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  1. Good evening!

    Hi Psycho and welcome to the forum.
  2. Hello from Hanover, Germany!

    Hello Hans, welcome to the forum from Cambridge UK, there is a part of the forum that you can show your watch collection. Best wishes. Johnnie
  3. New from Phoenix, AZ

    Hi and welcome PM, from Cambridge UK.
  4. Hello from south Sweden!

    Hi and welcome from Cambridge UK.
  5. I introduce myself

    Hi Mario, welcome to the forum from Cambridge UK.
  6. I'm back

    Welcome back Oldhippy,
  7. Hi Bob, excellent walkthrough. Many thanks Johnnie
  8. Hi PNWT. Greetings and welcome, from Cambridge UK.
  9. Greetings from Poland

    Hi Rafau, welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy your time here and learn much. Best regards Johnnie
  10. Hello from Thailand...! :)

    Hi Jim and welcome to the forum from Cambridge UK.
  11. Hello from Colorado

    Hi Neil, best wishes and welcome from Cambridge UK.
  12. Beginner watch repair kit

    Hi Timtastic, I am pretty new and rely greatly on the knowledgeable people of this forum, so I am not the ideal person to give you advice but I will pass on the best advice I have received concerning tools. Buy the best screwdrivers and tweezers you can afford.
  13. Hi from New Jersey!

    Welcome from Cambridge UK. This is a superb forum full of knowledgeable people (I am not one of them) enjoy your time here.
  14. Hello from Malaysia

    Hi M, welcome to the forum. I hope you manage to make your own watch, a very satisfying thing to do if you can accomplish it. Good luck
  15. Hi from Essex England

    Hi from Cambridge and welcome.