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  1. Johnnie

    Just want to say thank you

    Hi Neil, I wish you all the very best. Regards Johnnie
  2. Hi Andy and welcome.
  3. Johnnie

    Help please

    Hi, quick update..... The above watch is now working happily and keeping excellent time!
  4. Johnnie

    Caravelle with 11 DP movement

    I can't help Rogart63, but wish you every success! Regards Johnnie
  5. Johnnie

    Looking to make a change1

    Hi and welcome Bumps.
  6. Johnnie

    Help please

    I have ordered a 1620 single use 3v battery. Should last a couple of years and I will replace the battery as needed. I doubt it will do the watch any harm.. same size, same voltage, if there is a problem I am sure someone will flag it up. Accinsp, I wouldn't attempt to charge a non rechargeable battery, a single use 1620-3v should last ages. I don't know exactly how long the single use battery with last but if a decent brand I would expect a couple of years. Somebody will answer this question I am sure.
  7. Johnnie

    Help please

    Hi again, yes it does have a charger so must have a rechargeable battery. The battery is the correct size as you have to insert the battery into a clip first and then push the clip over three anchor points. You cannot fit the wrong size battery. Strangely enough now I have given the watch the full charge it is keeping perfect time! Seems when you start to charge it three orange lights come on, after eighteen plus hours the three orange lights start to flash, signalling fully charged. Thanks Marc and JDM.
  8. Johnnie

    Help please

    Thank you Dadistic. Hi John, I have no intention of putting a non rechargeable battery in the watch and then attempting to charge it. I meant if I am unable to find the rechargeable battery I will simply use the right size and voltage single use battery and change it as needed. I think that should be ok?
  9. Johnnie

    Help please

    Hi Chopin, I think those are the correct size, not sure if rechargeable? I am thinking of putting the battery you showed me into the Ingersoll and just changing it every couple of years, both are 3v so should be ok until I can find rechargeable ones.
  10. Johnnie

    Help please

    Been to Cousin's,, couldn't find, ? Will carry on the search, was wondering if there is an alternative to Sony us1620n if I can't find one?
  11. Johnnie

    Help please

    Thank you Rogart63, I didn't think of Cousins, thanks again.
  12. Johnnie

    Help please

    Hi folks, I bought an Ingersoll navigator rechargeable watch recently that is in beautiful cosmetic condition and seems virtually unworn, it is very well made and is a heavy watch. When charged it keeps perfect time for five or six days, then starts losing three or four minutes a day and gradually loses more time the longer it's left uncharged. Normally I have no interest in watches with batteries but for some reason I like this watch and want it working properly. I think it maybe that the battery has deteriated over time and doesn't take a full charge ( I have left it on charge 24hrs) anyway I wish to replace the rechargeable battery but can't find it anywhere... If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be grateful. I have included a picture of the watch and the battery, battery number Sony us1620n. Many thanks.
  13. Johnnie


    Hi, just received my newest addition, namely a Casio as per photo. I have various watches from JLC dsa, Omega speedmaster, and probably a dozen Seiko's and various other watches and was looking for a daily "basher" after hunting around for a cheapo waterproof watch I decided on this Casio £48.00 plus £14.00 for a jubelee bracelet. I am delighted with it.. I beach fish so tested it by casting it out from Dover breakwater and left it in eighty feet of water for seven hours while I fished! The Casio is excellent for little money and looks pretty good too. If you are looking for a daily "basher" this is excellent. As I have said many times I am not into battery watches, but I am delighted with this watch.
  14. Johnnie

    Ingersoll navigator

    Hi, just introducing my newest addition. I am not usually interested in battery watches but this one caught my eye as it is rechargeable and came complete with the charger and spare bracelet links. It's keeping perfect time and appears to be virtually unworn. I don't know anything about this watch, age etc and if anyone can enlighten me I would be grateful. Bought at car boot sale for £12.50 so it didn't break the bank and seems very well made.
  15. Johnnie

    Watch of Today

    Beautiful watch!