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Cannon Pinion Tightening Tool

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I seem to be having a run of loose cannon pinions, especially on small calibre (ladies) movements.  Don't have a tool for tightening so would like advice for suitable tool.  I have seen the Bergeon pliers type but wow are they expensive!  Do not want one that needs jeweling tools etc to use it.  Any suggestions/sources most appreciated.

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Hi  There are some which come up on Ebay  that are like a small chisel like punch on a small chisel anvil for pinching the cannon.  I have managed it with a pair of top cutters that are blunt but its too easy to over do it. If you have a staking tool you could use that with the appropriate stake and punch.

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Thanks for your responses.  I will keep an eye on the bay for a proper tool. In the meantime I have some old nail clippers and have flattened the cutting edges on it.  I might try and drill a hole and fit and adjustable/locking screw for better control (not sure if the material might be too hard to do this.  If not I'll give it a go without.

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