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  1. Johnnie

    Screwdriver Sharpening

    Many thanks Oldhippy,
  2. Johnnie

    Howdy from Texas

    Hi and welcome to the happy factory ! Enjoy the forum Kris.
  3. Johnnie

    New member

    Hi Ell. Welcome to the happy factory.
  4. Johnnie

    Hello everyone...

    FOOLS! Never look her in the eyes! You need to learn diversionary tactics! And should she become physical, then you must keep your left up and beat her with superior footwork.
  5. Johnnie

    Vostok Generalskie

    Hi vwatchie. The watch looks superb, well done,
  6. Johnnie

    SEIKO SPORTS 150 Help Please

    Hi Danny, stop beating yourself up, go have a break and relax! You with the assistance of many of the learned guys on here will fix it. ( not me through) What you have to do is listen to them, don't guess, stop doing anything until someone brighter than I comes along. I doubt you will have to wait very long. Good luck. PS, the man that never made a mess up never did anything.
  7. Johnnie


    Hi and welcome to the asylum!
  8. Johnnie

    Good bye

    Hi Anilv. You have given me excellent much needed advice in the past, now I am giving you some, STAY! This is a super forum, full of friendly nice people, it will be less so if you go, so stay. Also you will miss us lol
  9. Johnnie

    Just want to say thank you

    Hi Neil, I wish you all the very best. Regards Johnnie
  10. Hi Andy and welcome.
  11. Johnnie

    Help please

    Hi, quick update..... The above watch is now working happily and keeping excellent time!
  12. Johnnie

    Caravelle with 11 DP movement

    I can't help Rogart63, but wish you every success! Regards Johnnie
  13. Johnnie

    Looking to make a change1

    Hi and welcome Bumps.
  14. Johnnie

    Help please

    I have ordered a 1620 single use 3v battery. Should last a couple of years and I will replace the battery as needed. I doubt it will do the watch any harm.. same size, same voltage, if there is a problem I am sure someone will flag it up. Accinsp, I wouldn't attempt to charge a non rechargeable battery, a single use 1620-3v should last ages. I don't know exactly how long the single use battery with last but if a decent brand I would expect a couple of years. Somebody will answer this question I am sure.