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  1. Johnnie

    Ingersoll sealion

    Hi, sorry I haven't posted the measurements as yet. I am in London at present and the watch in question is in Cambridge ! Will get on the case next week, thanking you for your patience.
  2. Johnnie

    Auctioneer Greetings!

    Hi and welcome from Cambridge.
  3. Johnnie


    Hi ya Grizzly. Welcome and enjoy the forum.
  4. Johnnie

    Ingersoll sealion

    Hi Andy, thanks for the method, I will measure it your way. Also many thanks for taking the time to reply.
  5. Johnnie

    Ingersoll sealion

    Hi Manodeoro, thank you so much ! That's so very kind of you. I will get on to it right away and update you ASAP. Again many thanks,
  6. Johnnie

    Hi from Denmark

    Hi Geoff, and welcome to the asylum!
  7. Johnnie

    Ingersoll sealion

    I think I will put this watch away, as I don't see anyway of replacing the bezel other than checking eBay in the hope of finding a "non runner" thank you all for your time and help.
  8. Johnnie

    Hello from London, England

    Hi Mark. If you love watches you will love it here.
  9. Johnnie

    Hello from New Zealand!

    Hi Zesty, welcome to the forum and a happy New Year !
  10. Johnnie


    Hi Bill and welcome. This is a superb forum. I doubt you will ask a question that won't be entirely answered. Loads of really knowledgeable friendly people who will help you. There will be times when you #### up and feel like #### ! That's when you realise how good this forum is. Regards Johnnie, ps happy healthy new year to you and yours.
  11. Johnnie

    Wishing you all the best for 2019

    Wishing you all health, wealth, and things that tick-tock.
  12. Johnnie

    Stand alone microscope review

    Thanks for sharing Transporter I am about to order one myself, looks brilliant for the money.
  13. Johnnie

    Hello from the Midwest US

    Hi Bill and welcome to the asylum!
  14. Johnnie

    Ingersoll sealion

    Hi Manodeoro. 36mm dimension A. Sorry not to have replied sooner, spent a few days in London.
  15. Johnnie

    Ingersoll sealion

    I have no idea of the bezel diameter as I don't have it