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    Sessions Click Spring

    You will have to make the part. The springs are so powerfull. Here is a photo of an American click, wheel and ratchet.
  2. oldhippy

    Greetings from Central Florida USA

    Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum.
  3. oldhippy

    Omega 1342 service/repair

    Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum. I'm sure someone on here will be able to advice you. I gave up repairs many years ago.
  4. oldhippy

    Clock going slow

    It would help if you told us what type of clock it is and post a few photos.
  5. oldhippy

    Ebay Long Case clock

    The first clock. 1770 is correct for the complete dial this includes the hands. The movement is also correct, but has been altered to accommodate striking on a gong. Longcase clocks with gong striking only appeared in the middle to late 1800’s. The case is very good it is well proportioned and the style fits perfectly for around the 1770 period. Because of the lack of photos for the case, I’m not convinced about what has already been said. My personal feelings are that the cheeks have been cut or replaced at a lower size to the original; this will cause the gaps around the dial. The wooden arch has been repaired, you can see where it has been glued back, and this would have been repaired probably a hundred odd years ago and is perfectly acceptable. It is well over priced.
  6. oldhippy

    Mark's video oiling escape teeth?

    You want How to service a mechanical watch part 3. Start at around 15 minutes
  7. oldhippy

    clock stops if i put it back to the case

    Follow what Nucejoe has said. This spring is doing nothing where it is. It should be at the other end of the arrow under neath
  8. oldhippy

    Where was this movement made?

    I have never seen such a sorry looking cuckoo clock movement. At a guess, I would say. Taiwan.
  9. oldhippy

    Ebay Long Case clock

    I just copy and paste the link from my browser. I just had a quick look and the gong is the first give away. Longcase clocks that had gongs are very late in Longcase clock history. The second one if that has been cleaned I would like to know in which decade.
  10. oldhippy

    Smiths mantle clock project

    The order you have posted them Hour=12 Minute hand positon Quarter 2=9 Minute hand positon Quarter past=3 Minute hand positon Half Past=6 Minute hand positon All correct. Congratulations.
  11. oldhippy

    Greetings from Jewelry Endeavors

    Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum.
  12. oldhippy

    An aluminium-cased longcase clock?

    I gasp in horror at this. Hermle tells me right away its modern and the movements are not that good. In 30 years it will need to be replaced. To me it is not a Longcase clock. It is a modern case that is supposed to resemble a Longcase clock. At that price, you could get yourself a genuine antique Longcase.
  13. Ebay is full of people selling re-pro, stuff that does not appear to be what it is. Its like any auction in this case you have to know your clocks. There is a thread on here I think I started it about so called French carriage clocks and the Chinese fakes on ebay, I point out with the correct link at the time of auction. Longcase clocks that are a marriage, sometimes I run a little competition, to see if members can spot the mistakes.
  14. oldhippy

    Restoring a Black Slate Clock

    A very nice looking clock. Those movements are great to work on. Your screw bluing is very good as you have them all the same colour. What method did you use? Just a little tip. Both winding arbors would look nice if you had polished the ends. The regulator square should also be polished, the square cleaned up and the rod. Visible escapements have that little bit more to take care of and they add to the value. I really enjoyed looking at your work. Thank you for the photos.
  15. oldhippy

    Restoring a Black Slate Clock

    That’s a huge difference and it looks nice. The movements are very good to work on and are made of high-grade brass and steel. I look forward to seeing the progress in cleaning and sorting out the movement.
  16. Eclipse pin vise are very good.
  17. The way I would overcome this situation, Try putting the arbor in at a slight angel at he same time press down and turn clockwise, while pushing it should open up to accommodate the spring. If you are going to open it you need to be very careful because the spring might snap, you need a pair of round nosed pliers.
  18. Hello Mark,

    I had this sent to me. I can't find it. can you help.

    I can't seem to find a link to donate to this site. I'm a fairly regular user and I detest free riders with a passion. Can you point me in the correct direction so that I can do my bit to assist with the expense of maintaining this site. On a second note, shouldn't such a link be obvious so that anyone can find it without difficulty?


  19. oldhippy

    Hello all

    Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum.
  20. oldhippy

    Smiths mantle clock project

    Chime side. The wheel with pin next to the fly needs to around the 10. This gives it the warning, anything over that and the warning is too short. The strike side. After the hammer has lifted and just dropped, the wheel with the pin needs to be at about the 10. Just put on the green arrow part and the blue arrow gathering pallet, part with the black arrow. When green arrow part drops into the pallet (blue arrow), the two parts should be in the slot brown lines. Make sure when it is trapped the hammer is not on the rise.
  21. Hi, I have had a message from a member who would like to know where does he go so he can make a donation to this forum. I'm buggerd if I can find anything. Can you point me to it. 

  22. oldhippy

    Smiths mantle clock project

    Good for you.
  23. oldhippy

    Smiths mantle clock project

    If you want to start at the beginning, I suggest you remove all parts from the front. When you have done that, put this piece in, move the wheels around, and tell me, in what position is the wheel at next to the fly? Also on the strike, side after the hammer has lifted where that wheel that has a pin next to the fly is. They both need to be around the 10 number on a clock face as that will be the warning for both chime and strike.
  24. oldhippy

    Smiths mantle clock project

    Sorry I could not get back yesterday. My other love is genealogy my family tree. If you are sure, you now have it sorted. I was going to suggest taking the chime leavers off and starting from the beginning and describing what each part will do when the chiming starts and how to set it.