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  1. HSL

    Watch of Today

    I usually don't wear watches during weekends, but yesterday I thought I have to try out if one of my small friends was up to the task to kick of a Monday meeting with a bang. And of course one should not play around with your daughters dog since anything can happen, when getting back into the house I realized disaster had struck, somehow the winding knob had torn off. Well sh*t happens. So Instead a little brother standing beside the Zenith in the display cabinet got the chance. A Mondia Sea Scout, powered by a golden AS/ST 1800.
  2. HSL

    Longines 30LS

    Just a wonderful watch, I have a special love for the Longines 30L / 30LS. They usually came with a slightly smaller knob as you say , half the width and a bit rounded on the top.
  3. HSL

    Watch of Today

    Wehrmann Suisse.. a quite anonymous watch from the dial side but when you turn it around....... A missile launcher powered by a AS 1130, a backside like that must make even James Bond jealous. If anyone knows why one would have a case back designed like that feel free to share I have no idea,
  4. HSL

    Watch of Today

    Longines 6942, the little sister to the 6952 previously shown. Sometimes less is more and I must say in this case I actually prefer the Little sister.
  5. Well magic potions, wishful thinking or not the point is you have to clean the watch and oil it properly to get a chance to make a proper faultfinding, like when you are testing anything else you have to establish an baseline to compare against. Once you buy a watch it's flawless (hopefully) and runs smooth as a slick pimp. That is the baseline you want to compare with, if the watch isn't clean enough you might see strange patterns that will appear in the time graph mostly caused by dirt and oil affecting the mechanism. Now in the case of a watch running perfect for months and all of a sudden halts one would suspect the fault might be parts of old oil suddenly getting loose and blocking the action some were. It's unlikely any worn pivot/jewel since the watch most probably forced the drive train to affect all the pivots/jewels in the watch more than once in a month. In this case I probably would take a close look at the keyless and the motion works since Joe cleaned the watch more than once, most often in a watch this is the place you would find buildup of rust due to condensation inside the watch and this will if not cleaned away with the proper treatment jam the motion works for sure. The second place is the mainspring, a bad dry mainspring will have the exact same symptoms too. This is just some thoughts and quirky theories formed by a theoretical watch enthusiast...
  6. HSL

    Watch of Today

    Today it's time for a vintage Girad-Perregaux from the 60's to see the light after months in the display. Seems a service is in the pipe too, but it still runs like a charm. This watch is powerd by a Girad Perregaux Caliber 26 humping around in 21600 A/h.
  7. If your in no luck finding that part I have a whole 8200A movement I been practicing on, it should have the same part.
  8. I think patience is one of the key factors in the discipline of watch cleaning... and a quick revisit to the high school chemistry lessons. I usually slept through these but some how some things sticked. Cleaning a watch is about chemistry since one wants to get rid off for example old oil and grease. So first we have to loosen up the old dirt, since it mostly are different kind of petrol residues we want to get rid off any kind of mild degreaser is good, any kind of petroleum product can be used. One have to patiently let it soak for a while before moving to the next stage. When the residues are nice and soft they can be cleaned off. To do this you have to expose the residues to an alkaline solution, this is the key component in any cleaning solution, to get an alkaline solution you can use sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide solved in distilled water. Warning! A too strong solution will be extremely corrosive so you have to try which amount of chemicals you have to use, preferably test it on a couple of scrap movements. Nowadays I always use an ultrasonic cleaning machine. To rinse of the alkaline solution I usually rinse the parts first in chemically pure petrol and later in an 99.5% alcohol solution, the alcohol will bind all the water one might have missed to get away from the ultrasonic bath, it's the same trick used in cars to bind water in petroleum.. If there is rust on some parts I clean these later on with a slight acidic solution, white wine vinegar in distilled water works great. and then carefully rinse the solution off. For the pegging work in the jewels and any eventual rust removal I use my new favorite, bamboo toothpicks, these can be sharpened to extremely thin points and at the same time be gentle on the jewels. I always clean the palletfork and balance separately but this is just a thing I'm used to do. So the path for me when leaving the jewels in when cleaning is: 1. Use a petroleum product to solve oil and grease. 2. Use an alkaline to remove the oil. Use an acidic solution for rust removal. 3. Rinse first in a clean petroleum product. 4. Second rinse in an alcohol. 5.Peg jewels with a super sharp bamboo toothpick. To try to clean any old oil residue can be very hard but tips and tricks like this should work with any brand of watch even Oris, but I leave no warranties ;). The picture presents an Oris Cal. 718 ticking away one year after cleaning..
  9. HSL

    Chronograph Seconds Hand

    The second hands if you order them in the right size should come with a snugg fit and you don´t have to do anything to the pivot or the hand tube.
  10. HSL

    Any suggestions ???

    The first massive movement I was thinking of was the Longines 30L (the one in my profile photo) , but it didn´t appear until 1955 according to Dr Ranfft. So I guess you have to look at some of the chronometers from the time, there are a bunch price worthy Landeron 48/51 based watches out there. Otherwise it is like oldhippy says, the sizes were not very big back then.
  11. HSL

    Watch of Today

    What can go wrong when airing a Timex after a long time. Here we see a Timex 4047-3167 with the bells and everything, enjoy.
  12. HSL

    Revisiting an old hobby

    That's an interesting movement on the Ancre, does it wear any model number?
  13. HSL

    Watch of Today

    Just another manic Monday. Today I present you a Swedish/Swiss Atlantic. "Världsmästarur" World master Watch. From the late 50's with a clean golden appearance and powered by a three adjustments 21 jewels AS 1604. Your next word to learn in this short Swedish language course is "Kvalitetsur" Quality watch. Cockey like few.
  14. HSL

    Timex case..

    Thank you for the offer JerseyMo but I had both the stem and crown. Now everything is clean and oiled and back in place, gave me a surprisingly tough match to get it running with a strong clean beat. And no I didn't polish the glass, I cheated with a new one. If someone would have a fitting bezel i might have something to swap with....
  15. HSL

    Revisiting an old hobby

    Have to try that out .. think a 3D printed stethoscope should work with a microphone. A glass of wine and of we go..