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  1. So, the more you guys tweak the more entropy that results. You are killing us. Worse than AGW!! Interesting article a must read for horologists!
  2. On a related topic...not so much with small screws... When I pick up a screw...a plate screw or something...it is invariably oriented incorrectly in my tweezer. Just the other day, I discovered the idea of dropping the screw into an available LARGE hole so that its head is neatly exposed and easily captured so that the screw is orthogonal to the plate--just how I want it to place into its proper hole!!
  3. Did you hit it with sandpaper first? For this one, I would work it over with 800 grit (or maybe 600) and then follow up with 2000. Then polywatch.
  4. These are like the ones I have...better than four-sided pin vise I think.
  5. A sliding pin vise is useful for this. Some are made especially for extremely small screws--I think for balance wheel screws. I have a set with varying sizes that save my butt when installing the hairspring screw on a balance cock.
  6. I have an amscope and it is set up for minimal magnification. I do not work on watches with it, but rather have it over my watchmaker's lathe. I have begun to ponder the idea of using it for working on watches themselves. But, for now, I am doing ok with a loupe. I have had this scope for a long time...long before returning to watches. It does not maintain focus as you zoom, but that is fine. Zoom in...refocus.
  7. Anxious to know how you will construct an experiment to give an unbiased measurement of the performance of each. So many variables at play.
  8. I polished the crystal and removed some of the genetic material left by the prior owner. Here is a nicer view. The thing is ticking away...keeping good time!
  9. Found this among the stuff. It is running. I will put it in the queue for a thorough cleaning. Nice looking watch as well.
  10. Here is another PUW movement (a drop in equivalent). The arrow on the circuit board is the clue.
  11. Welcome...lots of electronics hobbyists on this board, so you will feel at home.
  12. I am perplexed. How do you remove the stem on this??? I did it in an unconventional way...want to do it correctly.
  13. Let me know if you need more. I did several measurements of the thread diameter (analog measurement) and the maximum was about 3.99.
  14. I am happy to help. Does the threaded case tube come off or do I just need to make some hi res pictures?
  15. LOL, after my "rant" (for lack of a better term), I am monitoring the carriage clock I recovered and cleaned last weekend. Damn! I don't think it has lost a second in the last four days!!! Maybe I am the new reference. Pin lever escapement...no jewels. Oh my.
  16. I am not sure if I want to invest in this piece because finding the parts may be vary hard as you have observed. It is probably worth some decent change but it seems rare enough that Ebay listings are pretty sparse...so accessing the value will take some time.
  17. Interesting. Well...why must we correlate time to the earth and its goings on?? I think we offend the Martians when we do that!!! Probably a hold host of others as well.
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