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  1. Johnnie

    Any suggestions ???

    I am starting to think......... SEIKO'S lol I do hope Mr Seiko made a large interesting watch in 1953 ?
  2. Johnnie

    Another FNG

    Hi Nichod, welcome to the happy factory. Lots of knowledgeable people on here. (Not me)
  3. Johnnie

    Any suggestions ???

    Indeed so Eezyrider. I doubt (now) that I will be able to find the ideal watch and pin it down to1953, guess it was wishful thinking lol. But then again you never know what's around the next corner! And so I am going to change my criteria to, 1950's large watch, lol but having looked at HSL's suggestions I love the look of the Landeron48 and the "Strela" Russian, and I can't think of the maker! So still looking
  4. Johnnie

    Any suggestions ???

    Thanks HSL, I will have a look at your suggestion. Now I am better informed I am starting to realize that watch sizes have changed through the decades!
  5. Johnnie

    Any suggestions ???

    Thanks Oldhippy, size, I hadn't thought about that! I have big hands and wrists so I need a largish watch. Well if anyone knows of a large wristwatch from that era please let me know.
  6. Johnnie

    Any suggestions ???

    Hi again, I should have explained that it's a birth year watch, and I am looking for something interesting or unusual. Anything considered. Many thanks Johnnie
  7. Hi to all at the happy factory. I have been busy and away from the forum for a couple of months but can't resist popping in most nights to have a 'read up' of the various projects and problems. Me not having the knowledge and experience that a lot of members have, I ask this question! Based on this criteria. I am actively looking for a watch made/introduced in 1953, it has to be a large watch, diver size and can be auto or manual wind. Any suggestions greatfully received.
  8. Johnnie

    You can't be Serious!

    A slight overkill lol
  9. Johnnie

    Screwdriver Sharpening

    Many thanks Oldhippy,
  10. Johnnie

    Howdy from Texas

    Hi and welcome to the happy factory ! Enjoy the forum Kris.
  11. Johnnie

    New member

    Hi Ell. Welcome to the happy factory.
  12. Johnnie

    Hello everyone...

    FOOLS! Never look her in the eyes! You need to learn diversionary tactics! And should she become physical, then you must keep your left up and beat her with superior footwork.
  13. Johnnie

    Vostok Generalskie

    Hi vwatchie. The watch looks superb, well done,
  14. Johnnie

    SEIKO SPORTS 150 Help Please

    Hi Danny, stop beating yourself up, go have a break and relax! You with the assistance of many of the learned guys on here will fix it. ( not me through) What you have to do is listen to them, don't guess, stop doing anything until someone brighter than I comes along. I doubt you will have to wait very long. Good luck. PS, the man that never made a mess up never did anything.
  15. Johnnie


    Hi and welcome to the asylum!