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  1. Hi HT, and welcome to the happy factory
  2. Hi Andy, yes I think that you are right, full strip down and clean I think is the order of the day. Will see if there's anything to read about on the movement of this watch, don't want any surprises lol.
  3. Today's arrival, Smith's pocket watch, non runner, feels overwound, if I put pressure on the winder as though I am trying to wind it, it will start ticking for two or three minutes then stop. My experience is limited, and to be honest I have never seen a movement like this one in the flesh. Any advice gratefully received. Thank you
  4. Hi and welcome to the forum.
  5. Why are people buying hundreds of toilet rolls ? is this a dumb question? have I missed something?
  6. That's one lovely watch, enjoy it
  7. Hi Hopgoblin and welcome to the happy factory
  8. Hi Pasher and welcome to the asylum
  9. Hi Hector and welcome to the happy factory
  10. Hi Dennis and welcome to the house of fun
  11. I like the look of that jump hour!
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