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  1. I thought I give these Japanese Whiskey a go.. but I think I stay with my Islay single malt ones….. A nice Uigeadail next
  2. Must say, this is a perfect example of accelerated learning by modern tools! These photos even made me buy a dozen or two of these Russian watches. You and Endeavor are a true inspiration sources even for a hard-core Swiss watch enthusiast like me. Thank you….
  3. I think reading technical sheets is a good way to learn the parts names in Swedish, I still enjoy reading for example the Omega tech sheets from the past since they are so well illustrated and have nice explanations of the functionality and the complications. I attach one here for the Swedish audience, well the pictures are universal. At the same time I wish you all a Happy New Year! Omega 711.pdf
  4. I think if you look at the MIDO 1117PC1 at COUSINSUK you will find when you search for it you will get the base movement is actually beeing an AS 1673. So in the AS 1673 tech sheet you will find the parts you looking for like the Part 1417 which AS calls "Ratchet wheel with intermittent drive". Just to check it is the one I took a look in MATSYS too. CaseCaliber BestFit FactoryNumber Description AS 1673 AUT/4290 1417/AS 1656 LOWER RATCHET WHEEL DISC 05/08/97 RC AS 1673 AUT/4290 7/MIDO 1117P LOWER RATCHET WHEEL DISC 05/08/97 RC MID 1
  5. If you look in your tech sheet you will se the lower ratchet wheel should have that cog integrated in it. It is part number 7.
  6. Great stuff! A 3D printed crystal remover, must say didn't see that coming...
  7. You first remove the small clip holding it in place, the clip can be seen at page 12, part number 35 in the attached PDF. CT_955132_FDE_491861_10.pdf. Then you just twist and lift.
  8. I think I have a similar technique which I can show. I have a slightly bent seconds wheel from a Landeron 48. I hold the pivot firmly in some discarded tweezers. Next, I apply heat on the tweezers, I use a torch but one can use an ethanol burner too. Just make sure you apply the heat a bit away from the actual pivot. When the tweezers are so hot you can’t hold them let go of the grip. The pivot is now softer and can be worked on without breaking, just make sure it hasn’t a blue color since then it has become too hot. Fasten it in your lathe, c
  9. I looked at a Seiko Case service guide for the B0 case but in this one it looks a little bit different. Maybe there might be some tips and tricks in it. SEIKO Watch Case Servicing Guide.pdf
  10. The hour-counting wheel should be kept in place by the hour counter lock, but if the hour hammerspring is out off place the hour counter lock can't be locked in place by the hour hammer. But I have no idea how to remove the pinion from the hand tube
  11. Think you are right, according to Mikrolisk Müller & Kern is just a clock wholesale company "Uhrengrosshandlung". So the manufacturer of the movement is probably Chevillier. "
  12. It is hard to get the wrong stem but just in case you want to compare yours to a correct one I post a picture of one. The grove holding the setting lever pin has to be wide and deep enough.
  13. Found this one on a Swedish auction site. "DESCRIPTION: Müller & Kern, Breslau, Germany (current day Wroclaw, Poland) for Hamman & Koch, New York & Paris, chiming mantel clock, 8 day, time and strike with chime playing on eight nested bells, spring driven brass movement in a heavy black slate case with brass trim on a stepped and molded base with turned bun feet, polished black slate dial with incised roman numerals, gilt hands, all topped by a large cast gilt eagle with outstretched wings." "
  14. Hard to pop the balance cock if it is in a distance then. I would say this wears a strong resemblance with a Peseux 7060.
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