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  1. Welcome to this great forum.....
  2. heard that too......it will give problems
  3. Really appreciate this share, absolutely love the idea of making your own straps....
  4. Got a relative here....It runs solid on a PUW(Pforzheimer Uhren-Rohwerke) 1560D
  5. cheers guys, I used the hlp section on Ranfft but overlooked indeed the comment about data Danke@praezis
  6. cheers , but I can't seem to find the meaning of these: F= 1.65mm T= 2.25mm
  7. Hi guys, I was looking on Ranfft for specs of a movement and I know pretty much all the measurements. But I wonder if you can help me with what the F and the T measurements stand for? Thanks
  8. so it's the same as in my movement.....
  9. welcome, not old enough to be bored yet...;)
  10. Welcome to WRT, enjoy the knowledge
  11. happens to most of us.....keyless needs reset....
  12. Welcome to WRT, enjoy the knowledge
  13. I have a gen 7750 too with plastic parts...it's an older generation one
  14. Welcome, prepare yourself for some late nights reading and watching....enjoy
  15. thanks for sharing, very interesting to watch,
  16. did you ask the seller about it.....what does he say? Obviously it's a replica so I guess you don't have warranty?
  17. some experienced knowledge guys, thanks for sharing...learning a lot
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