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  1. Hi all, was just wondering what was the very first proper watch other forum members ever owned? In my case it was a Nidor Vibraflex 17 jewel manual wind, that my nan bought me in 1966. Hopefully one will pop up on eBay as I have lost the original !
  2. Hi Brian and welcome to the asylum, I am sure you will fit in well firstly you cannot have enough watches! Secondly, if you hadn't thrown grandpa's watch on the floor you wouldn't have found this brilliant forum. Thirdly, every thing can be fixed, and this forum has some very knowledgeable guy's and girl's who are happy to give you advice without making you feel stupid for asking, (I am most definitely not one of those knowledgeable people) the only good advice I give people is to look both ways when crossing the road. Anyway enjoy the forum and I wish you every success in repairing grandpa's pocket watch.
  3. Fero ??? Have just bought this because I like the face ! Never heard of this watch and it is a none runner. Any information would be much appreciated. Cost £28.54 Inc postage so wasn't too painful. Not sure if it's franken or worth its price?
  4. Hi Paul and welcome to the happy factory. As said, there are no stupid questions. I have asked many questions and have NEVER been made to feel stupid.
  5. New arrival, runs and stops after 30 ish seconds. No name. Movement says 15jewels & Swiss made. The only other mark I can find is a very small indentation with a X in it. Can't really see in photos but it's about a quarter of an inch from the winder.
  6. Hi Denistzr. Welcome to the forum. I too have a few Seikos!
  7. Hi and welcome to the happy factory.
  8. Hi Fitz and welcome to the asylum.
  9. And this is on the way (£5.20) including postage. As per photo it is in need of a screw ! No rude comments lol.
  10. Today's offering, Rotary 21jewels. eBay special £5.01 running beautifully and keeping time ! the case need TLC and I doubt I will ever find a strap for it.
  11. NL ,,, Holland / Netherlands ?
  12. Hi Gertjo and welcome to the forum.
  13. There is a Mount Royal on fleabay at the moment without the extra 59jewels ! £149.00
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