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  1. Is this available on tapatalk too? Can’t seem to find it
  2. And you were damn right! The hairspring was rubbing between the pins. These are the new readings! Have to say I’m happy. Just have to set the watch in beat now. Thank you so much to all of you guys for your help
  3. I can say that even if the lines came to an almost straight pattern which usually comes with +-0 spd the reading stays at ++++ s/d. The lines also get up and down continously, they’re not able to stay straight. Hope I explained it well enough
  4. I’ll start checking out the HS. To be honest I had a hard time setting the balance jewel into the pallet fork due to where the balance is, so I may well be done something wrong on the HS. I’ll come back after checking that out!
  5. My TG detects the beat automatically. Here is a movement shot. It’s marked AS 1297 1294
  6. Hi guys, I just serviced this Rodana. Amplitude seems good, however no matter what I do to the regulation arm the timegrapher keeps showing ++++s/d. What is that due to? It’s not a timegrapher issue, as it works perfectly with other watches. Thanks for your help! Pic of the reading for reference:
  7. Hi guys, I’m servicing a ETA 2782 movement from a Titoni watch. First sight: this thing is HELLA dirty. Timegrapher says amp ~150º, +68spd, 3.6 ms beat error. Someone carved the last service date into the back of the dial, it states 1989. Was wondering if anyone have the service manual to check out the oil spots. Thanks!
  8. I feel you. I gave up on a Timex M22. Still sitting in a box disassembled
  9. Hi, thank you sir! This forum really is a resource I managed to adapt a spring I found in another movement I had for spares, stripped the movement, cleaned and oiled. Seems it works nicely now, however looks like I’m unable to adjust the beat error lower than this. I guess I can live with that, as the movement is a cheap chinese 17 jewels!
  10. Sorry, should have done it in the first place. Here it is, no trademarks on the front too
  11. Looks indeed the shangai one. No, I checked on dial side and there are no markings, but looking at how they finished the cocks I’m pretty sure it’s a chinese movement
  12. Hi everyone! Nicola’s here. Today I’m working on a pocket watch that my grandpa gave me, he said the watch doesn’t wind up. As soon as I opened it, I noticed the click spring on the ratchet wheel stop was missing. I still have to dismantle the movement and check out where the little guy went, however the movement wasn’t running so fingers crossed it hasn’t caused any damage. I just ordered a mega assortment of click springs, hope I can adapt one of those. Can anybody chime in and help me identify this movement? It doesn’t seem to have any markings on the mainplate. It’s from a “index” pocket watch. Here to the pic:
  13. I’ll try to do everything as adviced and keep you guys updated. Thank you so much for your help!
  14. I’ll try to take a pic of the escapement wheel as soon as I can. There may be a teeth worn that I didn’t saw.. At some point, the escapement start to go back and forth instead of his normal turning, and that’s when the balance stops. It starts again with a little manual swing just to stop again a little later
  15. I just followed your advice: if I remove balance and pallet fork every wheel turns as it should. So I guess something’s wrong with the fork. Upon inspection it doesn’t seem to have any sign of wear to me, but still somehow it makes the escape wheel stop. The escape wheel theets are fine too, so I may have to order a fork to check out if that’s the problem.
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