcome to the asylum,
  14. Hi and welcome to the forum. Get yourself a Seiko 5, there are zillions out there and cost very little.
  15. I used to suffer neck and backache, so I now use this
  16. Hi and welcome DPipe.
  17. Hi Robert and welcome to the asylum
  18. Got this off eBay last night £5.21 including postage. Hopefully this will do ? Not sure but for £5.21 it was worth the risk. This one doesn't have a sub dial though. Was hoping to use it for parts, ? BUT I expect to be wrong!
  19. You are missing nothing Oldhippy!
  20. Hi Chris, the answer to your problem is Casio MDV 106, it's cheap as chips, it's good looking, waterproof as a Rolex and more accurate as well. I am not really a quartz watch person but this watch for the money is superb.
  21. Many thanks Rogart, as yet I have not taken the movement apart, but what's immediately obvious is the spring balance is bottoming out so cannot swing freely, and if you try to wind it, it slips after a couple of turns. I am dithering between the best course of action as my experience is really limited. Do I replace the movement or repair the old one, my head says replace, my heart says repair.
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