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  1. Hi Dan and welcome to the happy factory
  2. Hi Mike and welcome to the asylum,
  3. "nobody is going to see it anyway, so it can be as daft as you like" Sorry Andy, we've all seen it lol
  4. Hi Joe and welcome to the happy factory
  5. Hi John and welcome to the asylumonce in, there is no getting out.
  6. Hi Watchweasol and thank you for the information sheets etc, they will be most useful. Thank you again.
  7. JohnD,, I didn't know that, as I stated, quartz I know nothing about. BUT, I have just learnt something, thank you.
  8. Many thanks one and all,
  9. Exactly, I am on it, thank you again.
  10. JohnD, again many thanks for the information, at least I now know what I am looking for.
  11. Hi Yankeedog, thank you very much, a good idea and well worth giving it a try. Many thanks.
  12. Nucejoe, your imoji made me laugh
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