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  1. Today, it's my Orient triple star king diver.
  2. Hi and welcome Bass, I second what Yankeedog says, there is a certain pleasure in being insane that only the insane knows ! Welcome to the asylum, I am sure you will fit in perfectly
  3. On plastic I use Tcut, works very well, if badly scratched I use cutting compound first and then Tcut to finish.
  4. Hi Campbell and welcome to the asylum
  5. Hi Elliot and welcome to the funny farm
  6. Hi Sonny, there is no such thing as a stupid question, but it is stupid not to ask. I have asked many questions on this forum that I thought was stupid at the time and have never been made to feel stupid. It's simple, if you don't know you don't know. You learn by asking questions and getting answers. So ask away, obviously don't ask me because I really am stupid lol
  7. Hi Mark and welcome to the happy factory
  8. Or grounds for divorce !
  9. Hi John and welcome to the asylum, I think you will fit in rather well !
  10. They are front case openers, very rare and expensive.
  11. Hi Craven and welcome to the happy factory, lovely watch.
  12. I too have the 1900, and agree the instructions are sparse to say the least!
  13. Many thanks Andy, it arrived with the hs like that ! And on winding it feels as though it's full of sand.. gritty and course. I will attempt to sort the hs, but my experience with h/springs is limited. I have purchased Mark's course but haven't done it as yet due to other things! (Rebuilt wife's Santa Fe's diesel engine) so Marks course is next thanks again for the information.
  14. Hi all, can anyone identify this movement please ?
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